When is the best time to MOVE to HAWAII? Is it when you are young? Is it when you are old? Perhaps it’s best to come to retire…or is that the worst idea?

We sit down with a long time Podcast listener and friend, STEVE DEWEY and discuss his story and journey to Hawaii and his dream to plan his move to paradise.

Steve’s been coming to Hawaii with his Dad since he was a kid…most of his life however he has lived in Seattle. Steve and his Wife is just getting a little sick with the clouds, cold and gloom of the Washington area…but is Moving to Hawaii that easy?

What concerns does Steve have about his move to Hawaii? Many who move to Hawaii have difference circumstances as to why they can’t move today or limits them on WHEN they can move to Hawaii. We discuss these concerns with Steve and perhaps this is everyone’s chance to consider the reasons for moving and not moving yourselves to Hawaii as well as when and when not one should move here.

16 thoughts on “WHEN to MOVE to HAWAII

  1. Great show! Always a pleasure to hear about other people who share the dream of moving to and living in Hawaii.

    Just wanted to share, I have heard that most insurances in Hawaii will not cover helicopter rides to other islands even in emergencies. However, you can purchase Lifeflight insurance for about $65 per year, which covers the entire household.

    Pretty cheap for peace of mind.

    Looking forward to the next podcast!

    Kim from Nashville, TN

  2. Just found your podcasts, about a week ago. Was. Searching for anything pertaining to Hawaii, and any up to date news on the Islands. Love the interactions between you guys, topics are spot on and very informative. But love when it goes off the rails into a burning dumpster of shit talk. Reminds me of family holidays back home in Louisiana, where all the uncles get shit-face and argue over dumb shit. Any way, I degress, me and the wife travel to Hawaii just about every year in Feb. She is a 18 year vet of United Airlines. And we love and respect Hawaii more and more as we visit. My question to you guys, is an environmental one. Here in Houston, we have fucking landfills like Vegas has casinos. I was wondering what dose Hawaii and the nebioring islands do with all the non-biodegradable trash? Is there a landfill?? And if so, does Wade take his guest on Jeep tours on Mount Mkaka (aka landfill). Thanks for keeping up the podcast, love you guys peace, Love & hair grease.

  3. Bruce and Wade , this is Cindy Yee from Diamond Bar ,California . Thrilled that you both committed to releasing a new episode weekly! It’s ok if you run out of topics, just talk about anything! During the winter break when you were MIA, I was clicking on your podcast like a druggy needing a fix and almost sent a message that I’d pay you guys to get back on!
    I just signed up for an automatic $5 monthly donation through PayPal. I know it’s not much but hope it helps with bandwidth or morale. The only other site I auto donate to is a dog rescue, i don’t even give to starving children. Yikes.
    Hey listeners, after this podcast- go on their site and at least bookmark their Amazon link so that they get a little something back each time you shop. Peace out from me and many other quiet follwers from all over the world !

    ( side note- if you have time, get your donate button on the mobile version of your website to appear at the top. I almost lost focus looking for it )

  4. Gents cancer just sucks I’ve had some family members pass away from lung and pancreatic cancer and whatever funding there is for cancer research needs to be doubled and tripled until we find either a vaccine or a cure. Listening to Steve’s story is one I have experienced a few times in my professional life and breaking that need to someone still crumbles my soul. It’s one of the reasons I went to academia when your patients you have treated for years get sick and there’s nothing you can do for them it cuts your heart out. Well on that note I am planning on a trip with wife and kids on August 2019, will contact Bruce about trip later this year. Good to hear you guys regularly. I know you were thinking about having tours on Maui but if no tours there then we might go to Oahu just to go to the hidden places that Wayde or Bruce would know. Wasn’t too spellbound with Oahu but that’s because I know we went to all the tourist stops.

