Today we talk with JEFF WILLISCRAFT concerning his Love and Passion for Hawaii and his inevitable Move to Paradise and what he has done to prepare himself for the move and his new work. Jeff has a unique story we have yet to share on the Podcast and it truly involved RE-INVENTING YOURSELF for HAWAII!

Many don’t realize that re-inventing yourself in Hawaii is one of the top things you’ll need to do to make it in Paradise and Jeff has taken this seriously.

What an inspirational story on changing ones life and career for a dream which will allow him to be…Lucky to live Hawaii.


Few Shots Touring around the West side.

4 thoughts on “RE-INVENTING yourself for HAWAII

  1. Great Episode guys,

    See you guys in August. Bruce i need a favor can i bring my coffee machine with me and leave with you for let,s say about 10 years it cost me $14.99 from Walmart but i have some sentimental feelings attached so i value this about 5k. Just keep it and we will talk after 10 years in Small Claims Court 😉

    • caroline,

      you will need to go a few podcasts back. this has already been discussed.

      kauai is already largely powered by solar …. during the day. at night they have to fire up the generators and burn fuel oil to keep the lights on. the commercial powerwalls are there to help kauai use less fuel oil.

      i’m more than happy to answer any questions you might have on how everything works.

  2. Hi guys and thanks for another great Podcast.

    This is my first comment however I have been subscribed to your show for the last couple of years and find the show has a great perspective of Hawaii, and an honest balance of good and bad sides to the 808 state.

    My family have visited Oahu twice over the last five years and we will be back in June for our next visit. We have already booked the Cultural Tour through Hawaii Jeep Tours and I am looking forward to potentially saying hello to you guys if you are manning your stand at the ‘new’ International market place.

    Anyway, now that I have broken my comment virginity, I’m sure I’ll start to regularly leave some bullshit review about your podcast.


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