Sometimes you have to say F-YOU!- Feeling the BERN in HAWAII


If you don’t have any interest in politics in Hawaii and in general…well…this episode isn’t for you…but if you want to hear a fucking smack down on WTF is happening in our political system these days you may get a little upset with this “No Holds Barred ” Episode cuz we have a guest with Ballz on this show today,  Chelsea Lyons Kent…plus…what’s sexier than a women who knows her politics, doesn’t back down and actually looks like Tina Fey…HELLO!


Chelsea Lyons Kent at this time is known for her appearance during the national television broadcast of the Democratic National Convention presidential nomination roll call, where she gives the middle finger to the status quo of the Democratic Party. The gesture infuriated many in Hawaii, but made her a hero to the die-hard Bernie Sanders supporters.

Please check out her story here…you may be surprised how the system actually works…so much so you may just become as pissed off as Chelsea.

No matter who you Vote for in this Election things are about to change in this Country for the worse and I say worst because it must be worse before it gets better.. At least that’s what I think, AlohaBruce has a completely different take, he actually thinks this country is great and the process works. He also has some facts to back up that bizarre thought LOL.

People like Chelsea and I believe A REVOLUTION is coming…you can see the writing on the wall…PEOPLE ARE PISSED OFF may it be Bernie supporters or Trump supporters…The Status Quo can be no more…Over the next four years who every gets in…this country will be tested like no other time, because the test will come from within the country itself…The young will rise and the United States will be changed forever! Prepare yourselves…peaceful or violent…REAL CHANGE IS COMING!


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10 thoughts on “Sometimes you have to say F-YOU!- Feeling the BERN in HAWAII

  1. I still don’t understand why Hawaiians are mad at Chelsea. Could it be simply because some Hawaiians just hate white people? Not all, but some. Kamehameha killed thousands of Kanaka Maoil but yet they still revere him. Kamehameha killed more Kanaka Maoil than Haoles. Even if the US never took the islands, Japan would have done it, or someone else.

    Here’s a racist “Hawaiian” professor, Haunani-Kay Trask, who hates white women so much that she wrote a poem about it. Meanwhile, she dates a white man and is part white herself and isn’t even a true native Hawaiian, and is from the mainland:

    “Racist White Woman
    I could kick
    Your face, puncture
    Both eyes.
    You deserve this kind
    Of violence.
    No more vicious
    Tongues, obscene
    Just a knife
    Slitting your tight
    Little heart.
    For all my people
    Under your feet
    For all those years
    Lived smug and wealthy
    Off our land
    Parasite arrogant
    A fist
    In your painted
    Mouth, thick
    With money
    And piety”

  2. Another good show today.

    Kim and I wanted to thank you for your hospitality when we were in Hawaii. Yaling is a wonderful hostess. The two year plan is still a go. There is a possibility of companies offering housing stipends. If we can swing that then that is the way we will go. If not then we will be looking first at Maui followed by the Big Island.

    While the initial shock of housing was a real eye opener we are stand firm in our resolve. Once the housing problem was accepted we looked at the positives. Yes, the climate is great but the real clincher is the people. Around ever corner we came rounded we were greeted with nothing but the aloha spirit. We are looking forward to becoming productive members of the community and raising our children to understand the meaning of Aloha ʻĀina and helping Wayde clean up after shit heads.

    Keep up the good work and we look forward to seeing you again.

  3. Aloha Bruddahs from beautiful Tampa FL.
    Long time listener but the first time commenting. Enjoyed the show with Chelsea and politics which is a hobby of mine. I used to live in Pearl City for three years before my ex- wanted to move back to the mainland (part of the reason she is an ex-) and Hawaii is now a part of who I am. Hawaii is so in me that I know about the local news and politics of Oahu than I do of Tampa. I watch Hawaii News Now’s Sunrise just about every day, get the HPR podcast Town Square on a weekly basis, read the Star Advertiser paper daily via their GREAT app (which gives me the full print edition of the paper), watch the Hawaii Life and Building Hawaii TV shows and of course listen to your podcast. Now I have a lovely new wife of 8 years who I brought to Oahu in 2012 and she fell in love with Hawaii. So we hope to move back in 2018 if some business opportunities fall into place.

    So I said all that to say that I’ve stayed on top of rail (which I like although don’t like the escalating costs) and the mayors race as well as other Hawaii political topics. A couple of thoughts on the recent show with Chelsea:

    * I find it kind of hard to receive the comment that FL is a red state when the 2000 election was so close and Obama carried the state in 2008 and 2012. In fact if you check the election results (Google “2012 presidential election state by state” and look at the NY Times link), you will see that it has been a red and blue state flip flopping. So Chelsea’s generalization that FL is a red state was not accurate.

    * Rail: When I lived in Pearl City, I was the pastor of First Chinese Church of Christ on King St across the street from McKinley (next to Kaiser Perm) and I know how horrible the commute from PC to downtown can be. I road the bus a number of times with a bike and that was nice. I think rail would be a great idea but it has to go to Ala Moana and extensions to UH. Going to Middle St isn’t a good idea. I like DJou but he is not really putting forth any realistic solutions (rail at grade level is not viable; how are cars and rail going to mix at grade?). I have loved the vibrant debate about rail and I realize that it won’t solve all of the traffic problems but it at least gives an alternative transportation method. If I still lived in PC, I would use it to go downtown.

