WATERSPORTSinHAWAIIWhen you think of Hawaii and things to do here one of the first things that come to mind are WATERSPORTS! Hawaii has more watersports than you can dream of…Kayaking, Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, Snuba, Parasailing, Boat Sailing, Stand up Paddle Boarding, Surfing, Body Boarding, Skim Boarding, Shore Casting, Deep Sea Fishing, Shark Cage Diving, Wind Surfing, Jet Skiing, Wahle Watching, Dolphin Excursions, Mana Ray Dives, Outrigger Canoeing and the list goes on and on…We cover all this on this weeks podcast…and the best thing is…many of them don’t even require you to be able to SWIM!

RAILWe go HEAD ON into our NEWS first on the Podcast and let us tell you…We let the SHIT FLY on this “State of Disrepair”…from SHIT BAGS on Hiking Trails to showing NO ALOHA on our Crosswalks, to Potholes to even the EMBARRASSING STATE of our FOSTER CARE system here in Hawaii and last RAILTHE DAMN RAIL…Does an island even NEED RAIL? We live on an island for God sakes…What are the ramification of having such a monstrosity on a tropical island anyways? Well…we let you know! At least we end this Podcast on a POSITIVE NOTE with a POSTIVE QUOTE….WE as individuals MATTER…and that’s just one more reason why we are so Lucky to Live Hawaii no matter what comes our way or what MAINLAND mentality comes to invade our island home…We’ll never lose our Aloha Spirit and we’ll never stop fighting to live Pono.

6 thoughts on “WATERSPORTS in HAWAII

  1. Thanks for acknowledging my $2400 donation haha!! Phew i was crapping myself for a few minutes until i realised it was just a paypal glitch!

    The shit bag discussion had me laughing out loud!

    I decided to make myself loco moco for breakfast today, with some french vanilla hawaiian isles coffee out of my hawaiian tiki man mug.

    Whilst i was munching away i started day dreaming and thought about combining my passion for cooking and all things Hawaii. “Daves Ono Hawaiian Grinds” popped into my head. Just a thought , i would need to do some market research on that, but i always say if i didnt work offshore on pipelines, i would probably do something involving cooking. Not sure if mine would be a restaurant or bar and grill type of thing. But its something i can dream about doing one day maybe. I also thought about setting up an hawaiin mail order biz for europeans who love hawaii , but not sure if there would even be a demand. But i know i often buy stuff online such as hawaiian coffee and beer!
    Anyway its good to have dreams right!?!
    Aloha guys !

  2. WHOAAHOWAOAHOOAA…….. the kayaks they rent in kaneohe come with freakin anchors? man it took me how long to figure this out? my biggest concern was how the hell we were going to anchor the kayaks so we could hang out without babysitting them the entire time. i was envisioning bringing some rope and tying it around a big ass rock or something.

  3. Hi guys, nice podcast.

    About the transit issue, as an architect and city planner, I’m convinced that rail systems are the right approach for dense cities. But they have to be subways or “light rail” systems integrated on the street. NOT the elevated, heavy rail systems Honolulu is building. Residents should really be concerned of the nightmare scenario unfolding for them, because the current plan is going to be devastating to downtown.

    The rationale for building rail is to alleviate automobile congestion and dependency, and is a more sustainable transportation model. But heavy rail does none of these things. This is what is so frustrating. Think about this: they are essentially going to build an interstate downtown. When framed that way, everyone should be screaming about this. Building a freeway downtown? But that is basically the same construction process with elevated, heavy rail systems. Instead of cars overhead, you have trains. The only difference. You still get huge concrete pillars and ugly concrete walls (that will be tagged constantly). These pillars and walls will forever block the existing light, sky, mountain and ocean views, and cast permanent shadows on pedestrians 24/7. Residents and tourists will not feel as safe walking the streets or exploring the town. Many will not attempt to locate a business just “on the other side” of the overpass. Day or night. Again, your city is building a freeway right downtown. It is a real disaster unfolding.

    I really hope more people support AIA Honolulu’s proposal, but it doesn’t look like it has gained traction: http://www.aiahonolulu.org/?261 and http://www.aiahonolulu.org/?434

    What is really sad is that Honolulu has several successful examples to learn from, (San Diego, Salt Lake City, Portland, San Francisco, etc.) and it could really be beautiful and rail could be an amazing asset to the island. But it seems they have not done their homework or maybe it’s just special interests getting some kickbacks?

    Anyway, other cities have successfully integrated rail systems that work. But the KEY is that these systems are “at grade” (part of the street) or “below grade” (subway). Businesses and pedestrians (and even tourists) should be very concerned about an effort to build a freeway (elevated, heavy rail) downtown. Seek to stop it while you can. Aloha.

    • WOW SD…JUSY WOW…you just put the SMACK DOWN on the RAIL here and I couldn’t say it better…You took some time to break this down…but more importantly you listened to the podcast and contributed to this discussion…Mahalo Nui Loa! Growing up in Boston we had the Subway…it was set up the way it should have been like the locations you mentioned…they as well set it up the wAy it should have…The state of Hawaii did NOT and is NOT doing what should be done and you hit all the nails on the head! We are trying to reach out to the community and the visitors to let them know that they pushed aside the idea of a “AT GRADE” System and an “UNDER GROUND” System as well…They said it would cost too much. They have no idea how much this is truly going to cost them, the state and the people who live here…This is an unfolding disaster and we’ll continue the fight till the day we die. Mahalo SD!!!

  4. Hi guys
    Just to clarify, I was dreaming about setting up my own Hawaiian restaurant here in the UK and thought if it ever happened , I would call it “Dave’s Ono Hawaiian Grinds” , that would be a dream come true!
    I am gonna try making spam musubi next week 🙂

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