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We both took some time off last few weeks…much needed, but here we are back once again to talk a bunch of shit about nothing because we have been 110% NOT prepared to do a podcast this week…but fuck it…You want to hear a podcast right? So we did one talking about absolutely nothing at all…it’s called TALKING STORY and we just shoot the shit about the NEWS and COMMENTS you guys left…Next week we will be back in full form to talk about something…who knows what, but I’m sure it will be Fucking Fabulous!



16 thoughts on “Talking Story – WE’RE BACK!

  1. I never knew Bruce was a social justice warrior. Come on Bruce. Don’t lose your sense of humor. Life’s too short to take things too seriously. And If you really knew just how hateful many who claim to be “liberals” actually are right now, especially on college campuses, I’m not so sure you’d condone their behavior. Bruce, if some of those people who are supposed to be on your team, aka “liberals/progressives” found out about some of the things you say on this “unscripted” podcast, they would try to get it taken down and they would harass you on twitter/social media. They are fucking crazy. They get mad at white girls for wearing Native American Halloween costumes. And you guys were taking about racism. The truth is most people are not racist. Only a small amount of people are truly racist. Everyone wants to blame everything on Europeans these days but they forget history. Europeans/whites weren’t the only people to do bad things in history. Japan invaded China in 1937 in the Second Sino-Japanese War and millions died. Asian on Asian crime. And it had nothing to do with white people. Same with Pol Pot in Cambodia. Same with the Rwanda genocide. And if you think the world is going to shit, it isn’t. I highly recommend the book “The Rational Optimist” by Matt Ridley.

  2. Guys, really glad to hear you’re back!

    Just wanted to let you know that the pod with all our stuff just rolled off to get shipped over. Thanks for the mention! And even though we’re not moving into our house until the 31st, Check this out – a funny little video I edited from the bathroom last night.

    Bruce – don’t stress about the house man! I know your trying to get this done and the deal with the replacement jeep didn’t help your situation. But if we’ve learned anything from this process is that all you can really do is plan, and adapt because shit will NEVER go as smoothly as you expect. If it was easy you wouldn’t be as happy. It’s the stress and hurdles you overcome that make the victory sweet.

    Wayde – Hope your grandmother either fully recuperates or is pain-free in her remaining days. It’s tough to lose an elder, but you did it right by flying out to see her again. Stay stong brother.

    you guys stay cool

    Rico & Mayra

  3. Glad to see you guys back. You guys complain that no one leave voice messages and then you end up not hearing some from a year ago…so funny. It is funny stuff like this that makes your fan’s like you guys so much.

    It sucks I missed your jeep blessing the other night…it looked very cool.

    It was funny to hear Wayde start of the podcast talking about how much he missed it and hated the mainland and then after reading the news he sounded fed up with all the challenges that Oahu presents. I know exactly how you guys feel…Oahu is a love hate relationshiip sometimes. When I leave I miss it so much but when Im here it can be frustrated to have to sacrifice things like even having a garage to put your car in.

    Keep it up boys…you are fighting the good fight and the struggle is real.

  4. Wayde – I definitely identify with your comments about going back to Boston. I see it every time I go back (from there, on the west coast now). Riding the T you or walking around, everyone seems so angry and wound so tight. And the local sports fixation is out of control now. It’s weird to go back to a world that was your “normal” at one point and see it so differently now.

  5. I hate when people who are not apart of your race tell you how to feel. Wayne’s “get over it” line is perfect example. Sure people can have fun with stuff, but if a race finds something unfunny, saying “get over it” does nothing and makes things work. It’s similar to the local situation over there right? The locals get highly irritated if you say you’re from Hawaii and you’re not really FROM Hawaii. Should they ‘get over it” too? I’d also argue that a black president has irked the country so much, that we are starting to see the rhetoric that we see today. The Republicans HATE that we have a black man as president. Doesn’t matter of they out right say it or not, look at the actions of Congress and things that failed to get done. “Make America Great Again”. What does that even MEAN? Take it back to the good old days, right.

    Anyways, great show!

      • Race, Politics, Religion as well as the LGBT Community have been real serious issues lots of people just don’t agree on…I think we just need to all accept that…Humans more than less in general are arrogant ignorant cluster fucks of mentally ill screw jobs and once stupid you just can’t change their mind or fix them…so I say let them be, let them be…

        • Agreed Darren. Maybe AlohaMoose is worried coz white males only make up 19% of the population and are losing power in every part of our society.

          • I dont even care about that to be honest. I love white people, and all people, trust me my best friend is white (sound familiar?), but I’m not about to let a host sit here on one of my favorite podcasts go unchecked. But I guess that makes me a racist!

        • Being colorblind is the only solution to racism. That’s what morons like you don’t get. When you first meet someone, what is the point of bringing up their race/ethnicity? It’s pointless unless you want to talk about their culture. Obviously not everyone is colorblind but there’s not much you can do to them because they are free to be racists. But people like you on the other hand are also racists because now you just blame “white” people for everything wrong. That’s not the solution either. You can’t beat racism by also being racist yourself. That’s what SJW’s like you and Bruce don’t get. And sorry to break it to you Bruce, even though you’re tan and a jew, you’re still a white man. You must hate yourself.

  6. Aloha, Bruce and Wayde!
    I was turned on to your show after hearing you both interviewed by Ty at Kauai Podcast (great guy) and really enjoyed hearing your histories. I am so thankful to your podcast and the great laughs, but mainly because of your frank honesty, for being yourselves, and for being great stewards of the land. My husband and I have scraped our pennies together to visit Kauai for our 20th next June with our seven year old to-be son as a first ever trip for any of us to Hawaii. So thankful to make this trip of a lifetime happen and I am frantically trying to catch up on all your podcasts for all your awesome guidance. I really appreciate your efforts in your message – looking forward to making a small contribution to your work (but your dang button is still down! ;-( I’ll revisit soon.

    Thanks again, guys.
    ~Heidi from California’s beautiful Central Coast

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