TALKING STORY IN HAWAIIIt been a few weeks…Wayde and Bruce have been very busy with business so they haven’t been able to do a Podcast, but today they are back with a day off and LOTS OF NEWS to cover…TODAY we catch you up on TWO WEEKS OF NEWS and we TALK STORY about the last two weeks of COMMNETS and QUESTIONS from you guys so just sit back, relax and let the F-BOMBS BEGIN! Next week we have a few days off so we’ll be able to get back on a SUBJECT MATTER…we went so long with news and getting to your Questions we didn’t even have time to talk about BEING SAFE in Hawaii…With recent Tourist Deaths across the island chain we wanted to talk about safety once again…from Mauka to Makai…over land and sea…We’ll touch base about this next week…

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  1. Avid listener to the show/ just booked air and car package with you for feb and will be staying at koolina marriott timeshare. ( Mvc owner) Could you give me a list of good cheap eats within 20 mins driving time of koolina?

    • There are quite a few restaurants right in Ko Olina. If you go to they give you a listing of all they have there. You could also take a drive east to Kapolei which is about 10 minutes away and there you will have a better selection of cheaper eating and more to choose from.

      • Many of the places in Ko’Olina are too much money, but Peter is right about Kapolei…take the 10-15min ride and grab some cheaper grindz over there.

  2. Wayde,
    Very cool to meet you today. So funny to move thousands miles away from mainland only to end up a few doors down from you. Like I said I’ve been a steady listener and have definitely been both inspired and informed by the podcast. You mentioned joining Bruce and yourself on next Thursday’s podcast. If that’s possible I’d be way into it. Would love to share with your listeners a little bit about the journey our family took to get here and what our plans are for making it work. I’d also like to cross promote it on our podcast.

  3. Ironic that Wayde hates ads on buses and wants the pilot of the banner plane put in jail but has a fleet of Jeeps that are wrapped advertising his company. If company vehicles are wrapped to promote a business than why can there be ads on buses. It isnt like the buses are so breathtaking that an ad on it would ruin the majesty of da bus. I agree with no billboards as they really are very disruptive to the eye while driving and tend to get out of hand. The banner plane is bit obnoxious but as there already so much stuff flying around the skies on Honolulu.

  4. Another great podcast! The sound was much improved and NO dropouts this time. I was one of those folks that tried to catch the live show and only got bits of you two at the end talking about how bad the signal was and maybe doing it again later. So, at least you know some of us diehards tried to catch it so the effort wasn’t in vain. I have to re-listen but I can’t remember if you even mentioned what the concept of “talk story” was even about but I’m not quite sure if you were going to cover the subject or if was just a comment on what the episode ended up being about. I know some people are going to be complaining about the cursing and double entendres but that’s part of the charm of LWLH! It’s no different than complaining about the common annoyances that sort of dull the edge when living in Paradise. You complain because of your concern and not because you’re trying to be petty. Sort of like how you caution folks not to be so quick to just jump up and move to Hawaii. Hell yes, it’s not going to be easy, cheap or guaranteed to succeed! Those that fail are likely going to blame the people, weather, economy, etc. but everything else other than they got themselves into a situation that they simply could not handle. God help them if they drag their families along. So it’s going to be interesting to hear the next podcast if Jason is going to be on.

    • We wanted Jason on but it didn’t happen because we got flooded with Tours and has to cancel the show…Last week it was the Storms so we cancelled the show…this week we’ll be back…As for “TALKING STORY”…Talking Story is what the mainland would call “SHOOTING THE SHIT” getting lost in conversation…just talking about everything and anything.

  5. Hi guys!

    Thanx for another great podcast! You’ve said that Hanauma Bay is very shallow with sharp coral. We’re going snorkeling there in mid-September. Do you recommend fins or water shoes there?

    Also, we’ll be staying near Turtle Bay Resort in mid-September and want to body surf in that area. I don’t wear fins when I body surf in Santa Cruz. Because of the coral on the North Shore, do we need to wear something to protect our feet, such as water shoes, or is there a beach near there that doesn’t have coral? Mahalo nui.

    • Aloha Carl, Hanauma Bay has on average several deaths a year…the tourism industry doesn’t tell you this, but more people are getting themselves in trouble all the time…Yes Coral is sharp in some places in general all around the island…it’s pretty much common sense you wear FINS when going snorkeling…if not and you get caught in a rip tide like all those other tourists did and died…You’ll be added to the death count. You dont wear water shoes when snorkeling…you just don’t! Water Shoes are for walking in shallow water where there is sharp volcanic rock or when walking along the coast on volcanic rock. You won’t be doing any Body Boarding or body Surfing on the North Shore in Sept…it’s flat like a babies bottom…if there are waves it can only be from a storm and if tha’s true expect rip tides from the storm to go along with the waves. Waves start to hit the North Shore in NOVEMBER…you want Waves in Sept…hit the South Shores…

  6. Aloha from the Buckeye State!

    Sound quality of podcast was just fine.

    FUCK NO to aerial banners!!!

    “Rock Fever” LMAO! 1993 in a bar in LAX awaiting flight to Oahu, guy tells me about rock fever and how ALL local hate haoles. What a fucking joke! All the islands have so much to do and see if your not out enjoying everything there is to offer then your probably to quote Wayde a “fucktard” hermit! Regarding the hate, it does exist however it’s everywhere! If you act like an asshole and think your better than everyone then your gonna have major problems. If you give respect to everyone and don’t walk around like you have a stick shoved up your ass, don’t think your better then everyone then life on any of the islands will be just fine. That is true wherever you go in this world as I’m sure the both of you can attest to.