  5. Aloha guys,
    It’s been a LONG time since I’ve left a comment and since you are asking for some, I thought why not? Not too much to say, but sad the Pats lost last week. We NEVER bet $$ on anything, (except that New England would win last Sunday), so that was awesome (said sarcastically). Anyway, my husband Jeff and I just got back from tooling around Boston (from Chicago, lived in Boston, blah blah blah, fyi) since last Monday and the mood there was not so good, so we did what we thought was appropriate…drank, ate and walked off the Pat’s pity party. AND…I surprised Jeff by finding out that George Kahumoku Jr and Led Kaapana were in town playing at a live music club in Cambridge, MA. It was a good show and I was so excited when one of the guys that was touring with them greeted us with an Aloha and Shaka!
    On a different subject, We were going to try and connect with you both last September, but we were only on Oahu for a day. Planning another visit (hopefully) for the Fall, not sure which island yet, but would love to tour the West side with Wayde or try the slingshot, Bruce. We will touch base as it gets closer. Anyway, hope you two are doing well and keep doing what you do! —Mahalo, Meghan Z

  6. Great show guys! I’m curious to know what both of your guys’ opinions are on the decline of American international influence (or empire) and the f’d up discord at home? As I mentioned before, I am from Nebraska and I attended the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. I loved the college and made some great memories there. The University of Nebraska system is now facing millions of dollars in budget cuts and many people are going to lose their jobs and the state economy could potentially be devastated. My dad is looking at losing his job for the second time in two decades due to the Cabela’s/Bass Pro merger and my mom can’t get into another professional job because there are none in their town. Billions of former college students like myself are drowning in student loan debt with meager means to pay it off. This country is literally falling apart, not only because of Trump but even former administrations and Congress people. According to Forbes (there are better sources out there but the data is consistent anywhere you look), we spend 3x more than the next closest country (China) in defense spending while we spend less that countries like Austria, Norway, etc. when it comes to education spending. Meanwhile, Trump is spending every other weekend at Mar Lago on the taxpayer’s dime while the rest of us are slowly dying out here. I just see a lot of despair in this country long-term. I want to come back to Hawaii so bad, but I don’t think I’ll ever see the islands again because I cannot afford it and I’m only 24. It f’ing sucks.

    • Jeff, my family had the great fortune of moving to US when I was 8 years old from Indonesia. Our country struggles and it seems like it’s going to break apart at the seams but there is no perfect country and this is the best country. Norway and the rest of the scandanavian countries has such small populations that they can afford to pay for schooling. New studies has shown that there level of schooling while high is not quite as great as we originally thought in the early 2000s. I teach students like you in universities and we all lose perspective. Everyone thought out great experience was doomed with the stock market crash and the Great Depression in the 1930’s and then WWII happened. We were not always the favorite to win that war either buddy. So many instances after Iran oil cause recession in the 1970s and the gloom and doom of the late 70s, Assasinations of JFK,RFK and then Martin Luther King Jr each time the people pull together. Don’t let fear and what seems like despair get you too down you just keep working and while it’s fashionable to speak bad of education, there’s still nothing better to lift people out of the middle and lower classes. Worse case scenario Trump and the rest of the idiots in Wash DC are in office for only a few terms they will fade away.

  7. Haole is a lot like gringo in Mexico. It’s just a description, unless you use a negative adjective in front of it. It’s all in context!

  8. Good Afternoon guys! First, I want to say it was a great podcast, as always, but I have a follow up question. Can you talk about the Puna district a little? My family and I are relocating there and we have been househunting in Pahoa, Hilo, Keeau, etc. I follow the local news, your podcast and some facebook groups so that I remain connected to what’s going on there in general. It seems like this is a pretty violent/sketchy area of Hawaii. I mean, there are people stealing dogs straight out of the humane society – for dog fighting a presume – and it has me feeling a little nervous about our relocation, yet it is the only island that fits our budget and off grid plans. Do you know a lot about this area or why it has such high crime rates? Is there a lack of police or is it heavy with drugs? I can’t seem to get a good grasp on what’s going on over there and I am dying to have some input!

    Thank you for all you do!

    • Nadia…We’ll cover this question next podcast…but I can be CLEAR when I say…if you are coming straight from the mainland and going straight to PUNA and Pahoa area without any extended TIME spent on these islands before hand…you are making one SERIOUS FUCKING MISTAKE!

      • Nah we used to live in Kahului and on Oahu for a bit as well. We have been to Big Island before, and are going again in June, but I just can’t get a good read on this district. I feel like I’d have to live there for a bit before being able to understand. Just seeking an unbiased opinion since my realtor has a sale in her best interest lol. Thank you in advance!

    • I want to apologize Robert, but I’m not the one who drops the podcast…I do all the BLOGs, ART WORK and ANSWER all your comments on the Podcast…the one Job Bruce has is to edit and upload the Podcast…maybe he’s jerking off in a back alley somewhere or drunk on his sofa playing with his pussy cats.

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