Sanctioned & Unsanctioned HIKES on Oahu


Hawaii, but mostly OAHU has seen a disturbing trend in disrespect of our aina (land) and the current laws on the books when it comes to SANCTIONED and UNSANCTIONED Hikes. Social Media…Instagram, facebook, twitter, youtube, Yelp and other social outlets have contributed to the death of our secret and sacred places on Oahu and we explain why this has happened mainly to OAHU on this weeks podcast. We’ll also discuss the current news on Oahu and Hawaii…We have some current issues here and we discuss them this week.

Looking for SANCTIONED TRAILS? In Hawaii Nei there are technically around 120 Sanctioned Trails…Plus or Minus the ones that have either been closed or re-opened.



4 thoughts on “Sanctioned & Unsanctioned HIKES on Oahu

  1. Hi Bruce and Wayde,

    I just found your podcast a couple weeks ago and have really enjoyed listening to your past and present segments. You guys have a great dynamic, and I love hearing about the local current events.

    My partner- Michael, our cat- Meeka, and myself are moving to Oahu on October 3rd of this year. We’ve both been to Hawaii before and absolutely fell in love with it. There’s such an incredible energy there, that we both just knew that it was where we wanted and needed to be.

    We currently live in Pennsylvania, and about two years ago we began seriously talking about/ planning for this move. As young professionals with no children we’ve been able to save about $30,000 to make this plan happen.

    Our cat, Meeka, has been properly vaccinated and all of her paperwork is in order in accordance with Hawaii state regulations. Our flights have been booked and travel accommodations have been made. We have an Airbnb rental for the first month we’re there. We plan to use this time to find an apartment and start the job hunt. (While we do not have jobs lined up ahead of time, we feel that we have adequate savings to help us in this transition. For reference: Michael’s background is in accounting/finance. I have a degree in Psychology with an extensive background in customer service and have always wanted to teach or work with the incarcerated.) We have arranged to have my car shipped to Honolulu, arriving roughly the same time we do. We may decide, once there, to have Michael’s car shipped as well depending on our job situation.

    Really, the only thing left is to decide is if/when to ship our household items and if so- then how to do so. We only have about a dozen or so boxes- no furniture. I would really prefer to ship rather than forget it and replace everything once in there. We definitely wouldn’t need a full shipping container. Do you have any suggestions for shipping companies that do partial containers and ship from the East coast? Or do you think it would be better/cheaper to ship via FedEx or USPS? Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Also, any constructive criticism towards our plan in general is welcome!


    Rachel, Michael, & Meeka

    • Hey Rachel,
      Congrats on your upcoming transition. For myself I found it more cost effective to ship our 10 or so boxes using Fed Ex. We paid about$1500 much cheaper than the $6,000 I was quoted using PODs or U-Haul’s version of thePOD problem there is that you get whatever size container regardless of whether you fill it or not. I imagine coming from the east cost its just going to be even more expensive. Maybe it was more expensive coming from the midwest because it had to be trucked to the west coast first. Can’t imagine it’s much different coming from the east coast.

      I can tell you the one thing I’ve consistently heard here is that people brought too much stuff with them. Sounds like you have gotten rid of the extra stuff but you may want to look again. You’ll have a much smaller place here at first. Do you really want to have to store all of those things? Just something to consider.

  2. Welcome back! Glad to hear you guys are keeping busy and finding success in your business ventures, that’s awesome! Okay…I have to say that you guys have me hooked on everything Hawaii, so I have been reading books and magazines re: moving to Hawaii, looking at Peter’s website ( terrific find ) and watching movies and shows and documentaries on Hawaii. There was something on Netflix about a Hawaiian Charter School and it mentioned something about the rail system that I hadn’t even thought about and that was that the aina is Sacred and the rail is disturbing the aina. I am not too spiritual, but feel like this is very sad for Hawaiians. Anyhow…just had to share my thoughts. We are coming to Oahu in January and am counting down the months, days, hours, minutes…obsessive ( just a little bit ). We would really like to book a tour with you guys if you are not too busy, what do you guys suggest? Thanks again for all of your good advice and feedback.

  3. hi guys! glad to have you back! Love the podcasts so much! I’m still insanely jealous of you both! I would love to move to hawaii one day its the only place i ever feel truly happy! Being from the UK though it would be extremly hard to get there one day but im not going to give up hope!

    My addicition to hawaii has recently cost me my relationship with the love of my life! Im planning to come to Oahu to do some woofing for a few months and i think she was ready to use our savings to get married and not another trip to the islands! She was not best pleased when i said im planning my 5th visit and then it all ended as she doesnt think i will ever stop going to the islands and she does not want to move there!
    People think im crazy for throwing such a good relationship away (I did truly love her) but the aloha spirit is wedged firmly in my bones and ever since my first visit it’s completely taken over my life!

    sorry for the long comment and keep doing what you are doing!

    ps still waiting for this kamehameha episode…come on bruce you know you want to do it! 😉

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