Bruce and Wayde are back…We get into why we had been gone…but we are excited to be back…We get to all your questions and we also get into the news happening here in Hawaii over the last month. We also talk about the things NOT TO DO while in Hawaii and we talk BIG TIME about the URGENCY of our CROWDFUNDING PROJECT to protect, save and show HAWAII and it’s people to the WORLD!

WE NEED YOUR HELP FROM ALL OUR LISTENERS…NO JOKING AROUND…this is a serious project you all could help us wth!!!




32 thoughts on “WE’RE BACK!

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  1. Hey guys, I was so happy to see a new show pop up in my feed this morning, you can’t scare us like that anymore!

    Bruce, thanks for sharing your story. Life’s tough man and it’s success stories like yours that help others keep going. By the way, your wife … wow, she’s super nice and super hot, good get bro.

    Wade, I think Bruce is right about your fundraiser. I’ll kick in what I can here in a week or so. I didn’t know much except what I heard on the show and I didn’t know how to find it until the comment by Max last show. I might be dumb but I couldn’t recall you telling us how to find the site to donate. I’ll share it with my few friends but, spreading that message out over many platforms will definitely generate buzz. Good luck with the project.

    The news item that struck me this week was the condition of the sewers and the public facilities on Oahu. I have a bit of unique perspective if you guys are interested. shoot me a note, I can unfold my ideas on you and maybe with your connections some changes can be made.

    On the topic of moving to Hawaii and the expense, etc., I recently turned down a chance to move there for that and other reasons. I’ll share the numbers with you here. It also ties together well with the infrastructure problems you guys are having.

    Where I am now (Boise, Idaho) I make $50,000. Not a bad living at all. My wage is lower than I could get in different markets within a few hundred miles but it affords a decent (Lower middle class family of 5) quality of life here.

    The offer I had there was for a substantially similar job but with more responsibility and a much higher volume of work with more restrictions on the manner and scope of work done, a very frustrating and perhaps less safe environment. The offer was for $39,600 with severely limited potential for increase or promotion. That amounts to a 20% reduction in actual salary (which alone would severely impact my present quality of life here) but more importantly it represented approximately a 42% reduction in income as a measure of quality of life or buying power dollar for dollar. The private sector equivalent of my job would pay somewhat more but not sufficiently so as to provide a viable backup plan or really even a supplement because the nature of the work precludes taking a second job.

    This is the point, the wages compared to the expense don’t make moving to Hawaii impossible or even irrational just extremely challenging. It comes down to how labor is treated. The knowledge and skill required to perform all the jobs that I’ve researched are severely under compensated and insecure in that market (except of course the medical professions). The relative compensation, in all but the smallest markets, is significantly higher on the mainland. This of course is not news to anyone there but is shocking to folks who take the time to investigate before committing and even more shocking to those who make the leap without doing the research.

    Still, having said all that, I want to live there again but, it will likely be after I have had a full career here and have built sufficient wealth to make the transition without endangering my family’s well being. When that does happen though I expect to find you two and buy you a beer to thank you for the great show.

    • Ok…so first off…The link to Donate and spread the word on the Crowdfunding project is: Mike…So I looked at your numbers…going from $50K where you currently are to coming to Hawaii for $39K…to me…and to Bruce would be INSANE! You say the drop in Pay doesn’t mean moving to Hawaii is impossible or even irrational, just very challenging…I just have to disagree…it’s fucking crazy TO EVEN CONSIDER IT…It’s fucking suicide and Im very happy you are NOT jumping the gun…You got me hearted now…this is why…HOW THE FUCK can anyone move to the other side of the Earth in the middle of fucking no where….where every single things is beyond expensive and take a huge paycut to do the same or harder job???? can someone fucking explain that shit to me? PLEASE! This state is fucked backwards and if I was running it I would hang every monther fucker who fucked this state up in the first place! From someone who is living here in Hawaii with struggles and a few successes from time to time…I want to apologize to you and your family for being offered less than what you fucking deserve…shame on the company and shame on the state! My Rant is over….

