summer time1(Today we made our first attempt to go LIVE in the STUDIO) We hope we can continue to bring the Show LIVE every week with the Lucky We Live Hawaii Podcast, today however we ran into a few issues…We hope to have them fixed soon for future podcasts…Today our Topic was about Summer in Hawaii…and there are PLENTY of things to do in the SUMMER TIME in HAWAII

Summer time is the time to hit the water for snorkeling, kayaking, late evening Hikes and sunsets, early morning sunrises and Star Gazing…the currents are chill and it makes great times for doing water sports. Spending all day at the beach, camping or BBQing is the common thing to do here in Hawaii during the summer months and the fishing is choice as well. Getting your drink on is also a summer thing…Cocktails, summer brews…you name it…Hawaii has it. Moves on the beach is a big summer activitiy here as wel as summer festivals…Getting out on your Paddle Boards are the big summer thing to do here with the chill flat water of the North Shore and the ease of heading down or up stream and do some river kayaking or paddle boarding…there is an endless amount of fun and activities you can do in summer so have fun, stay safe an always go with friends no matter what activties you do…Summer in Hawaii is one more reason why we are so lucky to live in the 808.

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  1. I love summer and to be in Hawaii in summer it would be amazing doing hikes and watching the sun set and going to the beach and visiting the place as you sad and i totally agree with you guys if people come there from the mainland they have to respect the Hawaii and not pollute it or do what they want . And guys i wanted to ask you something is it difficult for someone that live in the mainland to move in the island do you get used to it fast how was it for you for me i don’t know i think it would not be a big deal but friends tell me about this that your confined in a island not like the main land bla bla bla for me if i went to Hawaii it would be a dream come true . And i wanted to ask you another thing presuming that i come there any tips for the best places for night life 😉 i mean for pubs and places like this . And for last i would want to sugest a song for your next podcast if you like it for the people that are away from Hawaii and miss it i mean for Hawaiian that are in the mainland as always is a pleasure hearing your podcast guys shootttssssss 🙂

    • nico they have talked about this before but a lot of people don’t think of something very simple. most people stay in the same town their whole lives and don’t really venture out. the times they do are exceptions and the big difference is a few hours drive turns into a much longer plane flight.

      • your right i agree with you nick about this but what i was asking is you know living in the mainland you have like allot of space and you can go where you want (if your not one of those people that you sad above) what i was asking is lets say i decided to get there is it hard to get used on living on a island

        • No…it’s not hard to get used to living on an island if you LOVE the island lifestyle! If you love living in a CITY with concrete…yes…living in Hawaii would be hard for you…

    • As Nick stated…We have talked about this several times about what it’s like living on an island and that some people LOVE IT…others get ISLAND FEVER…some people will tell you they don’t like being just on an island because you can only go so far…but in reality most people never leave their own god damn town…so in all seriousness they are full of shit and cowards! They like to talk a lot of shit about stuff they know nothing about…maybe they love big cities, maybe they like to put down other peoples ideas and dreams of living on an island because they are jealous of you…trust me…we see a lot of assholes out there that want to popo all over other peoples parties. As for NIGHT LIFE…only WAIKIKI has a nightlife…just walk around…there are a million places to party and drink…personally for Bruce and I…we enjoy going out to dinner, but are not huge fans of the nightlife and partying.

  2. Hi! I recently started listening to your podcast and I’m enjoying it so much! I’m going to be in Oahu mid Sept of this year and would like to get a tattoo while I’m there. Where is the best place to get a tattoo on Oahu? Thanks!!

    • ROCK SOLID TATTOO…Ask for ANDRE or ROBIN…They are a Husband & Wife team…They do amazing work, but make sur you make a reservation!!! ROCK SOLID TATTOO (808) 922-9000

  3. LOL of course I’m already asking for a job. This is the first time in a LONG time I only have 1 job. Starting to feel like a bum. Seriously though, I’m currently working for a company on the mainland doing database configuration and what not, but yeah a part time gig as a Tour Guide would be amazing.

    I do have a question/suggestion for this week’s show. Since arriving we have found our yard (as small as it is) teeming with critters. Geckos, Brown Lizards, Giant Snails, and recently a toad seems to have taken a liking to our fountain. So can I get a primer on what species are endemic to Hawaii, and what I should be eradicating?
    Currently I’m all for let everything live, but if there are species that does more harm than good, I’d like to know. I know Coqui Frogs are a pest and should be trapped and reported but I don’t think they have hit Maui from BI yet have they?

    • We support removing invasive species…but the fact is…everything has been brought here by humans….if you really want to break it down…if we started to remove ourselves that would be the best way to start…so if we have no intentions of killing ourselves, I don’t suggest you or we start killing other living beings we brought here in the first place. All the animals you mentioned are pretty much invasive…some Geckos however are indigenous…some Snails are as well, some are not…Frogs/Toads are mostly not from here…some are posioness and some can kill your pets…the CANE TOAD can kill your Dog/Cat or Child…but don’t kill them, BUT WE AWARE of where they are in your yard…they are poisionous and so when someone touches it and then puts their hands in their mouth or if a dog plays with it or bites it they can go into a coma…be mindful…know that Toads/frogs are good for your garden and backyard as they kill other pests like bugs and mosquitoes.

