So you want to move to Hawaii, but you don’t know where to live…Today we discuss a few of the best locations to live on each of the main islands. There are reasons you may want to move to these towns as they are the best for certain things like surf or art…other towns are the best fishing or best to retire, others are great for families, some have marina’s and some are the sunniest…

BUT of all the Towns we talk about the one we DON’T recommend you moving or going to is KAILUA/LAIKAI on Oahu…it’s soooooooo OVERRATED today. Unfortunately so many Tourist books and Japanese have been heading over to Kailua it has truly LOST it’s small town feel…20 years ago this would have not only be a place WE would live, but a place WE would recommend you live as well. We can no longer recommend you go here. The community has had a love/hate relationship with people moving here and Tourists Tour Buses flocking to this beautiful small family town…because of these reasons Kailua is no more. Hopefully this will be a lesson for other towns in Hawaii like Haleiwa…hopefully they and others don’t follow in the footsteps of what happened to Kailua Town and we hope the community of Kailua steps up and takes their town back from the politicians and Bus Tour companies who have allowed this to happen to their town. One of the reasons our tours do not enter Kailua…We don’t wish to be a part of the problem no matter how bad our visitors want to see Kailua…we explain to them why we won’t go and they fully understand.

We discuss…

OAHU: Haleiwa, Mililani, Hawaii Kai, Kaneohe & Honolulu

MAUI: Lahina & Kihei (we forget to mention Kihei, but it’s a great affordable town and great for Families as well.)

KAUAI: Hanalei & Poipu as well as Princeville if you don’t mind some tourism here and there.

HAWAII ISLAND: Kailua-Kona, Hilo, Puna & Keauhou


18 thoughts on “TOP 10 PLACES to LIVE in HAWAII

  1. Really appreciate you talking up fishing in Kaneohe. That is one place we skip over but will try, now. Love shore fishing! Also totally understand how awesome Hawaii Kai is, but, shhhhhhhhhh!

    • Patty, get out to the sand bar and do some fishing…plenty of boats to take you out, but a lot are charters and filled with Tourists…My friends and I are setting up a Sand Bar excursion soon…Let me know well in advance and I can see if we can do a Private Charter for your group. ~ Aloha

  2. Here’s the deal. You can have terrible political opinions, like public schools providing an education for poor people is a bad thing. You can have incorrect political facts, like parties and philosophies are the same thing. Whatever. My point is, and I could be wrong but I don’t think I am, nobody is downloading this show to hear you talk about national political issues. There are thousands of other shows for that. People download this show to here you talk about Hawaii. So when you spend 20 minutes talking about national political issues and 10 minutes talking about the actual show topic at the end, it’s frustrating. This is my point.

    And I’m not actually bothered at all by the yogi meowing. Maybe you could get him a third mic and cue him when wayde goes off on a political rant?

    • Matt…back from the dead so soon? Let me give you a heads up on some more things you know little to nothing about…You are preaching to someone who doesn’t give a fuck about your insults so stop making yourself look like a douche, that’s #1…#2…Bruce and I continue to bring Banter and politics into the Podcast for a reason and our downloads just continue to increase and the local fan base just continues to grow…We have some great numbers to prove it…No one said Bruce or I are Political Gurus! We have issues with the system here in Hawaii and Politics here and we have a right to voice those opinions…and do you know who else has a problem with it? The LOCAL PEOPLE! When we talk Strictly Politics for 15 mins or so we spread that out between local and national topics as National topics DO come into play here in Hawaii as well. Do you know who’s listening to our show more because of this? THE LOCAL PEOPLE! I have Locals beeping me on the highway giving me shaka signs as I hear them listening to the podcast on their car radio’s…I have people coming up to me in the grocery store, the bank, the gas station saying…”Give it to the politicians, we love you guys!” SO YEAH BRO…it’s not that you COULD be wrong…You’re WRONG. We want to diversify our audience…where as before locals had NO REAL REASON to listen because all we fucking did was talk about moving people to Hawaii and other pretty bullshit and topics…Locals don’t want to hear that shit, in fact they don’t want us telling the mainland how to move here either….So the first half of the show is being dedicated to the local communities and the second half to people who live on the mainland. You make a valid point that once we come back from break we continue to do news and not quickly move to the subject matter…we will fix this.

