The LONG AWAITED Podcast Episode is here!

THIS EPSIODE IS A 100% ADULT PODCAST THIS WEEK…so please, if sex isn’t your thing…move along…move along.

It’s taken well over 100 podcasts to talk about one of the greatest things about Hawaii…THE SEX!  Sex in Hawaii because of it’s tropical weather and romantic undertones can jump start and revitalize your relationship with your loved one and best friend. If your sex life is boring or down in the dumps let this podcast be a jumping off point to get you guys down the right path of adventure and excitement with your lover!

This podcast is going to be fun, but it’s also going to take in some serious tones on the fact that SEX is an important part of a loving relationship…it’s not the most important thing, but if you are not close to your partner physically and you are not willing to be affectionate with them it could put a strain on your relationship and even develop a loss of trust between the two of you. So…being adventurous and taking some risks could be an easy way to bring that fire back into your relationship and get rid of your stress!

THERE IS NO BETTER PLACE than HAWAII to set your relationship on FIRE once again! May you already live here or plan on moving here you should be willing to get out of your comfort zone and try something new with your lover…trust me…you won’t regret it. Not only will your life with your lover change, your life in your day to day will change. You will take more chances and more risks because once you have sex in public places it will give you new confidence in every aspect of your life.

If you have a sexual fantasy HAWAII can make that fantasy come true, but we are living in the real world so we need to take some real world situations into consideration…This isn’t a ROMANTIC PORNO people!!!



*STANDING POSITIONS ONLY if at all possible

*KEEP YOUR CLOTHS ON if at all possible

*NO FOREPLAY if at all possible

*DON’T FILM A SEXUAL MOVIE SCENE IN YOUR HEAD…if you do you will be sadly disappointed!

*YOU HAVE 10-15 MINUTES TOPS! Don’t push the time or you may get caught!

*NO FINISHING…unless you guys are fast…I think the idea is to get excited about doing something taboo and then thinking about it on the drive home and finishing there!

*DON’T PLAN PUBLIC SEX…you’ll fuck it up one way or another…just let it happen, but always be ready and dressed for it just in case you two are feeling horny.

*IF YOU GET CAUGHT somehow have a way to slide out of it and have an excuse…The only thing you should really have planned well ahead of time is a good story or excuse for why your man has you bent over or you are facing him and grinding…lol…Good luck with that…lol







UNDER A RAINBOW IN THE RAIN…Yeah…it’s a thing and it’s fucking incredible! TIMING IS EVERYTHING HERE and it will probably only happen once so make it count!



AT THE TOP OF A HIKING TRAIL PILLBOX (Military bunker on full moon)









IN A FIELD OF SUNFLOWERS…Yeah…it’s a thing here!

There are many places to set your relationship on FIRE here in Hawaii and we are only giving you a few of them…be creative, but don’t so much plan it out…it takes away the thrill when you do that…talk about it in passing here and there during your week or days and then when you are together and out and about and one of you feels it’s a good time and feels right tell your partner and DO IT!


17 thoughts on “SEX in HAWAII

  1. Can confirm, sex is (at least when I lived there in the 90’s) insane in Hawaii. My buddies and I would start most weekends at the airport or hotel lobbies looking for some ladies who were looking for fun. Just a pack of manwhores really. The cops were always pretty cool when we got caught on the beach or whatever, they usually just flashed the headlights or flashlight and gave us a couple minutes to bail out, only one ever snuck up on us but he just turned red trying not to laugh while we scrambled to dress.

    That music was awesomely bad, I wanted to go find an elevator up to a skanky 70’s lounge to play it loud.

    Glad to hear there is a real effort to solve the AlaWai problem, I actually found that student contest on Wednesday and sent the link to my Kid’s engineering teacher. I hope they get it done, it would be great to get the canal cleaned up.

  2. Aloha guys~ It’s Gretchen. Thanks so much for mentioning me in the Sex In Hawaii episode. My story is kind of long – I’ll
    Try to give you the short version. I went to Oahu for the first time in 1998 (we had family living there that were in the Navy). I fell in love with the island the second I walked off the plane. The feel & smell of the air, the trade winds, etc. I finally felt like I was HOME. Since then, we’ve visited 7 more times, once to Kauai, all the rest to Oahu. I stayed with family only one other time. We are very partial to Ko Olina and last year (our last visit) we stayed in the villas, absolutely beautiful and perfect. After my first visit I was sure I wanted to live there. I read every book in the library about all things Hawaii including culture, history, tourism, moving there, etc. I started job hunting and was very close to accepting a job at the Kona Brewery when I panicked because I had two children, one in her junior year of high school and one in middle school. I thought long and hard and discussed it with my husband and ultimately we decided we couldn’t disrupt their lives for my dream that honestly could fail. So, I declined the position (I’m an accountant) and postponed my dream. Once both my kids were out of high school I really started considering it again. Not that I ever stopped thinking and planning. I decided to start the group for my benefit because I was trying to find advice and friends that were already there. I wanted to network for job possibilities and for a support group both on the island and in general. But I also wanted others to be able to find the same things. The group took off very quickly. I enlisted the help of Kim as it was becoming too much for me to manage with a full-time job as well. Since the start of the group a few things in my life changed. I have two grandchildren with a third on the way and I’ve learned so much from my group that I believe I am now at the point where I want Hawaii (Oahu) to always be my “special” place and for me that means the place I go to vacation and possibly retire to. This is not to say that if an amazing opportunity presented itself that I wouldn’t leave tomorrow. I still, however, find great joy in being an active member of the group and encouraging people with their dream of moving to the islands. I personally have come to respect the land so much and don’t want to be a mainlander that takes jobs away from locals. That being said, I always knew I would give more than I took if/when I do move to Hawaii. Those are the types of people that are in my group. People that love the Aina and want to give more than they take. I’m proud of that.
    So, I live in California, for now. We’ll see where my journey takes me. My heart will always be in Hawaii and I will NEVER stop visiting, that much is for sure.
    I would love to do a phone thing. You can call me at (530) 320-4873. Let’s talk and see where you would like to go with that.
    You guys ROCK!! I’m honored that you’ve joined our group and mentioned us a couple times.
    I look forward to hearing from you!!

