Yeah…are you surprised? We talking STICKER SHOCK for you thinking of moving to Hawaii…It’s not all SUNSHINE and FUCKING RAINBOWS here folks!


We sit down with DOC & KIM while on vacation as they look for places to live in Hawaii. I think maybe we sugarcoat things sometimes on the show about how AMAZING it is to Live Hawaii…it is…don’t get us wrong…but the Reality is when we speak “HAWAII” we are usually talking about the island of OAHU, because we live here…but sometimes we do talk HAWAII in general as in all the islands…However, when it comes to Oahu, and we have been saying it for a while now, the island of OAHU has TODAY BECOME a Rich Man’s PARADISE…So everyone thinking of moving to Hawaii needs a “WAKE UP CALL” and “SLAP IN THE FACE” on what will be best for you! The Island of OAHU may NO LONGER be an VIABLE OPTION for you and your family. You may need to look at the other islands where it’s more affordable and the MANA and ALOHA is still alive and well.

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  1. Aloha,

    WOW you remembered I told that on PODCAST to Gul that the TRADER JOE’S thing will be a bad remark and she will get lots of hate on that, but it is all good. Just to let other people know that we came to Hawaii this time not for vacation, but to look for houses, schools, and medical facilitates for our 10 year old son who have lots of medical conditions and genetics disorders. We reached Hawaii on Friday and Bruce & Wayde invited us on Tuesday for PODCAST, from Friday to Tuesday we were checking different areas , schools, and hospitals and in three days we realized that the paradise we dream about just living on North Shore side was not an option for permanent living. Our son has rare genetic disorders and its hard to find the specialists anywhere. We always thought that we will find a house or condo on North Shore for 300k and live right on beach and here you go we are in haven, but this time we found out that there is not many good public schools on North Shore side or any good hospitals, so if we want the good schools we have to move to other side where the 2 to 3 bedroom house or townhouse is close to million $. We love Hawaii , but our kid comes first, so instead of 3 to 5 year plan now it looks like a 10 year plan. Our son has great doctors here that he’s been working with since birth, he also receives a lot of services through his school district. It took a long time for us to get all these services for him. So the morning of Tuesday we changed from the couple who is moving to Hawaii to couple who is finding reasons not to move to Hawaii. Then after talking to Bruce & Wayde &Yaling we realized that right now is not a good time for us to move to Hawaii. So sorry about anything that other audience didn’t like, but we always love Hawaii and I want to die in Hawaii. Good thing from this trip was meeting Bruce & Wayde &Yaling they gave us all the information we needed and showed us the reality. I told that to Bruce & Wyde also that few months ago in few episodes every one was saying that they are coming up with some negativity, but that was reality which you only realized when you go to Hawaii not on Vacation mode, but in research mode for moving. I know Bruce don,t like reading long comments so be safe in hurricane Darby take care and Mahalo for your time .

    Note : Bruce you are more then welcome to talk about our story and tell Yaling that Sunnan love his Aloha Travel Truck Toy and we will post a picture on Facebook group.

    • Asif & Gul,

      I’m so sorry to hear about your son. You guys are absolutely making the right decision to put his medical care first! We’re kind of in the same boat (but with our dog) and will probably need to wait until she’s no longer with us to make our move.

      I really enjoyed hearing your story as a couple. I wish nothing but the very best for you both.

      Much Aloha,


    • Asif & Gul –

      Please don’t ever feel like you need to explain yourselves to anyone, especially not to strangers on the internet. You have a unique situation and it is evident you are great parents by making the decision that is best for your son. I know how hard (and frustrating) it can be to find good doctors for your child. And even if that wasn’t a factor, you have every right to make a choice based on whatever you want – it’s your lives, no other opinion matters.

      And with regards to the Trader Joe’s comment… I think people are quick to judge or come to conclusions without giving the benefit of the doubt. I think the negative feedback is from people thinking that Gul is letting her favorite grocery store be a contributing factor in whether or not she moves to Hawaii. But I think (and I could be wrong too) that Gul is comfortable with her life and that her familiarity with Trader Joe’s brings her comfort and even something as little as changing grocery stores would be an uncomfortable transition. I don’t think she’s saying she can’t live without Trader Joe’s. I think she probably leads a hectic life and if she were to move to Hawaii then her world would be turned upside down, and it would be nice if she had something she was comfortable with (such as Trader Joe’s) to ease the transition a little. Gul – if I didn’t get that right, I apologize!

      Anyway, thank you for sharing your story, and bringing a different perspective to the subject of Moving to Hawaii. Best of luck to the three of you! 🙂

  2. Hey guys, thanks for the show this morning. It was nice to get one of my favorites on a Sunday. Wayde, good job getting the ball moving on the trash machine! About a year and half ago I sent a link to a video and website for the one operating in Baltimore to someone at the DLNR but hadn’t heard anything. You got some pull there bro to get them to start moving forward, it’s going to make a huge difference. Might I suggest you talk to them (after you get the trash wheel of course) about a pair of 100 hp pumps at the stagnant end of the canal to flow fresh seawater to keep the current and pollutants moving? Between the trash wheel and the pumps, that canal could be swimable in less than ten years.

