Why We Love HAWAII


We, as of late, have talked about what we DON’T like about Hawaii so in this episode we will be talking about what we LOVE about Hawaii. We still cover news and comments and questions, but we spend the second half talking about what we personally love about Hawaii…and when it comes to things we love about Hawaii it can be the small things. Just waking up in Hawaii is a blessings…The smells, the sounds, the sights…it doesn’t take much to see how lucky we are…We who live and breathe Hawaii know how special we are…We pride ourselves on living on the most beautiful islands on Earth…We consider this place it’s own world…away from any other land mass…this is a world upon itself and it’s thinking and feeling like that, which allows us to feel special and love Hawaii for where it stands in the world.

30 thoughts on “Why We Love HAWAII

  1. Hey guys…here is my weekly comment. I had trouble again dl’ing this from itunes but I did as Wayde suggested and just dl’d it from your website directly to my phone.

    Your ‘positive’ podcast started off rough because everytime Bruce tried to say something positive Wayde took it to ‘Negative’ town (funny stuff)….but then you guys got into a rhythm and it ended.

    Keep it up boyz…SHOOTS

  2. these fuckin mysterious videos! i have seen exactly one… never see the link to watch after, etc…

    i know plenty of podcasts that just set one camera up and do their show. you don’t need to trick it up with editing. you guys talking story on the balcony with the bay in the background is enough.

  3. I loved this episode! My husband and I – and maybe the oldest of our three kids at some point – are really looking forward to paddle boarding – maybe surfing if we get brave enough.

    Thanks for doing the local news on your episodes as well. I was an Language Arts teacher, teaching reading, writing, and the history of language so hearing about “The Epic Tale of Hiiakaikapoliopele” being distributed around the world was great! I’m going this week to our local university to see if they have a copy.

    Also, the idea of one recorded show per month sounds really neat, but only if it doesn’t take too much time from your daily lives to make it happen.

  4. Hey Bruce, your quest to discover the meaning and/or purpose of life is curious. I don’t mean to discourage you but it might be that there is no purpose or meaning. Nietzsche postulated, that someone in the midst of living is not in a position to discern whether it has meaning or not, and since we cannot step outside of the process of living to assess it, this is therefore not a question that bears attention. If you believe in an afterlife then you will learn the purpose when you arrive there, if you do not then the answer, if there is one, is meaningless.

    One could go a bit further to say that, if you are religious, the purpose of your life is outlined, however vaguely, in your holy book(s). If you are purely humanist, the purpose might be to live in harmony as much as possible with your fellow humans. If you are nihlist, it’s even easier, there is no meaning or purpose.

    I personally like to believe that my purpose is evolutionary. When I was a baby, my purpose was to give meaning and purpose to my parents life. As an adolescent/young adult my purpose was to seek knowledge, experience and a mate. As an adult my purpose is to care for my offspring and provide them wisdom and training to fulfill their purpose. When I am elderly my purpose will change to another state that I can’t determine yet.

    What I’m saying Bruce is look backwards for your purpose and try to decide if you performed, look forward with the guidance of ethics and morality and you will be able to look back on your next purpose and be satisfied.

    By the way, another great show. I’m looking forward to the next as always. I’m also looking forward to the videos, try to include as much scenery as possible, I love the view of any good marina; the sounds, the birds, the masts swaying with the water, all great.

  5. Hi Bruce and Wayde,

    I’ve been listening for about a year now. I sent you an email in April about wanting to move to Hawaii. I think I came off as a bit desperate… I was miserable after another winter in the Midwest and I was exhausted because I  was in the middle of grad school. You were nice enough to respond to me on the next episode, which I think was about the Top 10 Restaurants on Oahu. My wife had a baby (our first) about a week after that episode came out, so I was busy and never got back to you. I just listened to that episode again by chance the other night when I was playing with my son, and I wanted to thank you for your time and attention.

    I still really want to move my family to Hawaii (this episode really reinforced that), but only if I can do it right. That means taking my time to build up my knowledge of the islands, my savings, my career, and a plan to make it happen. I know this won’t happen overnight. You guys have been a great resource. When I listen to you talk about your lives, I am reminded that you are just normal people, and living in Hawaii is within the realm of possibility for me if I work hard.

    My family and I (7 adults, 1 child, 2 babies) will be on Oahu from June 30th to July 14th. Flights/rental house have already been finalized, but we’re planning on booking a couple tours with you guys. I have been in touch with Abby LaPointe at Hawaii-Aloha, and she has been great to work with. I’d love to come on the podcast and meet you guys, or even just participate in a clean-up or something.

    Thank you again and keep up the great work!


  6. Also, I have some requests for topics I’d like to hear more about. Disregard if you don’t think your other listeners would be interested.

    (1) Has the recent drought affected the availability of local produce at farmers markets?

    (2) Can you go more in depth on the racism against white people. How often do you experience it? Is it different for residents vs tourists? How could I help my son deal with it if we moved there? It doesn’t seem fair that “haole” only applies to white people and not to other Asian or Central/South American people.

    (3) What is there to do on the 4th of July on Oahu. We will be there this year near Haleiwa.


  7. I knew the shitty Danielle was a joke and I didn’t take any offense to it at all. I was laughing the whole time. I am also from Ohio. I at first used that name but then I decided to use the name Bruce had called me. There is only one other Danielle who is a long time listener and donates monthly. I donated to waydes cleanup organization.