    • hoooly shit hahahaha you scared me with the “i’m really worried about the blacks coming” at the 21 minute mark, bruce.

      i was like whoaaa this podcast just took a turn down the wrong street.

      anyway, good episode guys! i give it 10 donald trumps out of 10.

      • Hey Nick, This is Rico (Black) and Your comment had me LOL, as it happens I actually happen to be black. So this is not uncommon for our family and I’m good humored about it (Especially from these guys).

  3. Aloha,
    Another great episode guys! I really liked the warning about not letting children listen to the episode. Like what parents are letting their children listen to this with all the fucking swearing anyway? I would let them listen to the guy from Boston so they can get a proper primer on how to weave a tapestry of curse words into a fine blanket to keep themselves warm on a brisk mainland winter’s evening.

    I think that you guys were a little confused on the meaning of a “baby moon”. The purpose wasn’t to try and conceive a baby on the trip. Kim and I found out about this on our trip. We had no idea of the concept we were checking the livability of Hawaii. The purpose of the babymoon is to have one last good time before your life is ruined with your new burden of joy.

    Mahalo for the shows.

  4. Technical question: In the past you’ve mentioned one of the drawbacks of the podcast is the cost to put it out. Specifically, the bandwidth associated with downloads and the size of the podcast itself causing problems. Have you considered recording it at a different level of audio quality? I see that this episode was listed as being recorded in stereo @256kbps bit rate and was a 67MB file. I converted it to mono @96kbps bit rate and got a 43MB file. The converted file definitely sounded less “resonant” but it wasn’t bad at all. Far closer to FM radio quality than AM radio quality. Maybe try it on your end to see if it’s acceptable to you guys? Since the podcast is primarily radio talk show format it’s not really essential to record it at such a high level of audio quality? Maybe if you had a music focused episode and the artist preferred you record at a higher bit rate, then fine. But otherwise, you know? By doing this you could potentially cut your bandwidth usage by 1/3 alone and save a little cash/trouble in the long run. I see that this is also done on some of the other podcasts I regularly download.

  5. Yes! You guys are seriously the best. Only this podcast could do this topic. appreciate you guys taking suggestions, it makes the podcast fun

  6. We had sex on our honeymoon in Waikiki in the water. It was later in the evening after sunset and we definitely enjoyed it, lol. 🙈

  7. Aloha, Wayde! Since you are searching for a nickname, I have a great one for you. Wayde “The Big Kahuna” Fishman. Just rolls off the tongue. 🙂 I’m an admin with Gretchen for the facebook group Hawaii or Bust!! (the big move the 808 area code). Love you guys you make me laugh 🙂

  8. Does anyone want to fund my Move to Hawaii dream and then continue funding me after I move there? That would be sweet…not going to happen, I know….I fricken loved this last podcast, very informative AND helpful! 😉 Gretchen-I was reading your response(s) and definitely feel the same re: Hawaii. I’m afraid I’ve become a bit obsessive now about moving and I’m pretty sure my friends and family are tired of hearing it from me. My first time in Hawaii was when my husband and I went to the Big Island the week we moved from Boston back home to Chicago in 2009. ( Side note: Wayde-I think your new nickname should be Wicked Wayde? Too cliche? It has a Hawaiian vibe to it, maybe?) I have been to the Caribbean islands more than some pirates, but had never been to Hawaii and can honestly say, the Caribbean doesn’t come close to how I felt about Oahu and the Big Island. I know living there is different than vacationing there, but I don’t care…still want to! Anyhow, it would be great if something could be done to improve the state of the Ala Wai Canal. As a mainlander, until I listened to your podcasts I had no idea how polluted it is. I remember doing a hike to clean up a river and along the river in IL while I was in college a LONG time ago, and you really get this sense of pride that you are helping a great cause, so hopefully students will feel the same way. Anyhow, aloha and mahalo guys, have a great week!
    Meghan Z

  9. Mahalo for everything you put into this podcast series Wade and Bruce! I just started listening recently and have been working my way through the episodes, mostly on long flights. I have had my share of stares for laughing out loud on planes while listening to you guys. I appreciate your passion for Hawaii and your genuine interest in helping people appreciate and experience Hawaii the way you do. I just donated $50 for myself and $50 to make up for the guy who stiffed you with a credit card transaction reversal (can’t remember which podcast that was in, but it stuck with me). And thanks for everything you give back to Hawaii – it’s rare to find people who live what they say, but you obviously do. We’re planning to move our family there next summer (different island) and have experienced many of the ups and downs of trying to plan a realistic transition. Living in a smaller town and getting involved and giving back is one of my own biggest reasons for wanting to live in Hawaii, and it has been great to hear how you have done this. Thanks again!

    • Crap – just realized I dropped the “y” from your name Wayde – sorry about that. At least I didn’t manage to turn Bruce into Bryce at the same time.

  10. You guys, especially Wade got really into this episode. Maybe you two should start a Hawaii Sex Jeep Tour. I’m sure the Hawaii Bureau of Tourism would love that idea.

  11. Just happened across your podcast on sex in HI. Anywhere is great. But the “with” is better: Local boys. They da bes’ End of story. Talk about Alohaaaa…It’s in their blood.

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