Worst Things About Hawaii (short list)

SHORT LIST worst things

We all love Hawaii for different reasons and we always talk about why Hawaii is an amazing place to visit and move to…BUT…Hawaii also has a LONG LIST of reasons why it has serious issues…Hawaii is not immune to the problems of the world. Hawaii, however has an entire list of it’s own problems that you have to deal with locally and it’s create problems for the Native Hawaiians as well as locals and Kama’aina who are struggling just to survive here in Hawaii.

Traffic, Digging up and moving dead bodies, the high cost of living, food and homes…to the lost of farmland as we depend more on imported and higher costing goods because of developers who see more money in building homes then feeding the people to also the issues with HAWAIIAN TIME, how everything takes twice as long to do here then the mainland and is often not done well…homeless, discrimination, political retribution and making A with the small community to species extinction…Hawaii has a bunch of issue and we can’t break them all down, but we’ll do a short list.

The crazy thing is…even with all those issues we would never live any other place no Earth…Hawaii may not be perfect…but it’s better than any other place and we will always be l;ucky to live here!



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    • Good to know, Mahalo Paul…..I forgot to encode at a lower bit rate (another senior moment) so I guess you get some good bandwidth there……..

  1. Another great show, very fun. Wayde, don’t worry about Trump winning, think of four years of awesome Saturday night live bits! The president isn’t all that powerful anyway, he can’t do anything without the congress, the senate and the SCOTUS being on board.

    Disturbing graves is awful. It’s too bad the Hawaiians don’t get the same recognition and respect as any other First Nation. I can’t imagine the shitstorm if some developer dug up a Shoshone or Nez Pierce burial here, we can’t even dig up a turn of the century trash dump without calling the state archeologist to check it out.

    Local politics is always a mess of power grabbing wieners. In any small community, the politicians are jealous vindictive douchebags. We just retired the last of our good ones, now it’s all wannabe social climbers and glorified HOA busy bodies trying to get rid of poor white trash and other undesiraeables that get in the way of their developer friends.

    • Mike, thanks for breaking it down…Trump is just scary…the digging up of graves has been an issue here for a while…the way they do it today is still bullshit! Politics here in Hawaii are some of the worst in the country…they are so far away from the mainland they think they can get away with anything!

  2. Another great show as always. Bruce how can i not bring chocolates for you 😉 I am inviting you for dinner when you are in Fremont on your road trip.

    • I am just busting you balls I know you want to lick Waydes ……it’s ok LMAO Yes,we’ll take you up on that dinner offer for sure 🙂

  3. Thanks for the podcasts. I found them about a month ago via Hawaii-Aloha Travel (we’re booking accommodation and tours with Abby), love both the podcasts, great listening, thanks!

    I thought Huffington Post was a click-bait website… I gave them another page view and skim read the article… it looks like a bad joke to me. Do people call that journalism nowadays? It’s like a Kardashian tweet being considered news. Tragic.

    From where I sit in Sydney Australia… Trump is frightening. At first I thought it was kinda funny that he could be a candidate, now it’s getting more serious, humour has turned into fear. Bruce, I think you’re right about the ‘reality TV’ culture, perhaps people think it’s a joke and that there’s some organisation underlying it all that will keep the nation running…

    Talking about the download troubles people are having, I’m having the same issues with iTunes, but only when I try and download the episode, if I stream it from the cloud, no problems, I just use up all the data on my phone contract. I think it’s an iTunes issue.

  4. Great show, guys! If replies and feedback is what you need to get you two to interact positively and humorously…well, then I will give you my thoughts!
    I really enjoyed the podcast about how “the worst things about Hawaii” are perceived by people who live here and by people who live elsewhere! It’s sad but true about the over abundance of construction and less available farmland, Oahu’s reliance on imported goods and the deterioration of the “old Hawaii”. I have only been on Oahu 18 months, but so much has changed in such a short time. I now worry for my children and grandchildren. Will they every really be able to enjoy what Hawaii (had but is slowly losing) has to offer? Suggestion: Can the next podcast be a little more lighthearted and hopeful please? I’m bumming right now but please know I always appreciate you both and your knowledge of Hawaii history and current issues. BTW, the sound was fine on my end through my phone and headphones. Stay chill!

