tipping in paradiseToday we take it on for the little guy…the man or women struggeling to make ends meet in Paradise…but also for the SMALL Business Owner who is struggeling as well, but before we get to the BEEF of the Podcast we once again dive into local issues hitting Hawai’i Nei and Oahu. One of our first subjects today is about “ROBERT’S HAWAII”, which is the largest transport, shuttle and tour company in Hawaii and they have now TAKEN OVER shuttle services on Maui at Kahului Airport…It’s about the few big corporations taking over the industry, knocking out the small mom and pop shuttle and tours businesses because the just can’t compete.

EXPEDIAWe also go into the Travel corporation of Expedia who has single handedly taken over the concierge services in Hawaii, making sure you do the Activities they want you to do so they make large profits from the  dollars you spend. YOU NEED TO KNOW THIS! From the time You book with someone like Expedia to the point you plan things out with the Concierge at your Vacation destination…THEY HAVE YOU! We then get into the price of Gas here and how that affects us all with the current prices @ $4.35 a Gallon. Next we deal with the Sad fact of losing the International Marketplace, they sell out of HAWAII LAND OWNERS and the take over of JAPANESE COMPANIES to put what they want in Waikiki for their people…not what Americans want. Last we DIVE HEAD FIRST into the EVIL EMPIRE OF HAWAII…”HTA”, THE HAWAII TOURISM AUTHORITY where MORE and MORE and MORE will NEVER BE ENOUGH!

CITY IN CHINAWhen it comes back to Tipping, it’s never good to assume things on “TIPPING in PARADISE” so we break it down…Bruce and I work with many in the service industry and as everyone know, I’m a part of it…but as of late it seems like people DON’T HAVE A CLUE what it means to tip in Hawaii! We go head on with this complex issue as we focus on helping mainly the customers, guests and vacationers make good choices on tipping in Hawaii, from AIRPORT, HOTEL, TAXI, VALET, HOUSEKEEPING, ROOM SERVICE, RESTAURANT and DIFFERENT TOURS from Bus Tours to Private tours as well Helicopter and Boat Tours…WE COVER IT ALL, because the fact is…People in the Hawaii service industry RELY and LIVE off their TIPS!

6 thoughts on “TIPPING in PARADISE

  1. Regarding the impending demise of the International MarketPlace (heard on Bruce’s podcast), how about starting an online petition at a website like change.org. Then, the two of you could spread it to your customers and podcast listeners..

    • We wish we could Rich, but it’s a done deal…everything has been signed…the state doesn’t care what you think, or what we think…sad, but true. There however are more fights coming we can dig our feet into and when they come up…we will start petitions…WE PROMISE YOU THAT!

  2. RE: Tipping. Until recently I worked as a wedding DJ on the weekends for some extra cash. I realized pretty early on that some people need to understand how tipping works. I think it’s all in how you present it. I know DJs that put Tip jars out on there tables and would be happy with 20 $1 bills at the end of the night. Me, I avoid the tip jar and worked directly with the people that hired me. I would first compare myself to the typical DJ, and then explain that if at the end of the night they really enjoyed it, its customary to receive a tip. My average was about $100 a night. Its all in how you present it. The key was making sure that people understood I’m going above and beyond what they paid for. Additionally, I did raise my prices. This tends to weed out people on a very tight budget in favor of people willing to pay for a premium service.

    I get that for the most part on tours what you pay goes to some larger entity or just operating costs (especially in Maui) and that visitors should be more willing to tip the individuals that are actually rendering the services, but people really need to see that this is a unique experience. Everything I’ve heard about the tours you guys do screams unique and one of a kind, so obviously its just a matter of getting it through the blinders.

    On maui we did the reef dancer semi-submersible tour. It was “okay”, nothing really unique, we didn’t see any spectacular organisms or anything, but sure enough after they had already hit me up to buy the souvenir picture, here comes the tip jar. We tipped em sure (trying to teach my son to be generous so I kind of had to) but no one really went above and beyond. Who knows, maybe its because the previous group was a bunch of cheap-skates. But hey don’t assume I’m not going to tip. Bring it EVERY time and sure enough it’ll pay off.

    Maybe you can give people the option to apply a tip ahead of time when they buy the tickets. This way it won’t be a foreign concept to them when services are rendered. If they decide to, great all the more incentive to give them the best tour in Hawaii.

    Anyway, as to the other topic about big businesses taking over. What are the small businesses doing to combine forces without having to drop ton’s of money on advertising in those weekly magazines (most of which I just end up using as coasters…)
    Have any other businesses partnered up the way you guys have?

    Great show by the way, really appreciate the work you guys are doing. Mark your Calendars! 7/1/2014 !

  3. As a low-tech person, I don’t have the capability to send a voicemail over the computer or my phone (talk/text only). Is there another way to reach you and leave a message?

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