Reality of Hawaii Real Estate

Real Estate here in Hawaii has been a hot button subject and it’s be a long time since we brought in an expert….So we brought in Lorna Gagnon of RE/MAX.
Lorna’s story is an interesting one on how she even got here in the first place…She ended up here literally by accident! She had a motorhome and hit a deer in Texas, so Lorna and her X decided to have it fixed in California and spend a month in Hawaii. She was already on a year long journey to find a “new home” as she was tired of living in NH and spent 40 years running away from the cold when ever possible. She first was licensed at 18 yrs. old in real estate. It is the only career she’s ever known.
She’s done development, new constructions, resale, commercial and residential.  She owed a RE/MAX brokerage in NH prior to relocating to Hawaii. Upon moving to Hawaii, Lorna worked for a large brokerage in a management position coaching, mentoring and training agents until 2 1/2 years ago. Since that time Lorna and Kevin Tengan (her fiance) opened RE/MAX Prestige in Koko Marina. 
Honestly, the relocation experience has contributed greatly to her level of competence. She understand what it is like to move to Hawaii, what challenges people encountered and the feeling of being overwhelmed. This allows her to help folks from experience when they move here. She has familiarity in all communities, She shows, studies the comps and lifestyles in each community which helps someone relocating because she can talk about all those aspects from traffic to lifestyle.
Being part of the RE/MAX Network we have 100,000 agents worldwide which means we can help them through the sale of their home and purchase here. RE/MAX is in 100 countries worldwide.

22 thoughts on “Reality of Hawaii Real Estate

  1. Bruce & Wayde, this episode was wonderful and I am so excited that you are producing episodes more regularly. I listen to you guys when I go on 10+ mile runs and you make the time much more enjoyable. I am planning to move to Oahu at the end of this year and purchase a house with my mother. I have been to the Islands 6 times and she has visited much more so we are positive on the move and plan to never leave. We each own homes here on the Mainland and plan to sell them and purchase a single family home in Hawaii which will likely cost 2-3 times the price of both of our homes combined!! It is an unfortunate fact but I realize it is common for many people to live together due to the high cost of living, it’s the price for paradise. I really don’t mind because I do not plan to be home much besides sleeping and eating. I want to be out enjoying all that Hawaii Nei has to offer including the beautiful beaches, scuba diving, spear fishing, hiking… My mother and I are both blessed with good jobs on the Mainland and make about 150k combined, so even with a slight pay cut I think we should be fine.

    Wayde, just wanted to saw congratulations on Episode 1 and thank you for making it. I think it turned out wonderfully and was very entertaining. I am looking forward to hiking that trail and many others upon moving to Oahu. I have to say that the first minute of the video was my favorite…love the drone shots and the Hawaii ’78 song. That song is so powerful and brings tears to my eyes every time I hear it. I think it would be nice to incorporate these things throughout future videos for more variation. I do not mean to upset you but rather provide valuable feedback to make future videos even better, regardless, the video was fantastic. I am moving to Hawaii with multiple cameras and stabilized drone systems and hope I can help you at some point in the future. Keep up the great work!! Looking forward to Episode 2.

    Aloha nui loa,

    • Aloha David…It sounds like you and mom have everything under control so there will be no schooling from Bruce or I…I wish you the best and when you two get settled in we would love to have you on the show. Thank you for the feedback…We just started and we only have a 3 person team and no money…We are trying to do what we can with what we have…We would have had drone footage for the first Video, but our Drone guy Vince was in NY and couldn’t make it…you see…these are the issuee we run into…I was very upset we didn’t get drone footage…but even if we did…it was windy and the weather got bad…Drone footage would have been limited either way…Plus…try carring a drone packpack up a mountain…I’m not sure people have a clue what’s involved. We will have more drone footage in our episodes as we move forward. If you want to join CORE 58 just toss $20 or what every you can afford our way through PAYPAL and we can join you to our FACEBOOK GROUP so you can be involved more…You just email: WAYDESWORLDHAWAII@GMAIL.COM when sending money through PayPal…Once you do I will see the name and amount on my PayPal account and then Join you to our CORE 58 Film Group on Facebook…Please also friend me on Facebook so it will be easier to communicate: Wayde Fishman on facebook~ Mahalo

  2. Hey guys. I’ve been way behind on podcasts and the like recently and just got caught up. Great work as always. Also just found out about the whole Core 58 group and sent a request. I’m J Matthew Keen! Very happy to help out with the project even a little bit.

