Why you SHOULD move to Hawaii


Yes…We are real about Hawaii…We tell you the good and bad about Hawaii and sometimes that can get people down…The truth is people have this fantasy like idea that Hawaii is some Heavenly Paradise where God himself resides…where no evil or bad things happen…Well…last time I looked we are still living on earth and we wake up when we are pinched…So, it’s not heaven just yet folks…Hawaii has it’s issues, but…but…even so Hawaii is still the most beautiful and amazing place to ever live and be a part of and even if Hawaii isn’t perfect it’s sure a hell of a lot place better than any other place on Earth and so today we discuss just that….Why you SHOULD move to Hawaii and there are many positives reason to do just that!

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  1. Hey Guys,

    It’s Rico & Mayra, and wanted to thank you once again for mentioning us on the show. Quick question – Did you get our donation? We promised to send you some loot if you read our letter on air.

    At this writing we’ve already purchased our tickets!!! and are now in the process of getting through the veterinary gauntlet of getting our cat shipped over.

    We left you a longer voice message that you can listen to here: http://tinyurl.com/z2gpkzq

    I know there’s a big concern about our teenage children being able to adjust with this new lifestyle. Ken was partially correct in that we’ve had the children doing online schooling from home for a couple of years. They are Thrilled about the move, and while they are not socialized like kids in Cali, they are very outgoing and anxious to make new friends their age.

    Take a listen to our Voicemail, and let me know what you think!

    Mahalo Nui Loa!

    Rico & Mayra

    • Howzit!! Just got finished listening to your message! You have a heartwarming story and a pretty well thought out plan. I have few thoughts i’ll cover on the next show. While the short term sounds extremely doable, I’m wondering about the long term plan. I did’t hear you guys mention the word “savings” a single time, if you have savings or how you’re going to be saving and maybe you’re all ok and not sharing everything. Remember a decent house is going to cost min 500,000 and thats for a fixer upper, then all the taxes & countless others exposes with 2 kids in private school. Please go back and listen very closely to the episode with Brian Brian Berusch he has been here for 13 years, i had a tough time steering the interview that day, because the reality is with a young family, the way he wants to bring them up in a decent home in Hawaii has had unexpected financial realities. His heart is here, he will end up here (he is here part time) but had to seriously adjust his “forever home” plan. I don’t want that to happen to you 🙂

  2. Aloha Bruce and Wayde!
    My name is Steve from NYC. I really enjoy listening to you both. You’re last show was great. I own a CrossFit gym here in NYC. I have been living here for almost 20 years. I not only dream but I have a plan to live in Hawaii someday. I have visited a few times and know I really want to live there someday.
    Thank you so much for your podcast. If either of you ever come to NYC please let me know. Thank you again, Steve

  3. It was really great to hear you guys express the good things about living in HI like the fresh air and health aspects…that is a huge reason why I loved living there…good job on keeping it pretty positive this week while being realistic.

  4. Dude guys said all the things I’ve been trying to tell my friends and family. Perfect example. I just got back from a 4 day camping trip in Hana and it was amazing. Saw beaches I haven’t seen yet, some hikes, some cliff jumping. It was great. The best thing about living here in Hawaii though is at the end of your Hawaii vacation your still on Hawaii. No more getting sad that its time to head home. Nope, I was anxious to get back to my side of the island to enjoy all the great things I enjoy there.

    • I like the idea of going back to mainland to visit family for a couple weeks and at the end of you trip you GET TO BACK TO HAWAII!
      Super exciting. This is so much better than living on mainland and visiting Hawaii and then being depressed when you have to leave.

  5. I just finished catching up on the last four episodes. It’s great to listen to this podcast as our move to Hawaii gets closer and closer.

