Many of you have asked if Bruce and Wayde would talk a little about their HAWAII LIFE Story…what brought them to Hawaii and what they did once they got here…Today we talk about Wayde’s HAWAII LIFE PART I  which started since the age of 7 on his first visit to Hawaii and the entire island chain on the Cruise Ship the SS INDEPENDENCE for 10 days with his family. He spent several trips on the SS, even though he got seasick. He still loved the Adventure of traveling by sea…He eventually move in the late 90’s. Unlike Bruce, Wayde moved here for a short time in 95, then returned in the end of 98/99 and then left again in 2002 after 9/11 and then returned again and has been in Hawaii ever since.


Wayde, Dad & Brother Jeff: PCC 1977

The First Trip to Hawaii in 1977 was a Trip that changed Wayde’s Life…The Day he connected to Hawai’i and the Mana of the Islands~


Wayde, Mom, Dad & Brother Jeff: Kauai 1980

When Wayde first moved to Hawai’i he didn’t exactly realize the cost of living difference, but once he awoke to it he knew that if he intended to stay here in hawaii and survive he needed to change his habits and adapt to Hawai’i Life. He needed to live, shop, eat and enjoy Hawaii like a local and so the Poor Man began his journey. The journey wasn’t easy…Trial and error followed Wayde everywhere he went, but he never gave up on his dream because if you have ever felt the spirit of Hawai’i Nei, the Spirit of Aloha, then you would understand and know it’s power, the mana covers the aina. It’s felt on every corner of the islands, atop every mountain, along every reef and under every lava rock . Hawai’i was the only place Wayde ever felt whole, the only place he had ever truly belonged and the only place in the end he could never leave behind.


Wayde & Brother Jeff: Hawaii Island 1980

Today the American Dream is very hard to come by and Wayde fight for my dreams and make them come true. It took heart, mind and spirit. If you have a passion for something, if you have an idea or vision of what you want my your life to be, You need to picture yourself in it and make it happen! That’s what Wayde did. He stopped talking and choose to ACT on my dreams! Today the struggles and successes continue… but Wayde loves Hawai’i to much to gave up.


Brother Jeff, Mom & Wayde: Honolulu 1984

When Wayde originally made a scouting move to Hawaii in 1995 he went with his Brother and his good friend Jimmy D (Kimo D) with just a single small suitcase and stayed in Kailua. Once again the group explored the entire Island chain…The Stories to tell…so many crazy days and nights across Hawaii…


Kimo D, Brother Jeff & Wayde: Kailua 1995

In the Late 90’s Wayde finally made the Jump along with his Brother and KIMO D.  They all lived in a duplex with roomate EB (Eric Bruce) in KALIHI in late 1999…Below in the Duplex lived a Hawaiian family. They opened their home to Wayde and he befriended them. IKE, the head of the house hold, showed Wayde so much: the culture, the food, the hula and the spirit of aloha. He treated Wayde like “ohana” and he gained a great respect for him. IKE talked story about his concerns of the take over of his lands, loss of his people and the sovereignty of the Hawaiian nation came to the forefront of their conversations. These islands have a deep history far beyond it’s beauty and it would be ignorant to come here and not learn about her deep cultured past and how forward these islands have come or how far they have digressed depending he said to Wayde.


KUPUNA IKE: Iolani palace, 2001

Being originally from Boston Wayde just didn‘t understand the spiritual side of his life and the Aloha Spirit until IKE awoken him to it, once done Wayde’s life forever changed again. IKE always said to visit the sacred places, the temples and palaces . He said he promised that if you did you would leave these islands with a new respect for the true Hawaiian people and the land they love and cherish so much.


First Hike under Wayde’s World Hawaii: 2010

After many struggles, success came in 2009 with “Wayde’s World Poor Man’s Guide to Hawaii.” Wayde was forced to learn how to get around all the gimmicks and expensive things in Hawaii and live on a poor man’s budget like all locals do! He learned the hard way, so others didn’t have to. After hearing from so many tourists, “Hawaii is so beautiful, but it’s so expensive”, Wayde decided to create a Youtube channel on Hawai’I, then a website, then tours, then a nonprofit to let visitors know that they can experience all of Hawaii’s beauty, food, accommodations and activities off the beaten path without sacrificing anything.

long bar

Wayde Filming at Cromwells: 2013


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  1. Sorry guys but you reposted the #90 episode with Mike Sorenson in the feed this week! It was a good episode but hoping to hear a brand new one again!!! BTW, just as a way of bringing up the good-natured competition between you two again as to who gets favored more on the show… Just noticed that Wayde gets first billing on the site and Bruce gets first billing on the podcast. Intentional or just by chance?

