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Sports in HawaiiSports in hawaii is pretty much non existent when it comes to Pro Sports…except for SURFING so if you plan on moving here don’t expect to get excited about the Hawaii Sports world! The Ironman Triathlon, Triple Crown of Surfing and the PGA are the closest you will get here in HAWAII and even the NFL PROBOWL has been an on and off thing here in Hawaii…We hope it comes back for good…COME ONGIVE US THE PROBOWL FOR GOOD…PLEASE HAWAII!!! 

Ignorance is bliss I guess for those who have lived their lives without any major professional sports teams and it’s hard to pick ones to root for on the mainland…I guess it’s a bunch of bandwagon types here, could be the NFL chargers in football one year, the Patriots another or the Seahawks the next year, if you are winning, well I guess people in Hawaii are following you and buying hats and t-shirts…but you won’t see anyone with gear on of a loser here, well you may see some wearing Raiders gear…god help those poor souls…lol. There is just no dedication to Pro Sports teams here, not sure they know what that is in Hawaii…some also pick a team that have a player on it from the Rainbow warriors football team or baseball team that make it to the Pros and go with that…Since COACH CHOW took over the Rainbow Warrior college football team they have been a complete stinker and Chow knows it, but lets look past that Hawaii doesn’t have any pro football, baseball, basketball, hockey or anything else…What they do have are all the Watersports and Extreme sports of the world as well as PRO SURFING…The sports here in Hawaii are actually sports that any of us can have a go at so why not get out there and try surfing, bodyboarding, spear fishing, free diving, wind sailing, beach volleyball, stand up paddle boarding, Kayaking, Hiking and the list goes on and on…SO DON’T GIVE UP HAWAII…if you can’t find any sports on TV that gets you excited to watch in Hawaii…just get out and do your own sports!

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  1. Hey Guys!
    I recently stumbled upon your podcast and have been listening since the “History of Hawaii” podcast. To preface my comment, there was no general comment section of the website, so I thought I would comment here. :/

    I really enjoy your podcast and what you have to say. I will be moving to Hawaii in April, my boy friend is in the Navy and is heading over. I figured it would be a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the island and culture and completely new environment. I assume that unfortunately the military presence isn’t much appreciated there. I am originally from New York state and I am very excited to try and fit in with the Hawaiian people. Little things like the comment recently about how many boots/shoes/slippers you have gave me incite on what kind of clothing and foot wear to bring over. I really enjoyed when you talked about the history. I defiantly did a bit of research after hearing what you had to say about it.

    I guess the reason I am “commenting” is that I love everything informative you have to say about Hawaii.

    I work in theatre (I am an artisan and make the props for shows) if you had ANY THING to say about finding work, doing something outside in the sunshine or entertainment or coffee, or good places or anything you feel would be informative I’d appreciate the input.

    I could go on for a long time with questions I have about the island…but to wrap it up finally. I look forward to discovering what the island has to offer and really enjoying all aspects of it.

    OH and could you tell us the artist and name of the songs you play?? I really like some of them!

    Thanks a bunch!

    • Alanna…E-KOMO MAI….welcome to the Ohana! We are so happy you have joined us…the first question to you is…HOW DID YOU FIND US??? Please tell! Ok…now Alanna…We have over 60 shows so please head back and start listening…We have done shows or topics where we talk about jobs and finding Jobs and the challenges and difference here in Hawaii, we recently did a show on “STARTING A BUSINESS in HAWAII”, this should give you some ideas about the job market here…We also on many of our show actually say who the artists are that we use in our music break…We also have a MUSIC PODCAST a little back where we play ALL HAWAIIAN MUSIC and talk about every Artist called “DJ’s ALOHA BRUCE & THE POOR MAN” so please take the time to listen to that Podcast as well….and last…reach out to us on Facebook…we have thousands of followers, fans and friends here in Hawaii who we could put you in contact with if need be~ aloha

      • Aloha! Mahalo for responding to my comment!
        I tried to figured out how I stumbled upon your website. I think I was googling a lot of things about Hawaii, I was trying to look for potential jobs. So some of the key words I googled where commercial luau, The Polynesian Cultural Center, and entertainment in Hawaii. Trying to back track I cant figure out exactly how I found you guys but I am glad I did! Sorry I couldnt help you out anymore.
        Thank you for all the helpful information!! Ill be checking out the other podcasts and you guys on Facebook.

  2. I never was much of a follower of sports except for the one’s that my kids played! Soccer rules in Oregon! Since moving to the islands, I find it hard to be inside watching TV. But if I had to pick a sport to watch, who would you recommend? I’d rather be in a stadium seat watching in person, to be honest!

    • hockey is greatness. though… hockey in hawaii… LOL… im sure that would be real popular. a fast paced game where guys beat the shit out of eachother AND they fight. what is not to like?

      I also think someone should open another 1/4 mile track on Oahu, it seems there are tracks on Maui and Kauai and the one on Oahu closed in 2006… but I guess the demand isn’t there since no one has tried in nearly a decade.

  3. I’ve always wondered how Hawaii stations pick which games to air. As for a pro football name…..Hurricanes, Whales (Hey, they have Dolphins), Nenes (Cardinals), Mongooses (Mongeese?), Boars. I hear the Raiders are looking for a new place…..

  4. Random notes:
    *Tripadvisor review left, carefully avoiding the fact that we couldn’t make an actual trip work out when we were out there in August. (That’s married-for-20+-years-guy speak for “my wife is too cheap”…). It’s pretty easy to write one based on knowledge and enthusiasm for the island. You guys are the best.