    *Tips For Service People: I’m with Chelsea there that we should do away with tipping. Build the costs into the cost of the meal and call it a day. If your meal goes up an additional $3-5 then at least I know what the total cost of the meal will be. Plus I feel uneasy when I can’t leave the cash on the table and have to put it on the credit card slip. Is the waiter cursing me under their breath for not leaving the cash when in fact I have left a tip at the register? Get rid of the whole process. Employers pay the employees. That’s a part of doing business just like everywhere else in business.

    *Bruce Talking instead of the guest: brah!! Let’s hear from the guest especially since you seem to feel for a podcast that you are on a clock (which I don’t understand since I have listened to 3 and 4 hours podcasts). Ask the the guest a question brah and wait for them to respond. Mahalo Wade.

    *Next Prez only in for 4 year: Interesting point Wade and not something I had considered. Social unrest is interesting. Maybe it would be a good time to move to Hawaii where there is peace and tranquility (wink). If Hillary wins and “extends” the Obama legacy with a good smattering of far left policies thrown in for good measure, I think it will be so bad for business that she’ll only last one term. Plus Lord only knows what mischief Bill could get into if Hillary were elected. Will the Clinton Foundation really be a blind institution to a President Hillary (meaning she wouldn’t know what was going on inside)? I doubt it. I’m not a big Trump fan but this election comes down to one issue for me: selecting Supreme Court justices and I prefer conservative justices (who are strict interpreters) than liberal justices (who will legislate and make up law from the bench). So that leaves me with Trump.

    Other General Comments about the show
    *Topics: Love the topics you guys come up with. I don’t comment as much because I am working my way through the backlog. As a minister I would appreciate less toilet humor (segment on horses copulating was not only not funny but came while I was eating lunch-ugh). Whether you believe it or not, you guys are better than that. Suggested topics if you haven’t covered them yet: What’s it like to cruise the islands? Cheap eats for less than $10/person? Best place to get a shaved ice? Good hikes for folks over 50? Pros and Cons of living in certain parts of Oahu (North Shore vs Millilani vs Ewa vs Kaneohe vs Hawaii Kai vs Manoa Valley, etc); Best Holiday time (Christmas, New Year’s, Valentine’s Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving) to visit Hawaii?
    *Profanity: I realize that it is in the world but it would be nice to be able to play your podcast while I’m driving in the car with my seven year old son and five year old grandson. Not being able to do that increases my backlog because I listen to the bulk of my podcasts while driving.
    *Support System In Moving To Hawaii: since you guys are not religious, one thing that you left out (and was big for me when I first was working in Hawaii prior to pastoring) was the impact that church can have in creating a support system. When I first came to Hawaii in 1999, I connected with Makiki Christian Church on Piikoi. Almost immediately I was welcomed by a loving faith community that made a 6’1″ black man feel comfortable among short Japanese people. That fellowship connected me to the United Church of Christ denomination which opened up a chance for me to preach at a sister church around the corner called 1st Chinese Church of Christ. Preaching there ultimately lead to a call to pastor and the support system grew even more creating life long friendships that exist to this day. So a good place to build a support system is church for people of faith moving to Hawaii. You have people with all types of community connections in the church.
    *Theme Song: Love the song!!

    Thanks for feeding my Hawaii addiction. We hope to come out in March 2017 for my birthday or for Memorial Day and would love to meet you guys. God bless.

    Darryl Matthews
    Riverview, FL (outside of Tampa)

  4. Hello Fellas-
    Been listening since Bruce’s solo podcast #500 or so. Tons of great info helps us get the most out of our vacation. Because of you guys, I have developed a great live and appreciation for the land and its culture. Was looking forward to doing some voluntourism this time but my son broke his hand playing baseball a few weeks back and can’t do much.

    I built up four podcasts so I could stay busy on our flight yesterday. Typing now from our hotel in Waikiki. Wonderfully diverse grouping of podcasts. You guys keep getting better. Count me among those that would love some more history talk. Maybe a UH prof? I really enjoy Jonathan Orsino’s work, for example.

    I’ll wave as we drive by sometime this week! Take care and keep up the great work!
    Jason in Wisconsin

      • Would be great to finally meet you. Might be there tomorrow (Friday). We were planning on doing Koko Crater hike in the morning. However, I’m pretty sure I broke my toe up at Shark’s Cove today so I might need something to do while the rest of the family heads up the crater. I’ll definitely try to stop by though. Thanks!

  5. The best podcast about Hawaii that I have found anywhere on the web. Love listening to you guys still! Good guest and topics of convo. You two have been EXTREMELY influential in our decision to put our 2-3 yr plan of moving to Hawaii in effect. My husband has been in touch with Dept of Education in Hawaii and is starting a certification program towards receiving a license to teach in Hawaii. If I am still in the same position 2-3 yrs from now, I will try to request a job transfer. On another note, We also caught a YouTube video with Unko George and Wayde…U G is SO endearing and seems like a really sweet soul! It’s great to understand Hawaii from both your perspectives and his. We have these lofty dreams that when we move to HI that we are going to try and get involved as much as possible within the community ( when not working ) and hopefully really immerse ourselves in Hawaii culture and life. I keep hearing everyone talking about the feeling of Aloha, and I want to know what that means…so, hopefully this happens! Alright, I am out…need to get back to work! Take care guys!

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