    • With our 2 gigantic egos it may surprise you that we’ve never even talked about it, perhaps since Wayde does the blog posts he puts himself first and I do the intro I say my name firs, if you ask me it should all be about ME ME ME

      • Speaking of ME ME ME, sad to see I’ve not gotten a Hawaii Vacation Connection podcast episode since April! J/W, did I completely miss when you awarded that Hawaii trip in that giveaway? I never heard a result and was totally expecting to hear an interview with the winner’s experience there as well as hearing a 1st hand account from someone who went on the Jeep tour!

  2. Hey guys, another good episode. The Alooooooooooha was definitely on purpose, a few episodes ago Bruce was lamenting on how annoying it was when people do that.

    Wayde, I live in Medford MA. Your Massachusetts accident is classic man, add R’s to words that don’t have them (idea = idear) and remove them from words that do (car = cah)

    I’de like you guys to do a show with some local athletes. Maybe you could connect with the organizers of the HURT 100 Mile Trail run they have in Hawaii each year. It would be cool to hear about the challenges of encountered during a 100 Mile Trail run in Hawaii.

  3. The song is by Roger Waters and is actually “Another Brick In The Wall” by Pink Floyd. It would seem to be an obvious allusion to the Israeli West Bank barrier? But yeah it sounds weird for folks to act like that in temple as if it were just some regular venue?

  4. Native Americans need 1/8 to be considered a member of a tribe. Hawaiians have to be 1/2 which excludes many more than the Native Americans.

    “In 1921, the federal government of the United States set aside as approximately 200,000 acres (810 km2) in the Territory of Hawaii as a land trust for homesteading by Native Hawaiians. The law mandating this, passed by the U.S. Congress on July 9, 1921, was called the “Hawaiian Homes Commission Act” (HHCA) and, with amendments, is still in effect today. The act is often also attributed to the year 1920, when it was written. The avowed purpose of the Hawaiian Homes Commission Act was to rehabilitate Native Hawaiians, particularly in returning them to the land to maintain traditional ties to the land. The Hawaiian politicians who testified in favor of the act specifically referred to the devastation of the Hawaiian population and the loss of the land, and the need for Hawaiians to be able to grow traditional crops such as kalo (taro).
    The Hawaiian Homes Commission Act included a controversial definition of “Native Hawaiians” as persons with 50% or more Hawaiian blood. Prince Kūhiō Kalanianaʻole, the territory’s non-voting delegate to Congress, wanted a blood quantum of no less than 1/32.”

  5. Hey Wayde. I listened to the show today and you said you answered my question about getting a Hawaiian blessing on my marriage with a big paragraph. Maybe I’m dense, which is a distinct possibility, but I can’t seem to find it. Can ya help a brother out?

    • Sure…I’m reposting what I said in another Podcast episode…I had put it under “HAWAII THE BIG ISLAND” : Matt, We must have missed this…First…YES…we will do our MAUI Podcast first week of October it looks…don’t hold us to that, but we are looking at OCT 7th or 8TH….As for redoing your UNION or Blessing while you are there…You should not feel any guilt as long as your respecting the Hawaiian Culture…If you adore and love the culture of Hawaii it would be an honor for a Kanaka Maoli to share with the two of you The Blessing and Bond Union of a traditional Hawaiian ceremony. Now…I’m no expert Matt, but I can give you an idea on what you should know and expect: A kahuna pule or kahu (Hawaiian holy man), sings a chant (or mele) as he walks the groom (who, if he wants to adhere to tradition, should be dressed in white with a colored sash often red, at his waist) to the front of the ceremony. The bride is announced by the blowing of a conch shell (or pu) to call the earth, sea, air and fire as witnesses. Only then does the bride, who wears a flowing white gown and a crown of flowers known as a haku, begin her walk down the aisle as her groom turns toward her. The bride and groom exchange leis, a symbol of their eternal love. Traditionally, it’s a maile lei or maile-style ti leaf lei for the groom and a white ginger or pikake lei for the bride. As the “Hawaiian Wedding Song” (Ke Kali Nei Au-“Waiting for Thee”) is played on the ukulele and slack-key guitar and interpreted by hula dancers, the kahuna or kahu leads the couple in a recitation of vows. Before the couple exchange rings, the kahuna or kahu dips a koa wood bowl into the sea (koa wood, native to Hawaii, represents strength and integrity). A ti leaf, which represents prosperity and health, is dipped into the water and then sprinkled over the rings three times as the kahuna or kahu recites a traditional Native Hawaiian chant. As the couple marries they stand in a circle of fragrant tropical blossoms. (usually plumeria) The Final act of the ceremony will be the use of a lava rock, symbolic of the moment you made a commitment to each other, both will wrap it in a ti leaf and leave it at the ceremony site as an offering commemorating your union. I truly hope this helped Matt and gave you a proper insight on what you should be looking for or doing~ Congrats and Aloha Nui to the both of you.