    This latest episode spoke straight to my soul! I was so excited to hear about teaching jobs opening up. As soon as Bruce mentioned that, I immediately went to Hawaii’s DOE website to fill out an online application. Teaching is my passion, and I had to take a bit of a break for the last four years. Then you were talking about the outdoor opportunities. My family’s favorite memories have been made outdoors: hikes, runs, camping, fishing, etc. We are so thrilled to make more memories in Hawaii. Seriously, the entire “Why You Should Move to Hawaii” portion of the episode was on point for us! I’ve got an online business that I am so grateful is portable. Being able to experience all the wonderful local produce and Hawaiian and Asian foods is something we are looking forward to – seriously I am salivating just thinking about it! So many things that we want our kids to experience because these is nothing like it here in the Midwest. We are so blessed to have this opportunity to live in Hawaii, even if it is for three short years.
    Thank you, thank you for this podcast!

  6. Great episode guys. I have questions/idea for discussion on the next episode. What’s one rookie mistake or learning lesson you had when you first moved to Hawaii? Also, what is kama aina rates and how do you two personally get them?

    • “kama aina rates and how do you two personally get them?”

      wayde and bruce can confirm, but it’s just a local discount. i believe they just ask to show your ID to prove you’re not a tourist.

      • Your best bet is a HI driver’s lic or a state identity card to get Kama’aina discount. Biggest rookie mistake?…well not sure if it is the biggest but it is much cheaper to rent a car from airport area than it is to rent it out of Waikiki. A lot of people live in Waikiki for the first bit when they move here til they find a perm rental they like which is a great idea.

  7. After repeat listening the last 5 or so episodes I think I may have found a subject that I don’t think you’ve covered much yet? I noticed that a couple times Bruce has mentioned getting older and this last episode mentioned a number of reasons why to move to Hawaii… So, how about an episode (or even a short mention in a listener question episode maybe) about how it is for older folks/retirees already living in or considering making the move and retiring in Hawaii after years on the mainland? I know that a lot of people assume Hawaii is all about partying and enjoying yourself when you’re young but a lot of people also choose to retire in Florida which has a similar reputation and tropical climate to Hawaii, right? I assume the retiree there can go for a smaller property after selling their mainland one, doesn’t need to worry about room for a big family, may not need to even worry about a car, might have a better degree of financial security plus it may be an easy sell to have the family visit the retiree if they’re in Hawaii vs. the frozen mid-west, etc.? Given the historical propensity for Asian/Pacific Islanders to have extended families in the home and respect for their elders, I’m imagining that senior care/outreach might be a little more common there than elsewhere. Anyway, in short, how would Hawaii be as an option for the retiree rather than just the young? Thanks for all the hard work and effort to bring us all an enjoyable & entertaining show as often as you do!

  8. Aloha Bruce and Wayde

    I just started listening to the podcast and I love it… Especially the cursing. I plan to move to the Big Island in the next couple of years. I am a massage therapist in Spokane, Washington. I love to scuba dive and the lifestyle in general. I’ve been to the Big Island many times. I’ve visited Oahu, Maui, and Kauai but the Big Island has my heart. Ive listened to quite a few of your podcasts and would love any insight on moving with 3 pit bulls and a cockatoo also the massage job market. I plan to live in Pahoa or ocean view… Wondering if people commute to resorts to work?
    Keep up the good work!

  9. Love your show. I’m planning my second visit to Hawaii latter this year. Wayde and Bruce, I do not have kids and I love hearing you both talk about the advantages. I can tell you I only have to take out the trash once every two weeks so i know my environmental impact is much less than most people. Please talk it up some more, I just hate people who put pressure on me to say you should have kids. That said I do enjoy the company of women. Wayde you seem like the right person to ask, ‘What is the best way to meet some ladies in Hawaii. Is Tinder any good?
    Keep up the great content… Anthony – Australia.


    Just wondering what radio stations in hawaii you guys listen to? Looking for some great hawaiian music!

  11. Aloha!!!!

    Thank you so much for letting us be apart of this week’s radio broadcast. It was great to meet you Bruce and your beautiful wife. Wayde thank you for the fabulous beach day!!! 😘



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