Struggling to Find a JOB in Hawaii

FINDING A JOB IN HAWAIINo one has ever moved to Hawaii and had an easy time finding a JOB here…well, unless you have the GODS on your side who allow you to TRANSFER JOBS from the mainland…if you manage that…well Congratufuckinglations…but for the rest of us…it’s a OUTRIGHT BATTLE and the one thing you need to settle down here in Paradise or it’s time to ship out back to the mainland or become homeless in Ala Moana Beach Park!

DONT BE THIS GUYYou never want to be that guy or girl that gives up, leaves Hawaii, goes home and crawls up in a ball crying like a little baby as to why you failed! YOU DON’T WANT TO BE THAT GUY! You seriously need to understand that people fail because they give up and don’t try again…ITS OK TO FAIL…as long as you get back up and try again…God hates a coward and failure and if you made it this far to get to Hawaii you would rather burn in Hell than go back to where you DON’T want to be…Not everyone makes it in Hawaii…Winners do…Leaders do…the rest follow the others home. So what happens if you do have a hard time getting those roots in the ground…getting your first Job to allow you to survive until something better comes around…There is a great first stop even if you have NO EXPERIENCE in a certain field, people ARE looking for those Jobs that need to be filled, but very few apply for, if you have a passion and desire you can do anything if someone teaches or trains you to do, that’s the type of spirit that are in people who Dream…INDEED one search. all Jobs. Ck out this LINK:

Also we would like you to be well aware of the JOBS that NEED to be filled in Hawaii…Here is a SHORT and EXTENDED List:

ALL THINGS HEALTHCARE (Nurse, Doctor and all things under Health)

ALL THINGS SERVICE ( Hotel service, Restaurant service, Travel service)




*HEADS UP: If you get into those fields you need to make 30K to manage your life with Roomates…if you want to have your own place and manage your life in Hawaii you need to make at least 60K


  1. Kaiser Permanente– Healthcare and medical work in many different positions at a range of educational levels. Travel Nursing is another good option in Hawaii, for travel nurses, doctors, physical therapists, and others. Higher pay, increased benefits.
  2. Hawaii Pacific Health
  3. State of Hawaii
  4. Bank of Hawaii
  5. AT&T
  6. Booz Allen Hamilton
  7. Macy’s
  8. Castle Medical Center
  9. Kamehameha Schools
  10. Robert Half International
  11. Sears, Roebuck and Co.
  12. Hawaii Medical Service
  13. Hilton Brands
  14. BAE Systems – IT, electronics
  15. Starwood Hotels


  1. Home Health/Personal Care Aides
  2. Computer Software Engineers
  3. Medical and Public Health Social Workers
  4. Cargo and Freight Agents
  5. Social & Human Service Asst.
  6. Personal Financial Advisors
  7. Compliance Officers
  8. Water & Liquid Waste Treatment Plant & System Operators
  9. Physical Therapists
  10. Coaches and Scouts
  11. Nursing Aides, Orderlies
  12. Respiratory Therapists
  13. Hairdressers, Hairstylists, etc.
  14. Maritime: Captains, Mates, and Pilots
  15. Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants
  16. Interpreters and Translators
  17. Pharmacy Technicians
  18. Skin Care Specialists
  19. Self-Enrichment Teachers
  20. Medical Scientist


  1. Engineers – Electronics, Mechanics, Project Management, Combat Systems
  2. Nursing – RNs and LPNS
  3. Physicians – MDs and DOs
  4. Software Engineers
  5. Sales related jobs – Includes medical sales and sales of Caterpillar machinery and equipment.
  6. Military support jobs – US Army and US Air Force.
  7. Teachers for Chinese and English Languages
  8. Network Administrators
  9. Jobs with the State of Hawaii
  10. Maritime Jobs

NEVER GIVE UPPlease don’t forget…We are talking OAHU here…It’s got the Job size to pick from and the population…if your intention is to go to the other islands to find a place to live and a Job expect your challenges to be twice as hard…it’s always best to establish yourself on Oahu…learn the job market…the people and culture…then if you wish to move to another island do so in a few years…You’ll be more understanding of how Hawaii and it’s people work…TRUST US! Now…if you have the LUCKY FORTUNE to transfer to an island because of your mainland Job you are one of the Few and YOU my friend are one lucky SOB…We got nothing really to talk about…except we are very, very jealous…lol.

Your Move and Finding Jobs will NOT BE EASY…you may need to live with roomates, you may need to take a job you don’t like or want, but many do just that here in Hawaii…they Compromise to live the dream…You may need to do the same thing until you find what you’re looking for and are able to afford a place on your own and find a job you are happy with…this is the CRUEL REALITY of LIVING HAWAII!