    Fun weather report too. I hope it isn’t too bad and you make it through without any trouble. Let’s keep Hawaii Island quiet huh. I’m looking at acreage there in twenty years if I retire, you keep telling people that it’s a good idea, they’re going to move there and ruin my plan!

    By the way, thanks for turning me on to the Aloha Friday song, it’s become a weekly ritual for me at work, it’s great.

  3. Good podcast again boys. Having just moved here (for the second time)…it is so interesting to hear the stories (some successful and some not) about people’s attempts to move here. It really isn’t for everyone. It still blows my mind how well everything has worked out for me and my family in moving here compared to the stories of the last 2 podcasts.

  4. Aloha gents. Thanks again for another great podcast. The last two episodes have really struck a nerve with me, primarily because they focused on moving to Hawaii, and all the struggles and issues that face those who choose to do do. While Hawaii is no doubt on of the most challenging places in the US to relocate it’s not impossible AND can actually be exhilarating if you are in the right mindset. Would it be possible to connect with some of your previous guest (even the most recent ones who might still be on the island)? Emily and I, in particular, would be interested in connecting with other families who are interested in moving to Oahu.

    On another note: You rarely mention Kapolei as a viable place to live and I think many would be surprised at just how much this area has grown and will continue to grow in the next 10 years. If someone is moving from the mainland and has a job that allows them to telecommute, Kapolei makes a great place to land and get your bearings, especially since traffic wouldn’t be an issue. If they are moving without a job (not recommended), Kapolei, has numerous retail positions starting to open as a result of the new ginormous mall and restaurants beginning to pop-up. Again, I mention this because if you are seriously willing to shed your old life in favor a new “Hawaii life” then anything should and can be an option.

    Moving here with children takes on an entirely different meaning than doing so without. Big issues like schooling, assimilation, and healthcare are obvious factors to consider but the guests two episodes ago brought up a great point about the lack of (or rather unwillingness of) businesses to share their bathrooms with the public. Seems like a small thing, but I guarantee if you were running through the Nui Valley Shopping Center looking for a fucking bathroom so that your three-year-old didn’t piss himself (again) you’d be cursing the whole way! Ha. The lack of swings is another weird phenomena not to mention community groups that are not religiously affiliated. The point is there exist a host of smaller, seemingly trivial issues that to someone without kids seems ridiculous. We’d love to share our experience so far and connect with others. We feel that if more people could set more realistic expectations the better off and happier they will be once they arrive.

    Mahalo guys and thanks a ton.

  5. This was an awesome episode! I’ve finally got my husband listening regularly as well to help us face the reality and prepare for our move to Hawaii in the next couple years! We are pretty set on starting in Oahu because of the job opportunities. These comments have been really informative as well haha! Love listening to you guys! I look forward to your podcast every week!

  6. Hi guys, me again! I have been listening to more of your podcasts ( btw, how do I donate again ) and always think of things I want to ask you, but forget. I listened to this last Sticker shock show and I was wondering about things…My husband and I have been looking at real estate listings in Oahu ( also listened to show with Lorna, which was so helpful ) and noticed in or near Waikiki there are studios or 1 bedrooms for around 150-165,000 to buy, Is this too good to be true? Here is the thing, we are living in a 2 bedroom town home with basement right now and are very aware that our dollar won’t stretch that far on Hawaii and know it’s going to be a completely different way of life and a much more cramped living situation. I don’t really want to live in Waikiki, but it is what it is if we can TRULY find a place for that price ( price to live in paradise). Are there any studios or 1 bedrooms in other neighborhoods? We love the North Shore, but, again, highly doubt we can find a place in our budget ( we are the poor man too 😉 We don’t have any kids and are not really planning on having kids, so I think we could handle it. Also, just a statement…it doesn’t matter how much something is…milk…cereal…whatever. I feel if you want to move to Oahu, again, the price you have to pay..Anyhow…thanks for getting me through the work day with your podcasts, I love them! —Meghan

    • Where is says DONATE on our front page of the podcast. Well…YES and NO that it’s too good to be true…for $150K you’ll be getting A 300-600 SQUARE FOOT space…But see the issue is this…depends where you live in Waikiki…a 300 square foot space could cost $200-300K…PURE insanity!!! I have seen a 350 square foot place in Waikiki go for $350K and a 600 square place go for $700K! These are all ONE BEDROOMS! Now…in an older building I have seen a 2 Bedroom with 700 square feet go for $165K…so you really need to look…and you do that once you get here…see the area and find out the FEES with the building…trust me…You’re just not paying for the Cost of the Apartment….you’ll have monthly Condo/Apartment fees which ould be anywhere from $150 a month up to $500 a month so WATCH IT!!! You have a lot to think about…

      • Thanks for your feedback Wayde! Agreed, we have a lot to think about before attempting our move to Oahu. We are both really anxious to get there while we are still young( ish ). When we moved to MA 8 yrs ago we had NO clue about the extra taxes and crap like that ( coming from a suburb of Chicago,IL -have been back in IL for 5 years ) and were completely surprised when we had to pay an excise tax when buying a new car ( among other surprise taxes), just want to be as informed as possible about moving to Hawaii is all. 👍

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