    I did watch the new video and I thought it was great. I do have the tiniest bit of constructive criticism, a lot of which was already brought up by Bruce. I think you need to start the video of by grabbing the audience. Tell people who you are, tell them what you’re doing, tell them how you’re doing it. Personally, I think a map showing the journey would’ve been very helpful. Don’t assume people know what you’re talking about, or it will be less accessible to new viewers. I also think you should establish who it is that’s in your group. I know you say that it will all become clear during the course of the series, but not only do you need to tell a story in the whole series, but tell a story with each episode.

    The other quibble I had was with the music. While I enjoyed it for the most part (especially Hawaii 78, love that tune), it was a bit in your face at times. I especially found the metally tune when you guys were driving through the gate to be a bit much.

    I hope you don’t take my suggestions as an indication that I didn’t really enjoy the video. Because I did. Just some minor suggestions.

    I also had an idea for a podcast episode that you may find interesting. I work in quasi-law enforcement and wonder if you may want to try and get someone from the police to be on the show and discuss what its like over there. You may have to go to a former police officer, as I’d imagine current officers would have to go through official pr channels and that’s not necessarily going to give you an honest perspective.

    Anyway, thanks guys for doing what you’re doing and keep it up.

    • First off…We may be able to do a Podcast on a friend of mine who is an officer…I’m not sure what you want from this podcast Matt…Give us more details on what you expect from it…Like what would you want us to ask them? Not sure what a podcast with a Police officer would be about. OK…lets get into CORE 58…FIRST: If you want to join CORE 58 just toss $20 or what every you can afford our way through PAYPAL and we can join you to our FACEBOOK GROUP so you can be involved more…You just email: WAYDESWORLDHAWAII@GMAIL.COM when sending money through PayPal…Once you do I will see the name and amount on my PayPal account and then Join you to our CORE 58 Film Group on Facebook…Please also friend me on Facebook so it will be easier to communicate: Wayde Fishman on facebook~ Mahalo…Ok your Criticism…

      So you have a lot of things to say…naturally you’re not in my head…So let me take you into my head…The opening scene with the Drone Footage grabs the audience…People know who I am…I have been doing Youtube Videos for 6 years. I will in Future videos tell eveyone what I am doing and how I’m going to do it…thank you…I will NEVER show a Map of a Hiking Journey…I am a part of the Core Hawaii Hiking Social Media Pioneers…currently I am the only one in fact who is still making videos and there is a reason for this…We have destroyed Hawaii with Social Media…All the other Pioneers have quit…I did as well…but I have come back with a pledge to the others…Not to give out info, maps or locations to these beautiful places as most have been destroyed by Social Media. (PLEASE READ MY YOUTUBE EPISODE I VIDEO DESCRIPTION, I talk about this) I don’t assume anything…What I want people to know I speak about…I will continue to give more detals where they are needed…I have to be careful with my words and what I say…trust me…the first EPSIODE I VIDEO had a lot of explaining…I edited them out to stay on good grounds with the Locals here…You don’t fuck with the locals or the community here…you will be destroyed if you do! I will establish in the future who is in my group and who they are. Some don’t want to be known…remember that. I agree…not only do I need to tell a story in the whole series, but tell a story with each episode…I will hopefully start to bring that out starting in Episode II. As for Music…Music will continue to be at the discretion of the Producer.

      • I figured you could just ask how being police in Hawaii differs from on the mainland. I’d assume there are some unique situations that we don’t get over here. For instance, where I live, if the cops are looking for you, you can just drive to another state. Which you can’t so much do when you live on an island. Or how difficult it is to track down criminals if they head into the wilder type areas. I just think it would be interesting to hear how its different.

        I actually contributed to the the crowdfunding campaign. I’m J Matthew Keen. I’m included on the list. Just wasn’t aware when the whole group was formed. I sent a request.

        By a map, I wasn’t suggesting that you give a detailed map on the exact route that you took. Just like a map of Oahu and give general we started around here and we’re headed around here. If that’s too much detail, my bad. I don’t know all the etiquette. I just could have benefitted from a little explanation on what the kst was. I had to google it. Just trying to give a little outsider perspective from someone that doesn’t know anywhere near as much about the islands as you do and wants to learn.

        Again, not trying to offend you in any way. Its your vision and your project so that’s the most important part. Just trying to shine a little light on some things that you may not have considered.

        I really admire and appreciate what you’re doing. Keep fighting for what you believe in.

