THANKSGIVINGIt’s that time of year again…The HOLIDAY SEASON and this is the time of year to be GRATEFUL for the things you have…no matter how little or how much. THANKSGIVING has always been a time to get together with family, ohana or friends and just eat, laugh, play, watch movies, drink and enjoy each others company…it’s about friendship and love…the smells, the sounds…we should be thankful for such simple things because there are those who don’t even get to enjoy a hug from a loved one or a slice of turkey with gravy or candy yams or even a warm place to sleep…Yes…YOU ARE THANKFUL…and I hope for those of us who have family, friends, love and friends we take a moment to do something wonderful for those who have less…there is nothing like giving of yourself to those who have nothing…Here in Hawaii many of us are just thankful we wake up each day in the most beautiful place on Earth…We are thankful for the birds that sing in the morning, the smells of the Plumeria flower that floats in the air, the sounds of the ocean waves as they pound the power sand beaches, the sounds of the wind through the palm trees above…So simple, but we are so thankful for such things…We are all lucky to live here in Hawaii…Blessed indeed and to give back to the communities that have given us so many memories is truly an honor…We live in a very special place…

27 thoughts on “Being THANKFUL in HAWAII

  1. Sincere thanks for bringing another podcast – I really appreciate you bringing Hawaii to those not lucky enough to be on the island – Happy Thanksgiving to you both.

  2. 7 minutes in, first thought… WAYDES WORLD/HAWAII-ALOHA BEARD CONTEST. pick a date, we’ll all shave our shit off and start fresh. best beard 30 days in gets one of your leftover WWH hats. HOW BOUT IT?

  3. Think your were talking about White Elephant gift exchange? Again, another great show! For show ideas, perhaps have someone come in to discuss the history and impact of Pearl Harbor as we approach the anniversary? A veteran or civilian from that era. Yes, I know people always say it’s a bit cliche to go there but I’ve never been to Hawaii myself without taking the time to go to the memorial. I think that people in their haste to see the major things often pass up the display that notes the civilian casualties, including the babies that died that day. How about a fantasy show where you discuss the highest end stuff to do in HI? Stay beachside at the Royal Hawaiian, helicopter tours, private yacht cruises, etc. It’s not for the average person but even one of those things might be the single high point of a normal vacation, honeymoon or anniversary.

  4. Hello,

    This is probably the best place to leave a “blanket” comment and thank you both for your podcasts. I have been an active listener for about 6 months and have listened to most of the past broadcasts. I first came to Hawaii (Maui) in 2008 and really fell in love with the land, people, and of course the weather. I have been every year since, and twice last year. I’ve always joked/flirted with the idea of not returning home after a couple of weeks in Hawaii. Well, when I was here in January, I literally drove around the airport for a couple of hours trying to decide if I was really going back to Indiana. Ultimately, I had to go back because of my apartment lease. But, that trip started the planning process.

    My girlfriend and I have been planning to move to Hawaii since that time and have now implemented the move. I sold all of my stuff and I left my job in Indiana as a mechanical engineer earlier this month and flew to Oahu in order to find us a place to live. We decided on Oahu due to a better job market and a good starting place for us to figure everything out (excellent advice from you guys). It took a little while and I had to sort through some real shitty places that were ridiculously priced. Also, the fact that we are bringing our dog really depleted the apartment inventory. (leaving him was not an option. we love that little guy)

    Without this comment getting ridiculous long, I wanted to thank both of you for some of the valuable information in your broadcasts. I listened a lot at work while working on the computer and kept notes on good information. (“Things not to do in Hawaii”, “Farmer’s Markets”, “Places to Live”, “How to make it in Hawaii” are some of my favorites.)

    So, I’m here and have found a place. I’ll travel back to Indiana one more time to tie up the loose ends and grab the girlfriend and dog. We will be 100% moved here by the end of the year.

    A possible idea for a future topic on the show is the process (epic pain in the ass) for moving your dog here. (the rabies-free 120 day rule, etc.).

    Anyway, thank you both very much and keep up the good work!!! Also, we will definitely book a Jeep tour once we get settled. They sound awesome.


    • Right on Herb…get settled…live here for a few months then lets get you on the show…We’ll try to get a few of you guys who have recently moved here on the show…Mahalo for listening and keep commenting! MUCH ALOHA and CONGRATS!!!

  5. Thanks for the shout out guys. I had to admit it, but I was on Oahu briefly a couple of Friday’s ago for a business meeting. I kept trying to adjust things so that I could meet with either of you, but without knowing your schedule etc, I figured it could wait until the next time I come over.

  6. As always a great podcast – a bit like sitting around with a couple of long-time drinking buddies and just shootin’ the breeze.
    Note 1: Wade’s breaking into a high-pitched tone on that freakin’ cookie butter cracked me up big time: “lots of people eat cookie butter” at 10.46 is going to be my new ringtone! Priceless….
    As for the beards, the old saying is it’s a timid dog that barks behind a hedge! Get those razors out and use them!
    Thanks again and always look forward to being in the car by myself and letting you too loose.

  7. Aloha fellas,
    It’s been a while since I’ve commented but I finally had a listen to the Thanksgiving podcast. Very informative as always. Wade, you and I spoke about about having me as a guest on your show and since you put out a call for guest during this most recent episode I figured I ‘d check back in about the possibility. Wade, last time we connected in Hawaii Kai I was waiting for my family to arrive. Well, my family made it and we are living in Ewa Beach. We love the island and the life and your show. I’d love to share of our experiences with your listeners especially as it relates to the first 6 months of settling into the island routine with kids, or as it is in my case with a small business consisting of mostly mainland clients. Let me know and keep up the great work.

    • Yes Jay…you showed up in my backyard…so sorry for the delay…things are busy…Please leave us your number and we will do the first show of the new year with you ok? Our next show will be our XMAS MUSIC SPECIAL….we will take a 2 week break and for the new year do a show with you ok? Much Aloha and Happy Holidays!!!

  8. OK, I have another one for you. Continuing America’s fetish of stuffing crappy food inside of other food, I give you the turkducken of donuts:

    — An apple fritter inside a custard-filled donut, then glazed the whole thing with chocolate and sprinkles.

    Super serious question: if you had to stuff two unlikely Hawaii dishes inside of one another, what would you do? Mahalo for putting up with my stupid observations!

    • hUMMM…I’m a sweets guy Greg….I may have to try that shit…lol…Ok SERIOUS QUESTION…I would love to try a malasada inside a stuffed Mochi….That would be CRAZY!

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