HAWAII VOLUNTOURISMVoluntourism is becoming a well known word, not only in Hawaii, but all over the world. It puts you in touch with the local community and the aina here in Hawai’i Nei. When planning a vacation to Hawaii, why not put a day aside to be a part of the community and Hawaiian Culture…volunteer with the Sierra Club of Hawaii or the Hawaiian Trail and Mountain Club. You can volunteer at places like the Amy Greenwell Botanical Gardens on the big island of Hawaii or at the Lanai Culture and Heritage Center on Lanai…What about the  Maui Coastal Land Trust on Maui or on Oahu at the Ahahui Malama I Ka Lokahi which conserves Hawaii’s Native ecosystems…What about helping the animal population here at the SPCA or the HUMANE SOCIETY. Do Beach clean ups, pick up trash, remove graffiti and tagging. You can also get out on the aina, plant indigenous plants and trees and remove invasive ones. Even Volunteering at the Pearl Harbor Visitors Center is an option! The locations are endless and you will be surprised that most hotels that visitors stay at have Voluntourism and you can ask about volunteering at the front desk of your hotel.

Two of the best sites to see all the things you can Volunteer with is at: http://www.travel2change.org/ AND http://www.volunteermatch.org/

Below is an example of Voluntourism in Hawaii at Travel2Change: http://youtu.be/B4FyhPK4FT8

8 thoughts on “VOLUNTOURISM in HAWAII

  1. Awesome idea!! I would definitely be up for that next visit… especially if there are animals involved… Probably about time I gave back seeing I visited soooo many times

  2. Hi guys, I really enjoyed this podcast. I enjoy all your podcasts, I just have very little time to go online and compose a reply. Towards the of the podcast with the subject about the “talkers” reminded me of a great line from Neil Simon’s Barefoot in the Park… “You know what you are, Paul? You’re a watcher. There are watchers in this world and there are doers. And the watchers sit around watching the doers, do.” I hope to have the funds to donate soon, but until I do I talk about the travel agency and jeep tours to everyone I hear is planning a trip to Hawaii. Just my small part to help in a roundabout way. Please don’t censure the podcast. It’s refreshing to listen to adult friends talk. There are too many areas in life where we have to watch everything we do or say. Free internet radio recorded in the comfort of your home that includes grown-up topics and ideas should not be one of them. The flow of the conversation is so natural that many times it seems as if the microphone was left on accidentally and the content of the show becomes priceless.

    • AMY…You have no idea what it means to hear your words…MAHALO NUI LOA! Much aloha Nui, love your way and please continue to spread the aloha and us around!!!

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