Surfing for Beginners in Hawaii

Many of you have been asking for it so we finally put together a Podcast on places to learn how to surf mainly on Oahu…it’s just not location to learn how to surf, but just to get out on the water with a board and have some fun…PLEASE, make sure you are a GOOD SWIMMER before you attempt ANY water activity in Hawaii…ALSO…we are not telling you to just go to some of these locations on a whim! You be DAMN SURE you look at the surf reports, currents and storm forecasts before you have a go at Surfing…and you be damn sure you check in with the Lifeguard as well on duty to let them know if it’s a good day to be out on the water…LASTnever go surfing ALONE…unless you are well experienced in Hawaii and surfing! We’ll cover Surfing, Boogie Boarding, Body Surfing and Paddle Boarding…aka…SUP.

9 thoughts on “Surfing for Beginners in Hawaii

  1. Bellows beach is definitely a friendly beach for boogy boarding. It was my personal fav to hang out with guests who will visit the island. One good thing to note is that this beach is often closed on the weekdays for military training so its best to always visit on the weekends when its open to the public. There is always a sign outside the gate saying if its closed or open.

    I visit hawaii yearly and this summer is no exception for me. I’m excited for the west side tour you guys mentioned. Expect to hear from me soon. One question does come to mind …. Do you guys allow us to bring our own equipment to film and shoot photos ?

    Much love,

    PS sent a donation, thanks for keeping me entertained in NYC traffic!

  2. All that negativity was a great way to start a Monday. Thanks for that. Jk. seriously stop mentioning Kawela Bay…it’s the only secret left. Love you guys keep it up!

  3. Hey guys,
    I wanted to see what you thought about this. My wife and I have been putting some money away for a big trip to Kauai in the next year or two. I’ve thought about pricing you out just to see what kind of money we are talking but feel bad making you guys go through all the steps if I’m not necessarily ready to book right now…. what are your thoughts?

  4. Hi Guys,

    So glad you were back with this week’s episode (you had us all worried)!

    Here in MN, many of us enjoy getting up to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness to disconnect from civilization and get off of the grid for a bit (million plus acres of no cell reception, no motorized boats, no roads). Is there anything comparable in Hawaii? My research indicates that Hawaii Volcanoes National Park might have some back county tent camping, but I figured that if anyone would know of all the options, it would be Wayde.


  5. Another great show guys… keep killing it! Funny that you guys were talking about the airport, then they the change the fucking name… Crazy shit! You think there’s plenty of other things to put money towards…What’s you’re guys opinion on a hotel tax that they’re wanting to push through To pay for rail ?

  6. I recently discovered your Lucky we live Hawaii podcast. I’m officially hooked. This is very informative and entertaining. I love how casual and funny you guys are. The occasional F Bomb thrown in doesn’t bother me at all. Love Wade’s accent and Bruce’s laugh.
    Miss Diana

  7. Hey Guys – I’ve been listening to your podcasts over the last few months. My wife and I are moving to Oahu in July and I’ve appreciated the information you’ve got embedded in each episode.

    Some honest feedback – I was frequently confused by the program title as it seemed like you guys never talked about the title subject matter, then after a few I realized the information was all packed in a few minutes at the end. So a suggestion for you to ponder – Why not when naming the episodes use this framework:
    “Random bullshit and a little about ###”. 😉 Such as “Random bullshit and a little about surfing in Hawaii”. Just a thought. Thanks for the fun content. See you guys soon.


  8. Hey guys! I hope you know my last post was a joke. I feel like after listening to so many podcasts I know you guys pretty well figured you would get a good laugh. But as I’m listening working overnight tonight I realize you don’t know me at all and sometimes text doesn’t come through correctly. All the random stuff you have a beginning the show is the stuff that I love so keep it up and thank you for all the great information. I’m looking forward to working with you in 808 cleanups.


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