Today we talk about all the recent SHARK ATTACKS in the Hawaiian Islands…Oahu has had many of them…we give some reasons why and more.


We also have a disscussion about the truth of what happened in Hawaii, before and after America got here and why some younger Native Hawaiians may still hold onto the past.


Last we talk about some of the great places for Photo Ops here on the islands…Everyone should have a Photography day while visiting the islands!!!



24 thoughts on “SHARK ATTACKS in HAWAII and MORE!

  1. Was just listening to this new posted podcast… but there appears to be a problem? The 2nd half after the music break is a repeat of the last episode. I was wondering why thought I had heard that stuff before because why would Bruce be talking about the size of his package 2 weeks in a row?

  2. first off, thanks for the shoutout brothas!

    i feel like i’ve said this before, but why are you guys (or your friends/clients) having such a problem with rental cars? what kind of shit places are you renting from? every time we rent from alamo and use the ATM like kiosk to get our car. zero lines, it still fucking hurts but they make it easy to take my money.


    in, swipe DL and CC, say no to gps and gas, walk out, find the nicest red 4dr hardtop jeep and load up our shit.. takes maybe 10 minutes from start to finish? maybe it’s worse on BI and Kauai but HNL and OGG has never been a problem.

    bruce… man that ride sharing thing… $200 a day is one thing but i’m not sure i would risk someone beating the shit out of my car for a day. seems kinda risky. the jeep is one thing, but the tesla?

    also, chumming is illegal. are you guys saying the north shore shark cage operators are illegally chumming? granted i’ve only been once but i didn’t see them do shit.

    tomorrow i might re-listen and post some pics of all the places you guys outlined here.

    anyway, good ep. glad you got it ironed out!

    • I don’t have issue with rental cars…but if you DO rent them RELAYRIDES…NO BULLHSHIT PRICING and the taxes you get fucked with if you rent from a big wig. Chumming is illegal…not sure why Lani said that…the boats cant chum anymore…but just the boat being there brings sharks in…

  3. Thanks for mentioning article I sent you guys…i thought it was a super unique and refreshing way of looking at those issues especially penned by a Hawaiian.
    Good show boys.

  4. Episodes are getting better each week guys! Definitely getting back to more informative topics. Appreciate that.

    How did Pacific Warriors get on tv and filming in Hawaii, but Price of Paradise is having a hard time kicking off? I hope the show gets off the ground. I think it’s a good idea for Wayde to restart the YouTube channel. That’s where it all started!

    New red tesla Bruce? you rich bastard. Lol.

    • X…Pacific Warriors got started from a Viral Video on youtube…All my videos are great…but none went viral…You are right…Im starting my Youtube up again starting in JAN 2016…it’s pretty clear now we are NOT going to reach our Crowdfunding goals…so im going to take the money raised and invest in some new TECH for the new start of the Youtube channel…New Camera withan advanced gimble setup and a computer and editing and film software as well as a DRONE for filming if we can at least reach 5K in funding.

  5. I really Love Wayde’s personal stories on dating. It added a really cool hanging out with friends swapping stories experience to the Podcast. Any chance we do a segment called Wayde’s Wild Wahine weekly 😛

    Mahalo Keep it up boys

    • Jay…I would love to do that…but Wayde doesn’t stay on the Market for long…I found my Wahine…she’s the Golden Ticket and I’m sticking with her…so no more dating for me…I’m a one women man braddah…I’ll talk about her for a few mins in the next Podcast 😉

  6. Sup guys! Glad you did the Maui podcast! Actually got to listen to it on the plane ride out. Had a blast out there for the 10-11 days we were there. Saw just about everything we wanted to see. I assume you guys have seen the Pi’ilanihale Heiau at Kahanu Garden? Me and the wife were actually there all alone. So impressive and moving. Probably my highlight of the trip.

    I remember that Wayde was doing a whole thing about the public restrooms over on Oahu. I can tell you that definitely applies to Maui. The state run restrooms on the road to Hana are fucking disgusting.

    I can also testify that it was seriously fucking hot this time. Highs were like 86-88 every day.

    Overall our trip was even better than the one we made in January. Feel like we saw all the highlights this time and even managed to get some time just relaxing on Kahekili Beach where our place (Aston Maui Ka’anapali Villas) was. Greatest beach ever.