    • ALOHA JEN!!! How are you??? We will do a lighthearted and Hopeful show coming up…I think however we already have a Guest next podcast concerning business here in Hawaii…but if that’s so…our next one after that will be FUN!

  5. I commented last April about our possibility of moving to Hawaii (our options were DC or Hawaii), how I loved hearing about how the Garcia-Orteros are doing in Hawaii, as well as how our many of our family and friends are just unsupportive. Anyway, sooooo sorry for listening and not commenting! I am a total lurker with the podcasts and blog.

    We are beyond thrilled to say that we (my husband, 4.5 year old, 3 year old, 1 year old, and myself) are arriving June 1 and will be living on Oahu through summer of 2019. My husband is doing a three year family medicine rotation at Tripler. After visiting both Hawaii and DC last August, we decided Hawaii is the best fit for us. We’ve been preparing the kids by reading books from Hawaiian authors and publishers and preparing Hawaiian meals. Do you have any other suggestions or know of others who could give us suggestions on preparing our kids? We are trying to make sure our kids understand (as much as they can at their ages) the culture and the importance of the land itself.

    And as Wayde suggested, we are going to totally send family Christmas cards featuring the beach to our friends and family.

    One of my family members posted that Huffington piece on my Facebook wall last month. I was livid because she was trying to be “helpful” in showing me that it was not all sunshine and rainbows in Hawaii, which shows she assumes that we made this decision without researching AND that she has no clue about what the real problems in Hawaii are.

    Sorry such a long comment!

  6. You’ve mentioned video feeds of the podcast a couple times now but I don’t recall you ever actually mentioning where the video was going to be? Didn’t see any mention on your or the HAT Facebook pages and it’s not on your YouTube pages either? I’m one of the people that actually tried to tune in when you did a YouTube live feed long ago but you kept having connection issues. I did check out Wayde’s Price For Paradise teaser but was a little surprised that you didn’t link that in this week’s notes either? Personally, I don’t mind the darker episodes anymore than I mind the cursing because I figure that if people want to really go/move there and are serious then not much you can say is going to dissuade them anyway and those that do get scared away are probably better off having been done so? Saves them the expense & heartache! Hope at some point you can get one of the participants from the Eddie on or anybody that covered it because that’s definitely going to be a day that’s going to be fondly remembered in Hawaii history no matter how many more times they actually hold it again?

  7. Love that you guys are still putting out the show and that you are getting a lot of feedback in the comments. You deserve it!

    • well hello there Shitty Danielle…should we be getting you confused with Danielle from Ohio? Come on now…where did the shitty come from? did I miss something…did Bruce call you Shitty or something?

  8. What’s up guys? Wayde my friend Paul ended up booking a trip to Maui instead of Oahu. I’m not sure how I can refer any business your way when he’s on a different island. I did share your website with him to check out the top things to do on Maui.

    Second, I liked the topic about the bad hikers and the hiking hierarchy. Can you talk more about that next show? What makes a bad hiker and who the top hikers are and what one needs to do to get there?


    • Shit…I responded, but don’t see it…hopefully I don’t do this twice X…That’s a great suggestion and I will discuss the Hiking situation on the next podcast as this weeks podcast is already done and will be up tomorrow~ Mahalo for the idea~

  9. Super stoked this podcast exists. Until now the only thing I had was the 10 day old pre-recorded island 98.5 wake up crew. It keeps me in the loop with my favorite place on earth. The comment about Green Bay was great, considering thats where I currently reside. Just need an address and consider the cheese a done deal. Mahalo again for putting on a great program!

  10. So many Danielle’s! Hahaa… you guys had me totally cracking up talking about us. Mahalo for the shoutout!

    The only reason I haven’t taken a tour is because both times I was on Oahu were before I even knew about you guys 😊

    Getting ready to listen to this week’s podcast while I assemble jewelry orders! Thought I’d show support here real quick tho!

    -the other Danielle

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