    *NightMarchers is perfect. I would buy a hoodie with that logo right now. If only someone we knew had graphic design skills… 🙂

    *Can I share a quick story about our trip in August? We were out at Laniakea, taking some pictures, when some jag is getting his picture taken with a turtle…touching the turtle. I told him to get the hell away. He did. End of story? No. The next day our family was out for our first ever attempt at SUP on the Kualoa Ranch’s “private beach”. My daughter just starts out and is thrilled that she is doing it. Just then, a turtle emerges next to her, almost like he was guiding her, swam next to her for a few seconds, then quietly disappeared. I almost wonder if it was karma, Wondering if Wayde and I share the honu as an aumakua.

    Thanks for everything, fellas!

    • I would say Jay you make a very good point…The Honu could be your Ohana’s Aumakua…Protect the Honu and the Honu will protect you…it goes both ways.

  5. Coming from Nebraska where there is no professional sports team, I could care less about Hawaii’s sports scene. I’d much rather follow outdoor and adventure sports personally.

    There is a pretty big college following out there and I have to admit, I have found it challenging to watch “my” team play on Saturday. Especially since I refuse to pay for cable lol.
    Keep up the good work guys.

  6. I really enjoy the podcast, it helps me remember the places and friends I enjoyed when I lived there. I remember doing a security gig at the probowl and how much fun it was to hang out with the players at Aloha Tower. Now I just get to enjoy a good game when Boise played Hawaii, not sure if they still play each other but I remeber watching a couple years ago, it was a great game. As for vaping, I started a year ago September and haven’t had a cigarette since. I don’t care for the guys with the mods either, huge plumes of vapor is just annoying and a bit like fapping in public. My Krager ProTank II is discreet and doesn’t produce huge clouds so I’ve never gotten a wierd look or comment. I have to believe that on some level, some water vapor, nicotine and flavoring is less harmful than breathing smoke from burning plants but, since the jury is still out, I’m just glad to be off the cigarettes and hope everyone who tries to quit finds a way that works for them.

  7. I cant stand those vape things either!! just cos they aren’t actually cigarettes , people think they can just blow their stinky breath all over me! They should be banned indoors in ALL public places.

    I remember asking you about pro sports a few months ago and i found that interesting as I did this weeks podcast.

    Did you know they actually play NFL games here in the UK at Wembley Stadium in London?? Yep they do! Not exhibition games, ACTUAL NFL games that mean something. My friend Tom Feeley travels over to London from the USA frequently and is heavily involved. I will ask him why Hawaii cannot / is not involved in the NFL.

    Great fucking podcast guys. Feel free to swear away as far as I am concerned, its only words !
    Aloha from England.

  8. I think not having a major sports team is one of the reasons why Hawaii is so great. It’s one of those things that set it apart from other places, so it doesn’t feel like you’re in the mainland. I like when Hawaii feels like Hawaii, and isn’t trying to mimic another place. Not very aloha to be making rivalries and getting all stressed out over a game. If I want to get caught up with team fever or pack into a stadium, I’ll take a plane and see a game when I’m visiting the mainland. But I can do without all the crazy that comes with pro sports.

    • I disagree SD…Hawaii is ALL ABOUT RIVALRIES…from the times when Ali’i Nui ruled Hawaii to today where is school against school…There are MANY STATES on the mainland that don’t have Pro Sports teams…I think like 20 states!!! Bringing a PRO FOOTBALL TEAM would bring much added value to the islands and they wouldn’t have to rely 75% on tourism! They would also use the team as an export…something MUCH NEEDED HERE!!! it’s a WIN-WIN for Hawaii to have a PRO FOOTBALL TEAM!

  9. Listener from Greece! Great show again! You are what keeps me close to Hawai’i! ¡Mahalo!

    Are you ,Bruce, going to do a eurotrip like last year? I think it was Corfu island, wasnt it?

    Thank you,

    Dimitris K.

  10. And please tell us how can anyonr keep in touch with Hawai’i even the person is very faaaaar away? Other than your podcast, such as, news, local & online music radio stations?

    Thank you,

    Dimitris K.

    • Braddah…go back from the start of our podcasts…We dive deep into how you can do exactly what your questions asks…NEWS and local and online music and making your Home Feel like Hawaii…Go back to a few of our OLD PODCASTS CALLED: “BRINGING HAWAII HOME” which was recorded last Aug and “HAWAII QUESTIONS and ANSWERS” which was recorded last May…These two podcasts will HELP YOU OUT BIGTIME!!! Also…if you want an APP for your IPHONE or smart phone download the app ” HAWAII NEWS NOW”

  11. Awesome! Thank you very much for the useful info! Im going to check out your older podcasts!!

    And yes, I will keep up with the new upcoming podcasts for more news about your beautiful island and I will be waiting for more news about Bruce’s eurotrip!

    Dimitris K.

    And a quick introduction:
    I am Greek but now moved to Barcelona. Interested in the tourism industry.


  12. Great podcast once again. Sending some support to keep them coming. Can you guys talk about the rail project on Oahu one day. I am interested to hear what route it would take and how it would impact the island. Also, any updates on Ana’s effects would be interesting to hear. Looking forward to the next podcast!

    • Yes…we’ll talk about the rail coming up…we are forking over another 14 million dollar in losses…State just told us yesterday…We are beyond pissed as we all knew this would happen!!! As for Ana…not really any wind, but bad rain and flash flooding…some areas got 10 inches of rain! CRAZY!

  13. Another great show guys. Love listening. No pro teams is a small price to pay to be living the Island life!! I’ll take it. Have to say i’d consider ironman a pro sport tho. Just not as much money in it. It is the pinnacle of triathlon. Hope to be on a tour soon and then I will rock trip advisor. Continued success!

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