We’re Outta Here!!

summer break

Lucky We Live Hawaii is on Summer Hiatus, Bruce is on vacation on the mainland (follow him on Twitter or Facebook or Instagram) he wants to meet you if you’re in California or Las Vegas………. and Wayde is busy with his new ventures & his award winning docu-series ( follow him on Instagram, facebook or Twitter ) …………………we’ll be back around June 20th.

Have a great summer kids……………..


Wayde & Bruce


4 thoughts on “We’re Outta Here!!

  1. Have a good vacation/working hiatus/business trip. Can’t wait for the next show. If you happen to get diverted to Boise (Can’t imagine the scenario) look me up.

  2. Have a great, well deserved break boys! Love the work you guys are putting in. Wayne, the love latest video. The new footage is incredible. A full drone video all above Hawaii with some chill beats would be sick!!! See you guys when you get back!



  3. dang…I should have taken Bruce’s invite to be on the podcast when I had the chance a couple weeks ago. Ill be back on island for good in June 30.

  4. Great show fellas. My favourite segment is the news portion and your prespectives on those developments. But I would love to hear more about news and development outside oahu (maui, kuaui, big island). I would also enjoy hearing more from guests who have moved to other islands. Lastly, what’s the best and safest part of the Big Island to buy a few acres?


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