There comes a time when we all need a REALITY CHECK…once again we get one this week…The Reality of Paradise. Lots of people come and go to these islands of Hawaii…Some are born here…some are flown here…sadly…both groups come and leave…and many for the same reason…MONEY!

It’s sad that this world is based around the mighty dollar…who doesn’t wish it was different, but the Real Reality is to make it in Hawaii you need a lot of it…Unless you plan on living OFF GRID on Big Island or one of the other islands…it’s going to be hard for you if you move to OAHU…And that’s just not because of the MONEY aspect…20 years ago if money was the only issue we wouldn’t even be discussing this…sadly…for the island of Oahu…it’s much more than money these days that we must factor in…MONEY, TRAFFIC, OVER-DEVELOPMENT, LACK OF AFFORDABLE HOUSING, OVERCROWDING and TOO MANY TOURISTS! For the other islands…NONE of these problems are an issue except for some of the money concerns, but there are ways around living on the other islands without much money so if moving here is on your mind…you will need to seriously consider listening to all 90 or so of our Podcasts so you don’t make the same mistakes as many have and do…

Today we have a guest who moved to Hawaii and left…and wants to come back, but for now the mainland is their best bet. Tara Coomans, originally from Green Bay, then Scottsdale, moved to Hawaii for 7 1/2 years wonderful years and loved every moment. While in Hawaii she created a Digital Marketing and Branding Firm. She was on numerous nonprofit boards, an active community volunteer and served as an advisor for BlueStartup, a Honolulu incubator. Tara is a Diver, a Kayaker and a beach Lover and she really misses her life and days in Hawaii. Currently she lives with her husband, Jeff and their two Poodles, Stella and Zoey in West LA, but hopes to return one day to where she considers HOME…Hawai’i Nei.

27 thoughts on “The REALITY of PARADISE

  1. Hey Bruce and Wayde,

    I just saw your latest podcast push into my iPhone and I am looking forward to hearing it. I found your podcast about 2 months back and have probably listened to 20 or so. Always a good time…

    This is just a quick thank you for the entertainment and the reality check about living in Hawaii. I lived on Kauai for a short time about 8 years ago. My sister moved to Honolulu for a good job with Kaiser almost 2 years ago and I am completely jealous of her.

    My other half is moving back from San Diego to the Bay Area. I need to choose to come along and find a job there or spend a few months with my sister trying to start a new life on Oahu.

    Starting over again always has it’s challenges. I am from the Bay Area and have friends and family there. My sister is the only person I know on Oahu, but I am very tempted by the island life. Your show has helped me paint a realistic picture of the realities of life (especially around income vs. expenses) there.

    I always like hearing your interviews and local news. The more people we hear from, the more perspective we all have.

    Thanks for keeping it real… Wishing I were joining you.


    • Mahalo nui Jason, really appreciate you listening, makes our day to hear from our listeners! Hopefully you’ll find your way back here brah.

  2. Hey Wayde, very sorry to hear your brother had the scary heart event. Things like that just suck and really put life into perspective.

  3. I like the calm Wayde that asked the questions in the interview! He asked good questions and had good responses.

  4. Wayde, long time listener but I dont recall you ever telling the full story about how you why you came to Hawaii but then went back to Boston for awhile before you came back for good.

    • Bruce and I have intentions to talk about our Stories of how we got here…We never really interviewed each other yet…lol…but a quick note…I have been back and forth to a few times…stayed for an extended time in 95 then left the same year, was testing things out between jobs so had the money and time to kill and look Hawaii around…retuned in 98 and left again in 2002, I had NO INTENTIONS to leave in April of 2002, but I had to…I left for several reasons…it has to do with 3 major life events that took place in about the same year…9/11, my girlfriends Depression at the time and the Loss of my Grandfather…I lost someone in 9/11, He was the Pilot of Flight 11 out of Boston…it was my Girlfriends Uncle…around the same time my Grandfather passed away and I was the one who stepped up and took care of my Grandmother…There are more to these stories…when we do a show about Bruce and I I talk more about them.

      • Wow I knew none of this Wayde, having watched all your videos and listened to all of your podcasts with Bruce, I feel like I know you! although we have never met. (not yet anyway, but will rectify this at some point!)
        I hope you and Bruce will interview each other soon, that would be extremely interesting. Keep up all of your great work, you have no idea how much I enjoy your podcasts.
        Bruce I hope you will start doing your own ones again soon! I miss them!

  5. Hey guys,

    Another great show! I keep saying it, it sounds redundant but, it’s just the way it goes with you guys.

    With all the talk of moving to the big island, I have a few questions I could probably Google but, I got you guys to ask so…

    I’ve seen many off grid, un permitted homes for cheap there, have you done any research on these unpermitted properties and have you heard of the as-built permit process? I’m assuming that you can’t get a mortgage for the house so would it be a cash only proposition?

    If a guy wanted to live on the big island but doesn’t like the desert moonscape, is there an area on the island that is tropical rainforesty or is the natural state of the island desert like? (Or am I way ignorant of the landscape altogether?)

    What is the local regulatory environment like? Is it similar to oahu with high fees, lots of red-tape etc? Is starting a business easier, the same or more difficult in terms of the city/county?

    What are some unique opportunities on the big island? Are there some businesses that might thrive better than on oahu?

    Having asked all that, there’s another topic ID like to hear about on a future show:
    What is the political and social environment of living aboard a boat in the several yacht harbors? Do you guys know anyone who lives aboard? Can you find a guest that can talk about how the regulations and lifestyle have changed over the years, especially since the tsunami damaged some of the harbors?