DONT EVER GIVE UP ON YOUR DREAMS…Most people never start because if they don’t make them come true in their eyes they are FAILURES and there is nothing else to hope for…Well…you won’t know till YOU TRY! You are more a COWARD if you don’t try to reach your Dreams and fail then if you don’t try at all and keep dreaming about it. Living in Hawaii is a BLESSING, A GIFT, A DREAM…You need to WORK for this…you need to BLEED for this…Don’t you every think other wise!

If you get through the HARD TIMES…if you BATTLE back your URGE to GIVE UP…and you MAKE IT IN HAWAII….trust me…it will be like you won against the world…You will smile everyday…you will walk, hike, swim, bike with a grin on your face from ear to ear…you will live in a BLISSFUL STATE knowing you have done something so few do because you believed in yourself and you never gave up…You’re living the dream and now you join the club of knowing and understanding fully what LUCKY TO LIVE HAWAII truly means!


27 thoughts on “Struggling to Find a JOB in Hawaii

  1. Haven’t had a chance to finish the podcast but yes, we watch the new H50 every week like clockwork. It’s fun to test our knowledge and try to guess where they are before they say it and call them on their bluffs. The last ep had the bad guys up in the farmlands near waialua and literally two seconds later the next shot was off sand island. WELP. Anyway I have always thought the show tour was a good idea for the superfans and the fact you have some of the actors on the show meet up from time to time is really cool. I’ll finish tomorrow. Good show so far guys!

    With love, fuck y’all 😉

  2. Hey guys. I LOVE Magnum P.I.
    I wish there was a Magnum related tour in Hawaii. I visited Oahu for the first time recently, and wore my red Magnum aloha shirt, and my Detroit tigers ball cap, and not one person picked up on it. Though I did meet two Detroit natives who thought I must have been from Detroit too.
    It would have been the icing on the cake of my vacation to actually have done some a Magnum-centric tour. I’m already disappointed on not getting to see the replica of the helicopter.
    There’s always next time!

  3. Hey Guys, Listening to the podcast now and you just mentioned my reply from the last podcast and my move to the BI. You couldn’t remember so let me refresh. My uncle moved to the BI a few years ago and we have been visiting him since. My Grandfather (his and my moms dad) was born and married in Hilo so there is a strange feeling of comfort and home when I am there. My wife and I live in Bend Oregon now and although this has been a mild winter, the winter cold every year gets a little worse. We picked the BI first off because of family and the affordability. I have been researching this move for over 3 years now and hopefully will be prepared when the time comes.
    If you could in the future maybe talk about some of the dangers of living in Hawaii. Insects, wild animals, terrain, ocean…etc. that would be appreciated. Thanks, Rob

    • Rob…MAHALO NUI LOA for reminding us about your Story…We have so many from our listeners, guests, fans we just can’t remember them all….To Make it up to you Rob our NEXT PODCAST on Friday will be DEDICATED TO YOU….We’ll be talking about the DANGERS IN HAWAII…Mahalo brah for th idea!

  4. Great podcast. Would love to retire to Hawaii but that won’t happen unless we win the lottery. We’ve seen every episode of the new Hawaii 50 and I’ve seen every episode of Magnum PI. Two awesome shows. I saw a mock-up picture of the new International Market Place and the picture had two-way traffic on Kalakaua. Do you guys know if this is going to happen?

    • No way is there going to be two way Traffic on Kalakaua…however on Kuhio YES…there has always been two way traffic and Kuhio is to the back of the new Internations Market Place.

  5. So what happened with the Davis Duo? I’ll tell you.
    Initially I found their story very interesting. Couple of kids fresh out of college, pursuing their dream of living in Hawaii. They went through a lot to get there and they adapted to their surroundings. Their blogs went daily and that is when things became clear. I think its the same thing that I’ve talked about before. Their dream was to “move” to Hawaii not live in Hawaii. Aside from the occasional trip to the beach or north shore, I didn’t really see them embracing Hawaii. They didn’t explore their new home as much as you would think. Seemed like they spent most of their time with family that came to visit but didn’t develop local connections that are crucial to survival here. Then they had a kid. That was the nail in the coffin. That is just an impossible situation when you both work retail hours.
    Dealing with all that stress and living in a big city (I believe they were in a honolulu high rise) and you start to realize that there are plenty of big cities that offer a lot more opportunity and closer to family etc. Plus I think Josh is a dreamer (much like myself at his age….. or now) and enjoys chasing the dream.