        • Let me see If I can get my Officer friend to come on…I’m sure he will have to get approval first…not sure if he will want to have himself on tape…we’ll see.

          AHHHHHH…ok…You’re J Matthew Keen…Yes, Yes…You didn fund us…Matt…I never got a request…still don’t have one…Can you please send in a request again? just look for CORE 58 on Facebook again…DAMN MATT…you have missed so much…months of discussions and what we are doing and dealing with…Please get over there and request again…I can’t even find you on Facebook. Continue to give your outside perpective and we will continue to put more and more of what our funders want in our Series on Youtube. You are not offending anyone…Shine light where you want on the project. Hope to get that CORE 58 REQUEST again soon…mahalo Matt.

  3. Whats up guys. I haven’t wrote in since I said that Wayde was possibly racist (i think last year lol), but after listening to your guys’ show for going on two years now, I have come around to your style and format. For that I’ll apologize to Wayde for that comment months ago. A few comments:

    When I last posted I was seriously considering moving, but circumstances have changed. I now have a newborn and I’ve done enough research and listening to you guys to know that makes things MUCH harder. So for now those plans are on hold.

    Im glad this Real Estate topic came up. It blows my mind that 700k is the median price of a house in Hawaii. Here in Houston that gets you a 6000 sq ft house with a 3 car garage, pool, theater room etc. As I now have a newborn and are family is growing, I’d be lying if I didn’t say that was a huge concern. We still have plans to eventually move there, but I’m being very cautious and deliberate in my approach. Unfortunately I only see prices going up as your guest said.

    I definitely want to revisit Oahu, and will book with you guys when the time comes. In 2014 we didnt have a clue, and while we enjoyed ourselves, I can’t help but feel a little cheated by the tour we took. Of course at the time I did not know about this podcast or your tours, but I plan to fix that in the future.

    As a side note, I can’t help but think Bruce is doing very well for himself. Tesla, investment properties, house by the beach. I think it’s possible he withholds a bit of his success on the podcast 😉

    Enjoy the show and im really glad you guys are on a weekly format. I know the show is made in your free time, but last year we would go months without hearing from you guys. Good to see you back on track.

    • Great to hear from you again Darren!! Makes total good sense to put the moving plans on hold! It’s blows my mind what you can get in Texas and other parts of the country for the same $$$. On my personal side, trust me I HAVE PAID MY DUES in this town to get where I am. Don’t forget I’m old enough to prolly be your grandfather LOL I’m 58 and have a lot of years of experience behind me. I bought my house on the water here for 200,000 on a rent to pay agreement 22 years ago, that shit never happens today! You should go back and listen toe he podcasts we did about our personal stories, I revealed way too much on that show, I wanted to not air it and quit!! Mahalo nui

    • lol…I remember you Darren…funny thing is…it was never me that said the Racist thing…it was a guest as I remember and it still wasn’t racist…either way…glad you continued to listen in and understand our style a little more and how we do things here…Bruce got into the market early…he’s set now and he’s lucky…However…the youth of today and myself are screwed…I don’t see myself living on Oahu forever It’s doubtful I’ll ever own a home…it’s just too expensive…Maybe I could get a Condo or a townhouse, but the maintaince fees and such would kill me like a second mortgage…So even if I can afford a condo I can’t afford the association fees on top of it…it’s a lose/lose for me as it is for others our age…most of us our age live with parents or grand parents on attached homes with our own private enterence…that’s the only way!…This island is fucking insane…like it’s laughable…a joke! No one can survive here that are either lower middle class or middle class….Darren…DOCTERS CAN’T AFFORD to live on Oahu…they are middle class here…where as on the mainland they are upper class…It’s so bad Doctors are leaving Hawaii by the 100’s…We are 1,000 Doctors short here on Oahu…The waits are INSANE! Oahu is FUCKED in the next 2-4 years!!! If we don’t get costs under control soon we will be short a work force and there will be more seniors on SS than workers our age…they are leaving! There is no future for them on OAHU! I’m sorry…these are the facts! I’m moving to the Island of Hawaii…I have no choice as many of us don’t…it’s either Big Island or Vegas or the mainland where it’s chaper like Florida or Texas…Sad Oahu has come to this and we have the Elite and Politics to blame!!!

  4. Hi Guys,
    I loved this show! I learned a lot about the difference between fee simple and leasehold. That has always been very confusing for me to figure out. One question I still have is why would someone want to buy a leasehold property, other than the low price point. It seems like a very expensive way to rent a property… Correct me if I’m wrong.
    I appreciate the honest perspective you present of how it is to live in Hawaii showing the good and the bad. Keep it up! look forward to the next episode!