    Mahalo guys

    • Mike…ALL REALLY DAMN GOOD QUESTIONS…This is a NEWS SECTION of our Podcast…Let us work on these and we’ll get to these questions on an upcoming BIG ISLAND PODCAST! We will be doing it within the next month! Mahalo!

  6. Holy shit! The last time I listened to you guys was in January before we headed to the Big Island. I’ve just started catching up again and your podcast has really grown and evolved in wonderful ways. I’m loving the guests! Keep up the great work!

    • John…can you clarify? We are not so sure what you’re talking about…The GMO Ban was a County issue on Maui only John…The County Voted against GMO’s and ONE Fed tossed the vote…Gay Marriage was a Federal issue as an entire Country concern…The Supreme Court of the United States ruled in favor of same-sex marriage. it wasn’t a single vote…it was voted on by 9 Justices in the Supreme Court and as for the American Public as a whole…6 in 10 Americans support same-sex marriage. The American People and the Supreme Court has spoken.

  7. Hi Guys,

    Another great Show. Thanks for talking about my request will wait for your friends to come on the show and talk about special education in Hawaii. Hi, Wayde leaving for Mexico tomorrow and I will try my best to say HI to Al-Chapo from you. Man, if I can find him that can fulfill my dream to moving Hawaii right away USA is offering 5 million and Mexico Government is offering 4.5 million rewards to anyone who can find Al-Chapo. I think 9.5 Million will be enough for me to move and help you fund the reality show you are working ;). Bruce, you miss the jackpot by not buying a house in Fremont. Single family houses in Fremont now are going between 800k to 1.2 million . Again, Guys, thanks for a show will update you about the Mexico trip once I come back and let you know why Hawaii is batter then any or place in the world .

    • The reality show and my Resort on the Big Island!!! damn…you can be my investor and watch me grow your fortune! lol…and by the way…don’t go looking for Al-Chapo unless I’m with you…it’s going to be a dirty f@#$ing job! We may just need to call in BobaFett to help us out.

  8. Aloha Bruce and Wayde! I started listening to you guys as motivation for my workouts. I recently started my Masters in Occupational Therapy and for the first time in my life got out of shape! Listening to how passionate you guys are about Hawaii and your motivation in your businesses, homes, and love of life motivates me to put in that extra rep. Thanks guys!

    Just want to say that what I think makes your podcast so great is the obvious love for Hawaii you both have. You are both examples in engaged citizenship in giving back to the community and the land. You’ve given me ideas about how I can contribute to where I am at and now I really want to go hiking!

    You are always asking for show ideas. I am going back and listening to the old podcasts. Did you guys ever finish your history series? I think you were going to do one dedicated on the first king of Hawaii. I also would like to hear you interview Hawaiians who were born there and their take on what it means to be Hawaiian as well as their thoughts on current issues like overcongestion in the cities or the current president trying to put them under Native status. Or what they love about Hawaii and how they continue traditions put in place before the takeover by the U.S.A. One last idea is how is mainlandets can help out Hawaii by supporting organizations, getting involved in politics, or education opportunities.

    From a New Jersey girl

    • Danielle…Lets hit on some things you mentioned…We DIDN’T FINISH our History Series…You are right…We will be finishing our History Series with the First King of Hawaii, KING KAMEHAMEHA THE GREAT. It will be the last in the Series closing out our 5 part series (KING KAMEHAMEHA THE GREAT-ANCIENT HAWAII-HAWAII HISTORY IN A NUTSHELL-SUPERNATURAL IN HAWAII-AUMAKUAS OF HAWAII). We are very interested in getting someone in here who is a traditional older Kupuna who is Kanaka Maoli born and raised and talk to them about current issues and concerns they have with the current Hawaii as well as the traditions they attempt to continue in their culture under US RULE. Personally mainlanders can help Hawaii by donating to a good cause locally here or to a nonprofit like my own: 808 CLEANUPS…you can find us and join us on Facebook and we have a Webiste so you can donate to us

      • Thanks Wayde for pointing me out where I can donate to 808 cleanups and I will be sure to join the Facebook page.

        Excited to hear your last history podcast and for when you can get an interview.

        I used to run a Bollywood Music public radio station out here in the Midwest. Love to be reminded of that by listening to your guys podcasts.


        • Awesome…Mahalo! 808 Cleanups is a GREAT Organization! Yeah…We’ll be doing the History on the King probably mext month…We should be doing our show on the BIG ISLAND next week or the week after.

  9. Thank you for sharing these facts here! I am going to move to Hawaii because of my job and I am excited but also a little afraid at the same time. There are still so many questions in my head… Hope that everything will be all right!

    • Be positive Loretta…Let us know if you have any issues during the transitional phase…it actually lasts a about YEAR before you feel you’re a part of Hawaii…most people feel it or don’t…it’s at the YEAR ITCH that they leave or stay! You have a Job so you will be staying even if you feel you don’t belong…Lets hope you feel the Aloha Spirit and fit right in…Like we have said…GET INVOLVED with the COMMUNITY…Join our NON PROFIT 808 CLEANUPS and get involved as a member and volunteer…you will feel closer to the community and will be introduced to like minded people like yourself and make friends even quicker! Join our FACEBOOK PAGE and introduce yourself to the other 1,500+ members and tell them you are headed to Hawaii and how you can get invloved once you get here! It will be HUGE for you! MIKE is our Executive Director and FAWN is our Assitant Director and will help you any way they can to get you involved! If you have just general Questions in your Head about Hawaii, PLEASE ASK THEM HERE in a COMMENT…we will get to all of them in an upcoming Podcast!!! GO FOR IT! We are here to help! Aloha~

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