Today we talk about the Seasons of Hawaii…Winter is upon us so you need to know the differences if you plan on vacationing here during that time or if this is your first year living here. Hawaii has two major seasons…SUMMER and WINTER. These Seasons DO HAVE major differences…WINTER brings cooler temps, Rainbows, Rain, Waterfalls, Tropical Green Rainforests, Humpback Whales and the BIG North Shore Waves as well as very ruff seas and winds. SUMMER brings warmer temps, less wind, less rainbows, very little rain, not many waterfalls, dryer browner forests and mountain ranges, no Whales, no Big surf, calm seas and less winds which makes for prime Snorkeling and scuba diving.

So before you come to Hawaii know WHY you are coming here and what you want to see or do…if you come here in SUMMER to see Humpback Whales you won’t be seeing them…if you come here in WINTER to go snorkeling…unfortunately…YOU WON’T BE…and if you come to see Waterfalls DON’T come in SUMMER!

PLAN YOUR TRIP ACCORDINGLY…and if you just moved here know what you can and can’t do during the seasons.

10 thoughts on “SEASONS of HAWAII

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  2. Yes thank you. Let’s move on from the politics. Thanks for the advice. I was kind of worried that you guys were going to clown me for wanting to do a total tourist vacation.

    • IMHO, there’s nothing wrong with being a tourist every once in awhile, try not planning anything and being spontaneous for a change.

  3. No Darren, wayde is a walking contradiction. He hates me and just wanted “liberals” to be wrong. It’s all about “winning” and nothing to do with actual politics. He has no idea how it works, I tried to explain it, but as usual he just bullies me, laughs at me and claims “she’s a liar”

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  5. Aloha boys,
    Beth and Kevin here Vacationing on the island of Hawaii and we have been networking in advance of our move in May. We were invited to someone’s house to have a home cooked meal prepared by a local chef. Just wanted to let you know everyone has been very welcoming about our upcoming move. I would also prefer if you laid of politics for awhile. At least while iwe are on vacation. Mahalo

    • Aloha right back! Glad you guys are settling in and making some great contacts. Not sure if or when Wayde will be in touch with me so you don’t have to worry about politics for awhile LOL

  6. Aloha guys
    Great show as usual. I love the new setup at the international market place — it rocks. I hope it brings lots of business and success. Mahalo for the dedication to the show and helping thousands of ppl keep the dream alive.

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