Surfing in Hawaii

SURFING IN PARADISEWhen you think of Hawaii one of the first things that comes to mind is SURFING. From Pipeline to the Big Wave surfing of Waimea to Jaws on Maui…Surfing goes hand and hand with Hawaii like Palm Trees or Pineapples. It’s part of the Soul…the Aloha spirit of Hawaii and another reason once again to feel lucky we live Hawaii.We’ll cover several topics before we get into our main topic of surfing and the Life of Dr. Rob. We’ll cover a few questions from listeners, go over our Podcast from last week and cover the new issue hitting Hawaii…GOOGLE choosing to FILM our HIKING TRAILS on a MASSIVE GLOBAL SCALE…BAD IDEA!

THE DUKEThe History here in Hawaii about Surfing covers the Greats from DUKE KAHANAMOKU to EDDIE AIKAU…Both Great swimmers and Surfers of their time. They had been the pioneers of Surfing from Waikiki to Waimea where Eddie would ride the biggest waves out there…when no one would go…EDDIE WOULD GO! Want to Learn about THE DUKE:

EDDIE WOULD GOThese Surfers as well as many others have made surfing what it is today and we discuss these greats with DR. ROB as well as how they have influenced him in his surfing in Hawaii. We also discuss the pecking order for surfing, respecting other surfers, knowing your limits and knowing if you should or shouldn’t be out there with the Pros…The Locals will let you know with a good ass beating if you shouldn’t be out there. We talk about Dr. Robs inventions which have been mostly based on survival and we’ll talk about his invention of the inflatable Paddle Board that you can get at many store locations today. You can also order his book Hardcore Inventing and find out about the Rescue Streamer by clicking here . Want to learn about EDDIE AIKAU: Want to learn about GREG NOLL:

BODYBOARDINGSurfing today continues to be just as influential as it was 100 years ago and today just as yesterday there are the greats of our time like Kelly Slater, Greg Long and the late great Andy Irons that had stepped into the place of the greats of old like Duke Kahanamoku, Eddie Aikau and Greg Noll. Surfing is life…surfing is living…surfing is being in the moment, being free, being who you are without judgment…Surfing is Hawaii.

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  1. Audio for this episode here and on iTunes is of last week’s hiking episode. Can’t wait to hear this one though!

  2. Very nice podcast and great guest. Loved the segment on fitness relating to surfing. My shoulders were wrecked after learning for the first time. Just my two cents on a good approach to building for paddling if brand new to it:

    If you can find a flat bench in a gym or at home and some free weights or plates, you can actually lay on the flat bench and simulate paddling. You can use 2.5 lb plates at first, then jump to 5 to 10 lb plates, and do about 20-30 at a time with each arm. Spend a couple months doing this and you’ll get an idea of what to expect out there.

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