Why you should BOYCOTT HAWAII #boycotthawaii

#boycotthawaii…Let me say that again HASH TAG BOYCOTT HAWAII!

It’s about time we look into this Travel Ban our President has put forth as HAWAII is once again front and center with the 9th circuit court of appeals as they have BLOCKED the attempt to make this Travel Ban a reality once again!

Its seems like people feel we should be BOYCOTTING HAWAII because Hawaii’s courts have Blocked a ban to stop the EVIL MUSLIM TERRORISTS from entering our Great United States of America!

Sounds legit right? DAMN RIGHT…and we AGREE! There SHOULD be a BAN…and you SHOULD boycott Hawaii….We give a S#IT load of evidence on why you SHOULD Boycott Hawaii! Hawaii is a nasty vile place of scum and villainy…Don’t come here Mainlanders…it’s an evil, evil place of Sun, Sea and Rainbows where Birds sing to you, Palm trees sway in the trade winds and pineapples and coconuts grow a-muck all around you…trust us…no one likes too much of that kind of CRAZY S#IT!

Hopefully with this podcast we’ll save every HAOLE from ever having to travel to Hawaii again!





9 thoughts on “Why you should BOYCOTT HAWAII #boycotthawaii

  1. Realistically, the only people participating in this boycott are the ALT RIGHT white supremacists who would never visit an area where they are the minority.

    • There are ALT LEFT and ALT RIGHT…There are also just LEFT and RIGHT…but as long as we continue to separate ourselves from being called just Americans this childish back and forth will just continue…and none of it is helpful to anyone.

  2. Aloha from you might be only Muslim and cherry on top Pakistani American listener. Dammm Man feel some love from Wayde this week. May be that was pakalolo talking. We love you Wayde you know that see you August. Beside this week episode i want to comment on last week episode 2 of our friends bought 2 lots in big island 3 acre each for about 15k to 20k each. Now they are building there cabins there by hand so twice a year both husband and wife goes to big island for 2 weeks and they are almost done with 2 rooms and now working on kitchen , solar and composite bathroom Altogether total cost i will say about 30k for 2 bed room condo. We are also in talk with one of there neighbor for a 3 acre lot if things work out we will be a Hawaii land owner pretty soon.

  3. Listening to the podcast. Love that you put this lady’s phone number who was trying to arrange a tour out to the listeners.


    Few things

    Snoop didn’t actually shoot Trump. He shot a play gun that said “Bang”. Much taller than some of the stuff spewed at Obama. Lighten up SNOWFLAKE AM I RIGHT?!

    Also I’d like to ask Wayne if the FBI is also FakeNews now that it’s revealed Trump and co are under criminal investigation and have been since July 2016.

    His approval ratings are in the 30s.

    The people that voted for the clown realizing his health plan is going to alienate them. Ya reap what you sow, I’m sorry.

    Fucking up the Yemen situation. Soldier’s father didn’t even want to meet Trump. What a great leader we have here.

    But Hilary’s emails am I right?!?

    I’ll just continue to sit and watch the shit show from the sidelines and enjoy Sean Spicer trying to out lie himself at every press conference.

    Good past few shows just wanted to let it be known I’m still around to fact check wayde 🙂

  5. Ha slide your already purchased tickets over here if you’re part of the boycott 😉

    On a side note ….. this goes for you wade. I’m headed back to Hawaii in the late summer. This is my third time headed there and being a enthusiast for photography, I always try to bring some accessories to take some good photos. What is your take on what are ENOUGH to take on trips? I cringe seeing these suit cases of just random stuff. I ask because where I’m from, I always see the drone craze and quite frankly they’re great, but amateurs are ruining it and make it pretty danagerous for by standers. Does Hawai’i have regulations and are they enforced ?

    Many thanks for your take on this.

  6. Good shit boys… keep having fun with the pod cast! Last few have been hella funny… like it best when you talk story n keep it real… have a good week guys! Next January cant come fast enough! Missing Hawaii bad…

  7. The Trump cuts didn’t go to the military but to the billionaires. More tax cuts to the rich. What a racket. Repay his cronies for having voted him in. It’s no longer a democracy. It’s a oligarchy. Money buys your laws.

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