    It was really nice to hear you guys say what you appreciated about Hawai’i and each other. It’s interesting how when we look at big picture things then we see all the problems and hardships in society and the world but it’s when we pay attention to all the small details of life we see a lot of beauty. I think that’s why you guys do tend to point out a lot more negative things because you are pointing out the big picture things going on in Hawai’i but you both work hard to show the beauty in your tours and trips and in the non profits. What do you show people in those tours and non profits? The flowers, the trees, the waterfalls and sea. The blue sky, the sun, a drink on the beach, an hour with a loved one. You guys bring those beautiful moments to people every day. And you report on the big things in Hawai’i society to us listeners that threaten the existence of such moments.

    At least that is my interpretation

  8. Im not a super sensitive white guy but I will say that during my time living in Hawaii I did experience racism against whites. I was walking downtown where I worked and crossed the street. Some local boyz drove past me and yelled ‘Fucking Haole’. I didnt really care…in fact it made me feel like i was now more of a real citizen of Honolulu…lol. My white wife claims to have been the victim of it as well at stores but I always wondered if it was just because some local type store workers just assumed were just more dumb ass tourists and not necessarily because we are white. In the end I just chalk it up to the price of paradise….I have been a very fortunate white guy so for me to have to put up with a little bit of that is not the end of the world…just gives you more of a appreciation about what other cultures/races have to endure.

    • We continue to have this issue come up time and time again…from my point of view and Bruces…we have seen very little Racism here…but it does exist…mostly to really white folk, blue eyes and Blonde Hair. There are two folds…The take over of the Hawaiian Islands by the White man…THE BAD…The huge Melting pot that makes Hawaii up…THE GOOD. Those are the polar opposistes that exist here.

    • Paul, thanks for sharing. I would be irritated by that sort of treatment, but it wouldn’t ruin my day or anything. I’d be more concerned about my son (blonde hair, blue eyes) being bullied in school or at the beach.

  9. For gods sake you two already have the tools to reach plenty people with the video end of your podcast! Do the podcast live via Periscope like you did 1 and I repeat 1 time! You fucka’s got me hooked on Periscope with that one broadcast!
    I’ve been living in Hawaii vicariously via Periscope daily ever since.
    Try doing this monthly broadcast on Periscope and making an account on
    https://katch.me/ This website saves all your streams and people can view the replay of the podcast via this website as well if they don’t catch it live!
    Wayde you know I’ve spoken to you about Periscope, no need to go into that.
    A 🙌🏼ui 🙌🏼ou

  10. You have to start somewhere Bruce!
    Decent quality can be achieved buy using a simple iPhone tripod for video stability and for the audio portion, Wayde’s new Rode Videomicro is a pretty killer mic!
    You can do a scrub video for with just me as a viewer or anyone for that matter via periscope to get the feedback regarding camera placement and audio clarity if you desired. Using your high speed internet connection there won’t be an issue of data usage and the speed should render great quality.
    There are people on the island that have regular followers and whom scope daily or almost daily. Believe me if the people find the podcast interesting and are willing to follow then maybe allowing them to see you live via periscope or on replay via katch.me is an easy and FREE option! Oh did I catch your attention with that word FREE? It isn’t going to cost you a dime to execute these two options!

    If you use Wayde’s new iPhone to broadcast and someone’s iPad to view the comments that come in, iPad so you can see the comments in larger text…..verse the phone. You could actually interact with the viewers!
    I don’t know but this sounds pretty badass to me!

    • Hey Rey, 3 comments weren’t necessary. Looks like spam actually. We have all the equipment, that’s not the issue at all. I don’t think you really understand that this is a one man operation, with the exception of writing up the blog post for each podcast Wayde just shows up, puts his headphones on and says lets go!! I have to do everything technically and do all the show prep for each podcast. I am the talent too so i have to multi task, and handle the tech side at the same time. Further NO ONE SHOWS UP and we really don’t give a shit about building a audience on Periscope, if you know anything about it, a podcast IN NOT the kind of content that works at all for those video social media apps. Thanks but no thanks, we’ll do a monthly show outside professionally.

      • Hey Brad,
        Sorry to appear as spam! The individual replies never showed up so I assumed I fucked something up or the site was mis handling the traffic somehow. Sorry to hear you feel as if you’re the one man gang and the whole talent in this podcast. From a listeners view point you BOTH make the show and it isn’t all about you. Having your background in radio I just assumed that setting up a periscope broadcast would be hands down easy as hell for you to accomplish! Guess I was wrong.
        Building the audience on periscope wasn’t what I was suggesting you do. Using that platform to build a broader base of listeners/viewers and potentially use those viewers/listeners to draw more attention to the overall business is more what I was trying to suggest.
        Those examples of local broadcasters were to show you just how easy these platforms are to work with that’s all.
        I have no doubt you’ll be able to do your show outside professionally and I hope you do.
        I was just trying make a suggestion to you to help grow the business and the people you’re able to reach…….obviously you’re not interested and that is okay because it’s your show. Nonetheless I’ll keep listening.
        Just 2 cents from a listener.
        Have a great day and best of Luck!

        • The name is Bruce, and I am in no way dissing Wayde, he is the most important part of the show and I want him to just be there to comment and not worry about anything else, I’m just saying it’s complicated to be doing the tech side and talent at the same time. When I did my radio show I had a board op and a producer so all I had to do was focus on doing the show.

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