    Anyway, just got caught up on my podcasts and had a few moments to send a comment your way. Thanks for all the useful info. I’m not sure the next time we will be able to make the journey from the first state to the 50th again, but will definitely be hitting Oahu that time and a jeep tour is a top priority. Mahalo!

    • Mahalo for the comment Matt…Yeah…we know the Parks and bathrooms are in serious shit shape…our nonprofit is working our way to move branches out to the other islands…it’s a process, but we are getting there. Keep us posted on your next journey back to paradise…glad you had a great trip.

  7. Hey guys I still love your show after having listened for well, a long time now. You guys help make work a little more bearable. You guys seem to be like wine and you get better with age! Happy 100th podcast episode and here’s to the next 100!

  8. Boy, I am hooked. I am hoping you guys are both okay. I have been waiting with everyone else for the next episode to drop and when it doesn’t, I get a little worried.

    I hope you both have a great Thanksgiving. I am thankful to have found your podcast. I was born and raised in Waipahu (Ani Ani Pl.) then moved to Nebraska, so this gives me a little glimpse of what island life is now like back home.

    Keep up the great work! Thank you for keeping me connected to home.


    • Aloha Ryan…Mahalo…We are very busy guys…We wish someone would pay us and we would do a show every day, but we need to work for a living…you know how expensive it is here…this is a hobbie for us to share with you and everyone…some weeks we just can’t do one. We are working on our 100th Episode so it’s going to be longer than expected…but no Thanksgiving episode this year…sorry brah~

  9. Where did you guys go? it seems like you don’t take podcasting serious enough in terms of money, but you have many listeners. If you listened to the podcast called Startup you would know there is a lot of money to be made on paid advertising for podcasts. Many other podcasts make a load of money making episodes “this American life” “planet money” “seriel”… and so on. these are multimillion dollar podcasting shows, I don’t think you guys are leveraging this enough.

  10. not sure what it pays, but i listen to a few podcasts, including Check out their site, each post has links to 2 or 3 sponsors that they plug on-air (so to speak) periodically over the course of their 2hr podcast.

    the sponsors will give their listeners a deal if they go to the site and sign up using a specific promo code.

    example: wayde’s bald. bald guys need razors to keep their heads fresh, so it would make sense if wayde plugged harry’s razors (similar to dollar shave club but nicer stuff)… LWL808 listeners get 15% off if they sign up for harry’s razors using promo code “LUCKYWE”

    i am not 100% sure where they are getting/choosing the sponsors from, and obviously their sponsors are more of a techy category due to their podcast nature, but i would imagine there are more LWLH-y sponsors to choose from.

    • Nick…we will look into this…but it would be nice for someone else to…We live very busy lives…We dream and wish we could just show up in a studio every day for a few hours and do a show and leave…and get paid a few $100 bucks…there is just so much involved that we don’t always have the time every week…Let’s say We plan on doing a Podcast one week…I have to work one of the days we planned a podcast…am I going to do the podcast and make nothing or tour people around for $300-700 for the day…Im working…not doing the podcast…and if Bruce is working or has meetings or something…he’s going to do that…We love to Podcast…but it’s a hobbie…we don’t get paid…the donations we get keep the podcast on the air…we don’t pocket anything…it costs us to do this…Yes we make it back from using the Podcast as an advertising tool as well, but we never push that too much…So if someone has a SOLID PLAN to sell us to someone or make us some money from this we would do it every day and would live to hear the plan!

  11. Hi guys! Cant wait for the new podcast! I’ve now listened to every show 🙂 I’ll still be listening when you get to 200 and your podcasting from Waydes place on the big island 😉

    Just wanted to say you guys really have inspired me and I am determined to one day be as lucky as you and live in this amazing paradise!

    On a downer note i wrote last year to you guys about the current state of Kawela. Having just arrived to Oahu for a vacation I went up there hoping it hadnt got much worse but it was horrible! They’ve pretty much destroyed the entire bay! Do you guys even know what they are planning to build there becasue its such a mess at the minute?

    Thanks guys and have a great christmas and new year!


  12. Hello, I’d like to know the song information on this episode, the song about the heiau. Beautiful song! Didn’t see info in the podcast notes. Mahalo.

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