    I really enjoyed the first part of their journey and was sad to see them leave. I haven’t kept up with them since then, there was no reason for it lol.

    • I don’t know what happned to the Davis Duo…shit…Do you know how many DAVIS DUO’s are out there…PLENTY!…I think they just folded…We seriously don’t want to be downers and report on people who give up so quickly and come up with excuses on why this and why that…everyone is different…there are winners and losers…people who succeed and people who fail…leaders and followers…We don’t make excuses…we have fought for a very very long time to make it in Hawaii and if you move and live in Hawaii and get up and leave in a year or two…You heart was honestly never in it nor was a passion, Hawaii is a Dream and we who live here are lucky to live in it every day…having children, getting a job you love, that’s life, that’s not a Dream…We have a Great Podcast about the Excuses people use when leaving Hawaii…I’m sure they used all or half of them when they moved…I wish them the best as mainlanders, but there is a leasson to learn from this Duo for sure: //

  6. Thank you so much for taking the time to put together this awesome information! It’s evident that you guys did a lot of research into this topic and we really appreciate it. I personally would prefer to live on Maui or the Big Island. My husband and I really want to get away from city life. It’s very true that cities offer the most jobs, but that’s why we’re thinking outside of the box in regard to income streams. You guys are an inspiration to us all and you both are great examples of what can be achieved with hard work and ingenuity.

    I live in Colorado, so please let me know if you guys are serious about visiting. We’d love to take you to some dispensaries. However, please be careful with the edibles. They’re extremely potent. I ate a tiny piece of chocolate and became quite ill. I recommend the use of a vaporizer instead. I really hope that Hawai’i is able to legalize in the future. If the laws are written correctly, that extra revenue could be so beneficial in protecting the ‘Aina.

    Thanks for yet another great show!


    • Very Welcome Meadow and mahalo for being a part of the Ohana…Maui could be a great fit for you guys…put if you want to grow some KONA GOLD…Big Island is for you guys…at some point it will be legal and we hope to have some Land on the Big Island to grow some!

  7. Hey guys – enjoying the return of the podcast. I really enjoy the news from the island. Also wanted to let you know I recommended your Hawaii 50 tour to one of my friends for his visit back in October and he and his wife really loved it! We were just visiting with them and they were still raving about it and the places they saw on the tour and the tour guide. We’re the same about the Circle Island tour we had with Wayde last year. We’re hoping to get to Kauai later this year and experience the aina there. Mahalo for your time in putting the podcast together.

    • Mahalo Ben…Amy is the best HAWAII 5-0 TOUR GUIDE you will ever find! Glad you enjoyed your Circle Island Tour with Wayde as well…Let us know on your plans for Kauai…Wayde has a bunch of things to do on Kauai on his website and page “HAWAII NEI” Look for it and if you need to plan a trip to Kauai give us a chance to book it for you! Mahalo!

  8. Well I can tell you that we, (thedavisduos,) are doing great. We do absolutely miss living on Oahu and miss our friends (practically family) that we left behind. The reality with vlogging is that we cannot film every aspect of our life, and the hardest part is filming our interaction with others. Most people do not want to be filmed and a lot of life changing moments with our friends on the island were not documented. That being said, our dreams changed. I realized I was working over 40 hours a week doing something I did not want to do. The industry I wanted to get into did not (to my knowledge) exist in Hawaii. After a long contemplation with my wife and I, we decided it was best to move back. We also wanted to be closer to family because of our new born daughter.

    I just want to clarify, we LOVE Hawai’i and not just the location. I loved the culture, people, food, and the feeling of kindness that we experienced there. I try to encourage people to follow their heart and follow their dreams.

    Finding a job in Hawai’i is difficult but by no means impossible. You have to keep your mindset positive and be persistent. Hawai’i is a special place and needs to be respected as such. Working hard for somthing is rewarding! When we got established there it was an amazing feeling.

    Love the blog! Keep it up!