    • Mahalo nui Megan, out next eppy gets recorded Friday, our guest will be author Ellie Crowe, she wrote the book Lost Hawaii

    • Megan…exactly…Why would someone buy a leasehold…sometimes paying less in the short run just sounds like a good idea…when in fact it’s a huge mistake…but if the property isn’t selling the lease…you CAN’T buy it…Or you can’t at least until it comes up for buying again…if it does ever! People think getting a condo or townhouse will be cheaper than a home…but that could be very wrong as well because of the Association fees that could double your mortgage which would put you right at the cost of a House you can’t afford again…it’s a LOSE/LOSE either way. Welcome…We will keep preaching the truth…Good or bad…someone has to! Aloha~

  5. Aloha my Brothers

    Wow what a great one this week. I would say one of the most informative to date. I learned so much from Lorna’s insight, it was a real eye opener. I think for all of us that can’t be there, that wake every morning thinking of how to make the dream possible, this podcast kind of gave a great road map on what is required. Excellent guest.

    I also wanted to take a moment and touch on The price of Paradise.
    As a long-time Fan/Friend/Follower/Supporter of the Waydes World it was so nice just to see a video out again. Those videos are transcending and I regular go back and watch and share them with my Ohana here. The camera work was pronominal, I suffer very badly from vertigo and lots of time I can’t watch videos as there all over the place, but that gimbal really seems to be worth the money. The intro with the drone was top notch and then some. There another guy that does great drone videos in Hawaii as well who I follow and will include the link to his YouTube at the bottom. For me when you guys got to the look out and staired of into the sunset, that payoff was huge, It gave me chills just watching you look out over the mountains and allowed me to live through you momentarily. I did fell the drama as well and thought that when you used the writing on the black background I was able to paint a mental picture how scary that would have been. When you got to the shack I was blown away that it even existed and thought what a bonding experience that must have made for you guys. If I had any feedback at all it would be that selfishly I wish I had more Wayde speaking like at the end. I love Waydes World because of Wayde 1st and then everything else falls into place. I think if one of the crew filmed instead of you so we could see you hiking more as well but when you used the selfie view it did work well. All in all Wayde just wanted to say how proud we are and Happy we were able to help support the project and will be patiently anticipating the next installment.

    Mahalo God Bless your friend Jay  (Shoots)

    • Mahalo Braddah Jay…I’m working on getting in front of the camera again…it’s hard to do everything and find people who want to work the camera…It’s hard to direct and be the star…I need people that are in my head that think like me…that get the shot I picture in my head…We will seriously work on this in the future as we move forward with this…I’m a control freak so that’s an issue as well…at the same time I don’t like ordering people around either…it’s a double edge…I’m working on all these things…there has to be a solution…We’ll get it. Mahalo~

  6. I would love to hear what Wayde has to say about them tearing down King’s Corner for a high rise. I first visited Waikiki in 1985 and loved going to King’s Corner and International Market Place. When they teared down International Market Place I chaulked it up to progress but now that King’s Corner will be gone too it does make me sad a bit.

    • It is what it is Paul…I have given up…I am only one person…there is nothing I can do about the destruction of Waikiki…or the destruction of it’s culture and history…Money rules the world…nothing more.

      • Dammit Wayde…I was hoping for much more of a rant than that…have a nap and a big drink of water and on the next pod cast I wanna hear a big fat rant from you on this topic! lol

        • Paul…I know you want me to explode and rant…but Hawaii isn’t the only place being destroyed…Places all around the world are being lost to development…Places in Africa where Lions have no where to roam so they are shot on sight when they enter african cities…Brazil where there are places they no longer have room to dump their trash so the go on the outskirts of the AMAZON RIVER and dump trucks filled with trash into the river basin…We are destroying our world in the name of development… Humans are a sickness…a virus upon the Earth and the Earth is getting a cold…The Earth already has the fever…(climate change) and once that fever boils over the Earth will freeze and the next Ice Age will begin…laying waste to the virus upon this Earth…it is then that the Earth will start a new…and we will be washed from this planet in a blink of the Earths eye…it can’t come soon enough.

  7. Episode was so good it brought me out of retirement! Sorry guys I’ve been insanely busy with work and just living life over here on Maui. I just did a marathon of like 8 episodes and am finally getting caught up. Can I just say that this episode about Real Estate beats your first one hands down.

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