      • wayde


        you sound like fake news when you post this shit

        also, stop deleting comments. you deleted mine last week where i told you to stop deleting matt’s comments

        that’s big brother shit.

      • G’Day Wayde,
        I’m listening from Sydney Australia and I like all the parts of the podcast, in particular local political issues educate me what is happening at a local level and what the people of Hawaii are concerned about. Its a great insight on what is happening beyond the tourist scene. Keep it up, you guys are doing a great job, I’ll be over in a couple of weeks and I’ll stop by the International Market Place to make a donation. Hope to see you guys there.

        • Mahalo Nui Loa for the OZ LOVE! Garry…We don’t hang out at the International Market Place Jeep Kiosk anymore…I use to be there 3 days a week, but not anymore…now it’s just a display so don’t be disappointed if neither of us are there, sorry.

  3. I am a 56 Year Old T-3 paraplegic and use a wheelchair now for 34 plus years since 1984 at age 22 in a car accident that is when I received My Spinal Cord Injury and lost the use of My legs. I Live in the State of New Hampshire and Love the Summer, but the Winters are brutal and the accessibility is not very good with everything being so old. I heard there are parts of Hawaii that have total wheelchair access and I am fully Independent & still drive a hand controlled vehicle. I am not a rich guy and live on a fixed income. I don’t need much, and it will just be Me. If You could point Me in the right direction for a nice little one bedroom place in a Small Quiet wheelchair accessible area I would be Grateful for the help! I did live in SW Florida for 20 years, but Summers were very humid and the crime was also getting bad. I look forward to hearing back from You. Thank for the Help. Alan Duboyce

    • Alan…It looks like you have chosen Hawaii…Hawaii is very handicap and wheelchair accessible. We have an amazing Handicap system here with THE HANDI-VAN, Please look at the following link and do your own research on it: Also Alan…You said you have a SET INCOME…Can you please let us know what that is and we can tell you what ISLAND and what AREA would be best suited for your Retirement in Hawaii. We’ll be honest with you if you can make it or not in Hawaii on your SET INCOME. Thank you Alan, hope to hear from you soon~ Aloha

  4. The last shooting I remember in Waikiki was in July 2014 but it was an HPD officer shooting at a vehicle after a traffic stop went wrong. I lived just down the street at the time on Kuhio. It took place during a busy evening and the streets were filled with people. It was a crazy scene. They closed down Kuhio.

  5. Ok so answer this. If Hawaii is the healthiest and most active state in the country and has the longest life span, how are you suppose to pay for that if you live for so long in one of the most expensive states?

    • Joe…You basically need to be smart like me…I’m a POOR MAN, but I pretty much live Off Grid and have almost no bills…Solar, Wind, Water catchment…grow a garden and have your own fruits and vegetables and have a small Aquaponics system to grow fish, have a chicken coop and eggs, Hunt and fish for your own food. I got Fish in my front yard and Pigs in my backyard. Have a Goat for cheese and milk in the back yard, sell the babies…the goat will mow the yard for you as well…so no yard work…lol. The smart ones are doing it, it’s the future here…I have no debt and my bills total $1,500.00 a month. I’m currently writing a book all about it…My Interview and Article will be in Hawaii Business Magazine…WATCH FOR my Website and eBook on a beginners guide to living a sustainable Lifestyle in Hawaii soon…keep you posted on the podcast when it all comes out in NOVEMBER.

  6. Hi Guys! Love the podcast. I had 2 ideas if topics I’d like to hear about if you have time. One is Vegan and Vegetarian lifestyle and restaurants in Hawaii (or just Oahu). The second is Performing Arts (Theater, Live Music, Poetry readings and coffee houses and maybe Local cultural performing arts) in Hawaii. Thanks!

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