  6. Hey Bruce, we all feel that way about ourselves because we are all human. At times we feel more out of whack with ourselves than others. We have to keep on reminding ourselves about our self-worth and re-align ourselves by going out and acting like we do. Also, you are an integral part of the show. I enjoy what you say a lot, and I actually related to you more than Wayde when I first started listening (it’s equal now, don’t worry). You are an inspiration as well. I am inspired by your value and hard work of being a self-made man, of being authentic to yourself, about caring about your environment, and I love hearing about your really positive relationship with your wife (I hope I got that part about being your wife and not just your girlfriend right!)

    Really liked hearing the backstory on how you got hear Wayde and your influences. You’re in a great place now, but the journey is also great in and of itself.

    • Aloha Danielle, Mahalo nui for the kind words, I do wear my emotions on my shirt sleeve a lot, I’m a bit neurotic but that’s not to be confused with my total happiness, in fact i may be the happiest guy you don’t know!! I’ll talk more on next weeks show, and maybe have Yaling on to talk a little about our relationship, she’s really the best thing that ever happened to me, so buckle up for next week show 🙂

  7. OK, I can manually download episode #91 here but my podcast aggregator still gets episode #90 from this link (https://luckywelive808.com/feed/) even though the download link seems to be titled correctly as “THE HAWAII LIFE, Wayde & Bruce PART I” vs “BUSINESS as USUAL in HAWAII”. I remember there were some changes being implemented to the feed but maybe the one I mentioned above needs to be checked as well? Perhaps the new changes also resulted in changing your RSS feed? Some people might think you didn’t actually publish a new episode this week. OK, Bruce… you didn’t sabotage things to keep the secret origin of Wayde from getting out, did you?!?

    • Aloha Dale,
      Our site is serving the right file, our feed is coded with the right file and I get the right file when I subscribe in iTunes. Not much more we can do AFAIK outside of publishing a new post with the same content, which wouldn’t be a good idea. I suggest you just listen manually but big mahalo for the heads up!!

      • Delete and re-download it and you’ll get the updated file in iTunes. Can’t wait for the next one. Thank you guys everything you do with the podcast.

  8. Bruce/Wayde,

    Enjoyed about 2/3 of the periscope episode and had to shut it down to go to work. Looking for working link to finish watching the show but the link I found on Bruce’s site isn’t working. What gives Bruce? If it’s not possible to keep up how about the audio portion so I can finish with my (hawaii) crack addiction.
    The show is like crack boys! We listeners enjoy it and wait for it. When it doesn’t materialize we get a little bummed.
    Oh by the way……quit with the fucking egos! You both make the show! Who gives a shit who gets more likes or comments! Keep up the hard work and aloha from Ohio!

  9. Hello, Lucky We Live Hawaii i found your podcast, My name is Lexi Weege, I absolutely love Hawaii and would love to travel there and even play music there someday. I am just in love with beauty of the islands. I am a musician I was wondering if i could share song of mine. I am trying to get my music out there to reach as many people. If You want to use it during your show would be so great.

    The song is called “Summer Everyday” link is below as well as social media and band camp information.

    Mahalo, Lexi

    “Summer Everyday” Download Link –

    Facebook –

    Bandcamp –

  10. Hello Bruce and Wayde,
    I’ve recently started listening to your podcast regularly. My husband Asif Mushtaq (Fremont, CA) is a regular listener and I’ve heard the clips of your podcast in his car when we travel together on the weekend and stuff.
    We’ve been thinking about moving to Hawaii for couple of years now. We are absolutely in LOVE of Hawaii and can’t wait till we make our move. Just want to tell you guys that we love your podcast. Not sure if you guys would know that but how big is the Muslim population in Hawaii?

  11. Wayde and Bruce, Going through some very tough times as of late. Your podcast is one of the bright spots in my life right now. Thank you for that. I’ll get through it and will calling you soon to plan my trip. Best to you both.

  12. Hey guys, hope the silence is because business is awesome and you’re making tons of cash and not because of the storms and tsunamis giving you hell. We’re all eagerly awaiting the next show and hope all is well.

  13. You two do realize that the wait is just putting pressure on Bruce’s story to be absolutely epic… The Chile quakes make me wonder what real precautions are in place there for tsunamis. I’ve always heard that the bigger tsunami danger is due to major landslide off Hawaii island sending a huge wave with nearly zero warning time onto one of the neighbor islands?

  14. Hey guys……….you wanted a compaint heres mine! Its been weeks get off the beaches and trails and start podcasting! 😉

    Its ok though its given me chance to go through your back catalog! Some very entertaining shows ove the last year although we are still promised a show about King Kamehameha! I know Bruce isnt too much of a fan of hawaiian history but do it anyway 🙂

    ps wade….20$ donation is on the way this week! If i could give more i would 🙂

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