  2. Hey Boyz…please dont ever take that long of a break…we need you guys! Bruce, the stuff you shared was not shocking or anything…dont be embarrassed about it. It was awesome that you were super honest about it all and it just makes your followers appreciate you more.

    Wayde…Im sorry your are disappointed about the initial results of your campaign…I immediately went and donated $20…if every one gives at least that then you will have it in no time. You will make it!

    • Mahalos Paul…I have been having a hard time with all of this…I have put a lot into it…a lot into Hawaii…I have been very outspoken…and I have done my best to educate…I have helped so many…and for FREE mind you…and now that it is time to pay back the favor I hear Crickets…Fuck them all!

  3. Aloha fellas! Great to have you back. Wayde, brah! I think you need to return to your roots to help generate more funding for the crowdfunding project: many of us found you through your YouTube channel. You inspired us, you showed us how a true local lives, you motivated us, so many ways you have given to us to list here, brah; not to mention but most importantly you reminded us and demonstrated to never give up on our dream to vacation or live in Hawaii nei. I think if you work new material on YouTube– doesn’t have to be always new places to hike, could be even more routine stuff to re-build a connection with your audience maybe stuff that would be more in line with your idea for the Price for Paradise show; mini clips or slice of life with your everyday routine; even doing the podcast and posting the video on YouTube, I think it will yield much more results. I also think it will impress A&E that you have an active channel that is generating comments and an active connection with your followers as it could give them some hard data or an indication of what the success of the show will be on their network. What is happening in the other Social Media Channels is a lot of white noise; in fact, I had to silence some of my feeds and manually look you up to see some of your posts. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter your message is not reaching active followers if they are following more than about 25 people. Another area/question related to the show would be if Oahu is the island in a state of possibly no return, why is the pilot episode featuring a trip to Maui…seems disjointed and not connected to the principle idea of showing what it is like and what the struggles are like living in Hawaii, especially on Oahu. I am not being critical, I just was confused between the details on the pilot episode and the plot description for the series. Aloha nui from your Boston ohana.

    • Braddah…fuck…You make a lot of damn fucking good points…Why the FUCK am I going to Maui for the Pilot Episode! Fuck….Well, I have my reasons…my 2 cents: The idea was to start the episode on Oahu…talk about the issues here and that we need to expand to the other islands before it’s too late…we would go show the difference and contract of the city life in Oahu and the country and jungle living of Maui and then end the episode back on Oahu. That was my concept to show the difference…but maybe I was being too ambitious!I honestly don’t think we are going to raise all the money so no Maui either way…it will ALL have to be filmed on Oahu…if we raise half the money it will be all filmed on Oahu, but a new outline will have to be written…Oahu, like you said…It may be the best bet either way. As for the “Wayde’s World” Poor Man’s Guide To Hawaii YOUTUBE CHANNEL…Yes, way a head of you…I plan on starting it up again…it’s going to be about everything Hawaii…just not Hiking and beaches…but Stories and interviews as well…a little bit of everything and I’m hoping to get a solid Femal Host Like I had in a few episodes before she left Hawaii…so working all these things out. If I can’t raise HALF the money I need for the Crowdfunding project im going to take what money I make and tell everyone that donated that the project failed, but that their money will go to a good cause…it will allow me to start up my YOUTUBE CHANNEL again and I will get new Video equipment, a new computer and new Editing software and some other stuff to make my life easier to make videos. So either way I’m staying positive and something good will come out of what ever happens!

      • Ahh makes sense now for the pilot: you are looking to compare and contrast the differences between Oahu and Maui. Thanks for clarifying. You will do this Wayde; just amazes me more folks are not helping. I think re-launching the YouTube channel is the key; also, be sure to try embedding links to the crowdfunding website asking for a donation on your most
        popular videos. The key difference with YouTube is people are actively engaged with your channel, learning researching and at times entertained by you 😉 this will be much better versus someone scrolling through their news feeds and oh well if you happen to appear they may click. Just as my own example I have spent about 80 hours on youtube researching my upcoming trip to Big Island as I want to visit some specific heiaus. Also a thought while thinking of it is for the podcast or channel is to bring a guest who could speak more to the spiritual side of living in Hawaii and the mana of the islands that calls to us lucky and chosen few. Stay positive and I will try and boost support from da East Coast for ya 🙂

  4. I have a crazy thought. Humor me. If I donated $10K can i buy stakes in the show with rights to profits after it airs? Essentially I’m looking at this like an investment with a return on the money. Perhaps I can be an executive producer and provide the capital. Just a thought.

