Today we talk “LIVE” with JEANNE MARIE who had a dream just like many of us to move to Hawaii…Not only did she move to Hawaii 6 years ago she started her own Business as well as a Wedding Photographer…Today we discuss her transition from the mainland to island living and starting her own business here in Paradise. Today we also cover about 30 mins worth of News and whats happening here in Hawaii…We also cover comments and messages that have come in over the last week. If your planning a Wedding n Hawaii this podcast is for you.

Below you can find all the info you need about Jeannemarie Photography, her business website, blog and social Media locations if interested in booking with her or learning from her journey.




15 thoughts on “WEDDING in HAWAII

  1. Sorry about the over modulation, it will be corrected on the next show, new levels cause we were outside………..

  2. I love listening to the blog and can really relate to your Hawaiian enthusiasm. I know the f bombs are not for everyone but I am from the east coast and can appreciate a few good f bombs to keep the show moving. My favorite blogs are the ones that just talk about moving to Hawaii, the island of Kauai and Ancient Hawaii. I enjoyed listening to the passion you both have for the place even though you are both from the east coast. I will try to think of some good topics and let you know. Please keep up the good work and hopefully I will be in Hawaii next year and can use your services for nice vacation. I had to push back the Hawaii trip to take a trip to San Andres Colombia so I am curious to see how it compares to Hawaii. Keep up the good work! Rob

  3. I love this podcast! Every episode is packed with useful information. Thank you Bruce and Wayde for your honest and knowledgeable advice. Some might not like the language but does everything have to be kid friendly. Keep up the great work and please bring back the PayPal button.

    • We are pretty clear….We are for adults 90% of the time…when we do holiday shows we let everyone know it’s family friendly so everyone can listen in…but the rest of the year…not so much…lol. We’ll get the button up soon…That’s Bruce’s job…lol

  4. Having recently discovered both the Hawaii Vacation Connection and Lucky We Live Hawaii podcasts, I would like to express a huge MAHALO to both Bruce and Wayne. The passion, honesty, sincerity, and laughter shared in every episode is greatly appreciated. I truly believe you are not only giving every listener a realistic perspective of vacationing in, moving to, and living in Hawaii; but also creating a deeper respect and appreciation for the history, people, land, and culture of Hawaii. The latest show was a huge bonus with the addition of a guest and her perspective and life experience. I hope this will be an added feature in the future. Surely, anyone planning to visit or relocate to Hawaii would benefit tremendously from the insight provided through these podcasts. Thanks again guys for your hard work and sacrifice. I look forward to the hidden treasures I will discover as I listen to the previous shows.

  5. Great Episode. I love getting to hear how other people came to live and succeed in Hawaii. Jeanne Marie, thank you for sharing your story.

        • I’m on the edge of my seat dude! Where’s the new episode?
          Also when you guys get a chance can we talk about how airfare seems really high right now? Is that affecting you guys by reducing the amount of money people have to spend on local businesses?

          • Ken…long story short…We had a Crisis with Hannah…we’ll fill everyone in…second our Guest cancelled this week…So long story short…Everyone wants us to have guests…but if they don’t show up…what the hell are we to do! Keep you posted on all this and we’ll be doing a Podcast this Wed-Thurs…We talk flights as well and spending money for vacationers.

          • you guys are telling me.. nearly $1400 for a RT nonstop from dallas per person. $3000 spent and i haven’t even fucking left HNL… makes me want to punch someone in the face.

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