  4. Hey guys, I’m a little behind in the episodes but as of today I’m caught up. I enjoyed the summertime in Hawaii episode and congratulations on your first live studio podcast. I thought it went pretty well for the first time. I do have another kind of silly question though. Here in Northeastern Illinois we’ve had a number of severe storms including tornados come through the area in the past few weeks. Nothing gets you out of bed like hearing the tornado sirens going off at 2am. Does Hawaii get major storms like this? Looking forward to the next episode.

    • Yes we get major storms…mostly FLASH FLOODS…they can cause major issues on the island…We also do get Hurricans and Tsunamis…so yeah…shit gets real from time to time here…even tornados, but not often…funnle clounds indeed over the ocean.

  5. ALOHA! I just love your podcasts, and sometimes u guys are so hilarious! Question, please: Who is the artist in the song u played at the 25th minute of your “Summer in Hawai’i podcast? I really love the song. Mahalo.

  6. Hey guys! Love the podcast! My husband and I listen to all of them, in fact we look forward to them each week. 🙂 To comment on the flying ads over the beaches…we really hope that they abandon that idea. We live very close to the beach in Florida and all you see by the beach are billboards and fly over ads. No one wants to hear prop planes go back and forth. We can’t stand going to the beach here anymore. We are moving to Oahu (family lives there) next year (I am an elementary teacher) and we would love to get involved in volunteering in helping to keep the land clean. Also, a little off topic, but we just love the music you guys play on your podcast, can you give us a recommendation of some songs or artists to download? 🙂

    • Stephanie…first…PLEASE go back to some of our ealier podcasts…we do a podcats talking all about MOVIES and MUSIC in HAWAII and where to find them…We use SO MANY Pandora stations to listen to our HAWAIIAN MUSIC…listen to that podcast and it will help you out BIGTIME!!! As for the Planes and AD BANNERS…they are ARRESTING ALL THE PILOTS NOW, another one just yesterday…so things are looking good! As for helping out with keeping HAWAII clean…Head on over to FACEBOOK and JOIN our Group: 808CLEANUPS and introduce yourself to us! Mahalo~

  7. Hi Bruce and Wayde, great show as usual. I was always curious about the coqui frogs on the big island, I spent some time there a few years ago and could not believe how loud the frogs were and I was interested to know how Wayde will be able to tolerate this noise if he is living off the grid in the B.I., I mean, are the coqui frogs spead throughout the B.I.?

    • Aloha Dina…I have no issue with frogs…I lived in the Virgin islands for a little while…the frogs help me sleep…strange, but I enjoy the sounds. As for being EVERYWHERE on BI…no they are not everywhere…but they are a lot in the area I am thinking of moving to in the upper Hilo area.

  8. I heard that Mufi Hannemann said that if he was elected governor that he would bring back the Superferry…… that something you both would like to see? I myself missed the opportunity to travel on the Superferry and I hope they bring it back it back someday.

    • I agree that Hawaii needs an alternate method of transportation between the islands (beyond air travel). I would hope some kind of ferry could be started, but know it has to be economically viable and environmentally friendly. That’s going to be tough, but I would love to be able to take some kind of ferry from island to island.

    • Mufi can go F@#$ HIMSELF! but yes…we seriously need some kind of Ferry, but it needs to be done right and with respect to the ocean and the culture of Hawaii.

  9. In NY they have a circle line tour around Manhattan, would it make sense to have a boat tour that goes all around Oahu? Maybe a combo Jeep and boat tour would be interesting? Maybe go to some areas that can only be reached by boat?

    • We have talked about a Jeep/Boat Tour, but it would be a Boat tour to the SANDBAR of KANEOHE…time will tell…problem is most people wouldn’t be able to afford such a tour…Boats are not cheap or to charter them, but we have ideas on how to make it at least reasonable. Maybe $249.00 a person for a half day Jeep and a Half Day Boat tour…that will give you 8 hours on land and sea.

  10. HI Guys! Just wanted to say we found a Dole Whip machine in the ABC store on Lewers Street. It was sort of a good thing to have discovered it the day before leaving or we would have come home much rounder. The mix can be purchased on Ebay and Amazon if you have an ice cream maker. For summer reading try Alan Brennert’s books Honolulu or Moloka’i. They are historical fiction and great reads. Thank you for the great show. I look so forward to them!

  11. I would like to see some special guests on the show. Ya know, like experts or something. I really enjoyed when that lady was on, and when that surfer guy was on. Good job, guys!

  12. Do you youtube these live podcasts? Loving the shows again guys!! Must say Summer is always great in Hawaii especially coming from Winter in Australia however I gotta say i really loved winter in Hawaii on my last visit!!!

  13. Having never been to Hawaii in the “summer”, these suggestions should be able to be accomplished any time of the year. Of course the surf will be different in other seasons or the tradewinds blowing a different direction, but most can be part of a great Hawaii trip any time of the year.

    I also second the suggestion for show guests. I know that is a much tougher task to accomplish than suggest, but some shows I’ve felt would have been improved by having a native Hawaiian expert (the show on Aumakuas comes to mind).

    • Having EXPERTS on certain subjects makes sense…but when it comes to Hawaiian culture…and I’ll be honest…There are not many left to actually get to do that…and if we do find one from time to time they are very busy…and on top of that…they really don’t want to be in the public eye…Hawaiians (kanaka) HATE THAT! they would rather be behind the curtain…they don’t desire or need to be in the public eye…we hope to change that with future guests…mahalo

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