    • You’re serious X-MAN? You have no idea how much that would help push the project…Ok…so you can’t buy any of the rights…remember X…we are trying to raise the money to do a Docu-Drama Series Pilot to SHOW to the Networks like A&E and others…if they BITE…they Bite…but we have other ways to get the show on TV as well…we just need to make the Pilot first….YES…You can be EXECUTIVE PRODUCER…Do you have a background at all in this area? Would you seriously like to help Prodcuce the Pilot? We can make that happen with direction from us as well. If a Network buys the rights…YOU as well as US is what they are buying into! SO YES…if you are attached to the show, you would profit from it like all of us…but it must sell first…that’s the hardest part. Lets discuss some more…Mahalo Nui Loa~

  5. I’ve been a listener for about two years now and love your show. My wife and I have been going to Hawaii once or twice a year for the last ten years. We’re working toward either moving to Kauai just before retirement or after(5 to 10 years yet). I’ve held off with a donation until I heard about your project. Just got done donating and my $100 just put you over the $3,000 mark. Good Luck and I can’t wait to see your project become a reality.


  6. Aloha from North Carolina!

    I recently discovered the show and have lots of episodes to catch up on. I have visited Hawaii 6 times and I’m thinking about moving to Oahu sometime in the next few years to live with a relative who has lived in Hawaii for 20 years and has some extra room. I absolutely love the islands and all that they have to offer (aside from the traffic and overcrowding) so I am pretty set on the move. I have done a lot of research already, but are there any resources in particular you recommend I check out? Other podcasts, websites, documentaries?

    I recently graduated from college and am making 55k as an accountant so even with a pay cut I should be fine on money as my housing will be covered. I figure I shouldn’t have much trouble finding a job, but do you have any knowledge on the availability and salary of accounting jobs?

    Also what is the name of the “Island Life” song at the end of the show?


    • David we are the only ones in Hawaii that do a Podcast the way we do…there is no other if you are looking for the same style. Like we discussed in the Podcast several times…you want an education on Hawaii read the Books “The Price of Pardise” volume 1 and 2. We do not have any knowledge of accounting jobs in Hawaii, sorry. The Song “ISLAND LIFE” done by Hawaiian Group KEKOA in 2005, the CD is called “ONE DAY”. You can also get it from a CD “Hawaiian Style, Vol. 4” Please don’t pirate it…download it…these Hawaii artists need all the help they can get…Mahalo…here is the link to the iTunes page:

  7. Good for you guys to be back. I certainly didn’t think Bruce had anything to be ashamed of in his sharing. That’s life. Everybody has their own trial and tribulations that make them who they are today.

    For the record, me and the fiancé actually discussed zipping over to Oahu and taking a tour while we are honeymooning in Maui at the end of the month. But logistics and costs prevented us from flying over in the morning, taking a tour and flying back to Maui that evening. But next trip we definitely plan on spending a few days on Oahu and getting a tour will be a top priority while we are there.

    • Ok Matt…keep us posted…just make sure you ask for me, or you probably won’t get me for the tour….Have fun on Maui…We should be doing the Maui Podcast in the next two weeks…We have a guest this week so the Maui podcast will have to wait until Oct 21st or 22nd.

  8. Hi guys,
    Love the show, been listening for just over a year now. The goal is to live in Hawaii someday but I listen to you and I trust you – I know I can’t show up without a plan for income! For now I have to be content with visiting once a year or so. Mahalo also for sharing your stories, I am sorry it took so much out of you Bruce but I appreciate all you shared with us. Also love hearing about your tours – normally I do my own thing when I visit but your food tour sounds amazing!