    -Josh Davis (thedavisduos)

    I am happy to say that after 6 months of job searching, I will be interviewing for my dream job tomorrow 🙂

    • We are VERY VERY sorry to hear you left the Aloha State guys…We wish you the best on the mainland and hope others wishing and dreaming of living in the 808 can learn from your time here…We’ll be sure to reference your Youtube Vlog so that people can understand and learn first hand how and what you guys did and didn’t do…There are Hard lessons to be learned from your journey, but there is good news in all this sadness…at least you can say your child is a “LOCAL”…something none of us can say that have moved to Hawaii as malahini and now Kama’aina…Hopefully one day Scout will be able to return and live in Hawaii as a local…Good Luck, Aloha Oe~

  9. My wife and I have been living in Japan the last 10+ years and have visited Oahu, Kauai, and Maui quite a bit over the years. Living there is something we have talked about extensively and my wife and 12 year old daughter are really pushing for the move. We also have a 2 year old. We get by just fine in Japan but I worry about the move. My wife is usually the more sensible one and not a risk taker but is fully convinced we should go. I know many people have negative things to say about Hawaii public schooling but my daughter would be attending public school. My wife is a product of Japanese schooling and while she is highly educated she does not have fond memories of going through the school system here.

    We all live in a two bedroom apartment that is just under 600 square feet, so small living quarters don’t scare us. Food prices don’t seem to be too different on Oahu than Japan and we get by on around $500 a month. I have seen some decent listings for $1,900 including all utilities and parking. One was a beautiful two bedroom condo in Harbor Square.

    We have $40,000 saved up. Enough flyer miles for one way tickets for all of us.

    I run an internet based business that my wife will take over and run from Hawaii for the first year and then the little one will go to daycare and she will work full time. I will have to find work and that is the part that scares the hell out of me. My biggest fear is I am stuck working two jobs 7 days a week just to exist there and it goes on for years.

    I am really sorry this was so long but if you stuck it out until now, what would your advice be? Take the plunge? We won’t be homeless. We could always come back to Japan or to the East Coast on the mainland but would do so having exhausted our savings.

    If you read the forums on City Data you would think a six figure salary is needed just to survive. I have some friends from Oahu and none of them nor their families ever came close to that figure so people must survive somehow. Worst case scenario $1,900 for rent two working adults but say we only bring in $50,000 – $60,000 combined should we not even attempt it?

    • Thomas…Your comment is long and it requires a long statement….Let us take care of you on our Next Podcast…We’ll break down your question and give you some insight on what to do…Mahalo for your question and we understand your situation, listen for your question on our “DANGER IN HAWAII” podcast coming up on Friday…Mahalo

      • Sorry to add to my original long winded post but since you were so kind as to address our situation on your next podcast I thought I would add the reason for moving now.

        Our daughter is 12 and will be attending middle school. My wife really doesn’t want my daughter to continue her education here because of her own personal experience. It really is no fun for girls. It is non stop studying, the schools are not air conditioned nor are they heated. My daughter sneaks heating packs (they are prohibited) in her pants pockets to stay warm in the winter. After school activities are very few in number. Her school in Japan starts in March but we were thinking if we moved she would just start this August on Oahu. Hard choice but I can’t wait to hear what your advice is and I am so grateful for you taking the time to give us your opinion.

  10. New listener and the topic of jobs was great. My wife and I have been talking about a move for a few years now. We go to Hawaii for two to three weeks every year and we’ve been doing that for quite a while. We have been to all the main islands and Iauai us our favorite and the one we would want to move too.
    We always meet people there and talk about how they ended out there and they tell us we can do it. I really think we can but I’m looking at the best time.

    Some people say there is no best time but I still don’t want to make a dumb mistake. I’ll be 52 this year and my wife turns 56 this year. I have been with the same company for 32 years and my wife works at a daycare. I’m looking at making the move when I’m 55, my wife would be 59 and if we ran into money issues she would be able to hit her 401k without penalty at that time. We would really like to make the move sooner but having worked at the same place I have that high level of security.

    This is more just rambling and I don’t have specific questions. I know your advice is to start on Oahu but that’s not really where the dream is for us.
    Only 90 days until we’re back on Kauai but whose counting.

  11. WOW! Count me in! Thank you for the passionate pick-me-up! I’m so ready for my journey from now to bliss…

    Job hunting from Cali has begun!


  12. Hey you two motherfuckers! I ducking love the podcast and have been listening to it religiously for the last few years as a State of Washington worker. My girl and graduated college and for the last year have been applying incessantly to jobs on Oahu. We both have good educations and are hard workers but wanted to take life a little more easy now that we had graduated with “higher” educated degrees lol.
    We both got jobs on Oahu from the mainland and will be on island June 29th 2018! I start work almost immediately and she starts ten days from then.
    My goal, since I’m a multi instrumentalist jazz and other genre musician is to find the other riff riff musician crowd lol and start playing like I have in Seattle last few years. Would love to bump into ya for a beer or such and thank you for the inspiration to make the leap. We both got decent jobs and a place to stay in the Pearl area. Thanks for the amazing fucking podcast. Keep it up assholes

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