    Any chance in getting a show on all the cultural diversity’s that are in Hawaii? Maybe about the different things one can experience ethnically between all the different cultures that inhabit Oahu. Sports, foods, festivals, religion and such….
    Oahu has to be the greatest opportunity for one to learn about another’s culture in any of the place I’ve ever been in my life. Oahu is truly a melting pot of all cultures and that is one reason why I LOVE IT!

    Great show guys!

    Speed safely,

  7. Oh! One more note…..
    Bruce you keep telling everyone about the condos. How about a link on both websites (aloha travel/waydes world) that takes up directly to the rentals. If you are using vrbo or airbnb this should be a no brainer for people to look at and book. Not to mention the calendar that is used on both sites. I know on Wayde’s page he has a friends place advertised via Airbnb. You could mirror that on your site also with your places.
    Just a thought….

    Speed safely,

    • Bruce needs a Video made of the condos…We have links on our HAWAII ALOHA TRAVEL Website and Wayde will get a video up on his site when we get it done. Shoots~

  8. Hello,

    Love your podcast!! Unbelievably great resource for my family. We have been to the islands about a dozen times over the years and we are in year 2 of a 4 year plan to move to Oahu or the big Island.

    I heard Bruce mention on the last podcast that he has a couple of condos in Waikiki available to rent. Myself, my Wife and 5 year old twins will be visiting Oahu 10/27/14 -11/4/14. We are booking flights this weekend. Are either of the condos available for those dates for the “Podcast Special” price?

    Thanks much, Shawn

    • Shawn…let us look if they are open…I know one of them are NOT…they sell out a few months in advance it looks…but let us take a look and get back to you…

  9. You sound just great via iTunes. I gave you a review there to move you up on the podcast listings. I look forward to both podcasts every week. I love hearing all the news in Hawaii and about your adventures. I really appreciate the time and effort you put into this show. Your personal touch encourages listeners like me to help spread the word about your business. Your podcast helps build excitement for customers planning a trips and makes me want to return with all that you share. You both are one of the highlights of my week. The charm of the show is that you are who you are–don’t change a thing. It’s 111 degrees today in Yuma AZ–sure makes me miss the trade winds of Hawaii. Thanks again–for all your hard work. We had the time of our life in Hawaii!

    • You are very welcome Liz…we’ll be back this week on the Podcast…with Tours and Storms we have just be unable to do a show…mahalo for listening and commenting~

  10. Guys, Bravo once again on another great episode you guys sounded great. Were you guys on one mic the whole time? You guys mentioned traffic being bad in Hawaii, try getting anywhere in the Chicagoland area in the summertime. Around by me just about every major East-West road is under construction and at the same time we’ve been getting some of our bridges under construction as well, not that we don’t need the road and bridge work done but it gets done every year making it difficult to get around.

    I was also wondering if you guys had heard anything about the abrupt closure of the Lahaina, Kaanapali, and Pacific Railroad, AKA Sugar Cane Train? Why did they close so abruptly?

    • Tim…you got a thing for Railroads? Let us look into this…we don’t follow the train much or what’s happening to the older ones in Hawaii…We need to look into this and get back to you buddy~

  11. Hi guys as usual i loved your podcast and lol as long as you will post podcast here i will be a follower of your podcast as for the big scoop that you wanted to know yes i have in plan to come to Hawaii in Oahu to be precisely and i kind of want to be prepared that’s why i make allot of question here :p and also i have watched all wade video in YouTube and i love the island and i don’t think i will have problems living there i love everything of the island from what i have seen from wade video . Another question i want to make you guys i don’t know if you can help me with this question is does it help to know many languages to get a job there i know (obviously) English Italian and a little Spanish and i would love to meet you guys when i get there and do a tour with Hawaii Jeep Tours 🙂 As for the girl that asked about the music of Hawaii i would suggest Kealii Reichel that’s my favorite Hawaiian singer i also like anuhea she has a very beautiful voice 🙂 and of course brother iz cant wait for your next podcast and as long as you will post podcast here ill be here also 😉
    ps: guys what its poi and is it good cause i have seen that locals use it allot 😛 aloha po and mahalo for your amazing podcast 🙂

    • Poi…Poi is the finished product of the Kanaka Maoli people (the Hawaiians) Poi starts as “KALO” known by the Kanaka Maoli people…most of us go by the name “TARO” Poi means to pound…to pound the KALO or TARO…which is like a potato…you pound it to make POI…on the mainland it could be called “MASH POTATOES”…that’s the best way to describe it…but it don’t taste like Potato…poi doesn’t have much taste at all, it’s a starch like a potato or rice…a CARB eaten with a Veggie and Protein.

  12. What’s everyone doing for the Tropical Storm/Hurricane coming this weekend?
    I’m kind of excited, only because I enjoy extreme weather as long as no one gets hurt.

    • lol your exited that seems a bit scary :p and if i don’t remember wrong your in the big island ken right be careful and be safe . and by the way do this kind of things happen often i mean hurricane .

    • Ken…you damn sick fuck! lol…Big Island got hit pretty bad…Puna is fucked! still no power…We just couldn’t do the podcast last week with the storm and all and the week before that we had been jammed with tours…we’ll be back this week!

  13. So, I suppose that since I was asking about the severe weather in Hawaii earlier that the two oncoming hurricaines would be my fault. Stay safe guys we’re all thinking about you.

    • LOL…YOU BASTARD…See what you did! we had to skip two Podcast shows because of the storms…we needed to move all the tours into two weeks ago so we had no time to do the Podcast…last week it was the storm and we couldn’t do it…this week we are on…we’ll be doing the podcast tomorrow~

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