    One thing…Wayde, I am sorry you’re not getting the funding you hoped for your pilot. It’s a show I would watch for sure. But in the last podcast, you got pretty bitter about people not handing over money, in fact you guys talked for almost 15 minutes about how bitter you are for not being at the funding level you want. Not sure if you guys are aware but you ask for money in basically every one of your podcasts. Usually it’s fine, as it’s to fund your nonprofit which I’m sure is doing great work; or to fund the important cause to save the area near Sandy’s. But now you’re trying to get funding for a show that is for-profit assuming A&E or another network picks it up. You seem to have a sense of entitlement that you’ve helped people in the past so now they should kick $$ to you just because it’s you. I believe if you help people, you do so not expecting anything in return. I truly do love the podcast overall, I am just hoping the next episode doesn’t spend as much time on negativity over people not handing over money. Realize people are only hearing about your project as a concept, many don’t have your vision and they don’t want to contribute to something they can’t envision.

    All that said, I do wish you good luck with it – I work in television and if I was living in Hawaii I WOULD work for you for FREE to help get the project off the ground.

    • You been listening to the show for just over a year right? Do you know we lose money doing the podcast? Do you know we do it freely because we want to help others? Do you know we have considered stopping the show 3-4 times now because we take money out of our own pockets to produce it? Do you know that? Do you know when I started my Tours 5 years ago I did them for free? Do you know I got nothing? Do you know I have a youtube channel and produced 100 videos for free…nothing…all to just help people get inspired about having a dream, moving or vacationing to Hawaii…Do you know that? Do you know how many people still want me to do things for free? Do you know how many emails I get asking me to write and design them an itineray for when they take their vacation to Hawaii…It’s so fucking non stop just to shut them up we have to create entire Podcasts around the e-mails…yeah. You’re damn right I’m entitled…We ask for pocket change to help keep the Podcast going…DID YOU NOTICE SOMETHING WITH THE PODCASTS??? NO ADVERTISING…NO COMMERICALS!!! Yes…We put none on the podcast for you guys…but in doing so we get no money…only the money the listeners give us…We are fucking PBS FOR HAWAII for god sakes! I have been doing this for almost 6 years…never asked for a dime from anyone…I have helped thousands over that time frame and all I was asking for those who I have helped and those who love Hawaii and don’t want to see it get destroyed anymore was to contribute to a good cause and this crowdfunding project…asking for $20 to make a difference is chump change, but together that $20 could turn into thousands. You think I want to do a Reality Show with A&E to make money? lol…do you know how much reality stars get in their first contract…usually 2-3 seaons…They Get JACK! I make more money and would make more money working my current job and would take a pay cut to do a reality show for 3 years…I would’nt see any money unless the show got re-newed and another contract was signed, that’s when I can negotiate what I want…The shows not for me…it’s for Hawaii…it’s to make a difference and give back to the place I love and the people who live here. So yes…I’m bitter and I’m going to change a lot of things in the future on how I run my business and who I help. I have had it with the ME generation…

      • Your have every right to feel the way you do. I may not be able to help you with a lot of money but I did donate and I would be willing to help you guys out as a volunteer or something when I get out there. I would also be willing to donate my DJ services to help raise money toward the cause. If you think we could put something together just let me know. -Aloha.

  9. Hey Bruce and Wayde. I’m a soldier who is about to get stationed out there in April 2016. I am really looking forward to it. I’ve been listening to your shows and I’ve learned a lot about Hawaii. I’m just trying g to learn as much about the Hawaiian culture and way of life before I get there. I think anyone going somewhere new should do there research to avoid any surprises and learn how people live so that you make friends not enemies. Growing up in NYC we have a saying “It’s not where you’re from it’s where you’re at”. So I want to show my respect to the Hawaiian culture. Thanks so much for all the info you guys put out. Hey could you briefly talk about things us military personnel should know about Hawaii. I know some of us can give off a bad impression for the rest of us. Are we loved or hated out there? Should we live.on or off post I. Your opinion based on our BAH? Any cool things we should take advantage of due to military discounts and stuff like that. If you guys can do that for me I will make a donation 🙂
    Thanks brothers!

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