Today we meet David Williams a long time Hawaii resident who shares his story and love for the Islands. He’s a former Marine who in the past few years has taken to Social media to spread his message about the Aloha State. The subject of political correctness has come up often on the podcast and one of our listeners suggested we have him on the podcast to discuss race relations. She even offered to donate $150.00 bucks if we did it!  How could Bruce refuse $150!

Even so we think a show about Race was long overdue. While David is not that optimistic about race relations in general on the mainland he does believe that people can learn a lot about getting along by taking the lead from Hawaii.

These islands are a melting pot for the world to see…for many here in the islands people don’t see Race nor Gender or Religion and that’s a hard thing to come by where there is not a lot of judgment. NOW…don’t get us wrong…We DO have resentment and prejudice against some here like the Military and Haole’s…When you steal lands away from another race you’re going to have problems one way or the other…

The United States has had it’s fill of treating the Native American Indians, Native Hawaiians, Puerto Ricans and African Americans unfairly…Hopefully no one is ignorant of that and if you are you should be doing some history on it to learn the things our school systems don’t teach you.

We are hopeful this Podcast will enlighten you to see a different perspective and the perception of Race from a different point of view~

16 thoughts on “RACE in HAWAII

  1. Wow, what a fantastic show! Thank you so much for tackling this difficult topic. You all did a fantastic job and came out with a priceless episode. Alas, $150 is all I have to give at the moment…but I’ll donate more when I can. I’ve been a long time listener but am not able to comment often because my husband and I own two businesses that keep us quite busy.

    Bruce, I hope you had a wonderful trip to Kaua’i. Did you find a guide for us? We’ve booked a tour during our stay there next month.

    Wayde, I want you to know that I agree with your thoughts regarding speciesism. As a species, we are raping the planet and our extinction is probably not far off. Mother Earth will breathe a sigh of relief when that happens. I’ve always thought animals possess a wisdom that we cannot begin to understand. In general, humans just take and take without thought of the impact to the other living beings on this planet. However, not all cultures have behaved in this manner. Native Americans would mourn and thank the soul of the animals they killed. Then they’d use the entire animal for food, clothing, shelter, and tools. Na Kanaka Maoli respect the ‘Aina above all else.

    In this day and age, empathy and kindness are seen as a weakness. We must begin to change this way of thinking and respect to all creatures (humans, animals and the earth as a whole) if we’re to survive much longer. I don’t think it’s too late.

    • Beautifully said Meadow…Native Hawaiians treated the other beings of the Earth the same way as Native American Indians…many cultures still do today…but we Humans are actually killing the cultures that do respect the Earth…The amazon races are a few of them that big Oil and Timber corporations are removing from the face of the Earth and we are doing nothing to stop it! So heart Breaking!!!

  2. Hi guys, listening now to this show. Mark’s (?) song at the beginning is hilarious. Unrelated comment- you mentioned a while back that you wanted to do a show on vegetarian/vegan options there. My husband and I are longtime vegans (20+ years) and are coming in November for 3 weeks. We visit every year and plan to move there in the next 3 years. If you need any help reviewing the vegan spots in Oahu, we could send a list of our faves or come on the show. Sending aloha from Austin Texas!

    • Jessica…We’d love to have you guys on the show and Discuss Vegetarian/Vegan in HAWAII…Please let us know your exact dates and leave us an E-MAIL or PHONE # in the comments and Bruce or I will reach out to you and set something up while you are here…this coming week I think we are talking about my Book and Living a sustainable life here in Hawaii off grid. Please reach out soon! Mahalo~

  3. This topic was overdue in my opinion considering Waydes comments over the last few episodes. You have a black person in front of you, and you’re still not respecting the guys thoughts. The “you guys can vote, same restrooms etc” so essentially be thankful remark was eye opening, and showed me what I needed to know. There’s some ignorance on Waydes part, a lot actually, and what’s sad is even with someone explaining how they feel to you, you still don’t get it.

    The kneeling started by Kaep was because of the inequality that was being shown towards black people, namely by the police. Police were on video numerous times murdering black people, and these cops were getting off free. Castillo had a permit as was said in the show, he tells the office he has a gun, and he still gets murdered . That’s a problem, Wayde. Did you notice that the NRA didn’t come out and say ANYTHING about that situation? Do you think that was somehow a coincidence that the leading gun lobby group had NOTHING to say or defend a minority who was properly registered , had papers , and was STILL murdered? I’m sure you have some reason or will respond with, “well I didn’t know that happened”. Wake up dude.

    That’s where the kneeling stuff started. He was actually sitting until a vet, Nate Boyer, basically said you may want to kneel because, in his view, that still showed some respect for the anthem, while still getting your point across. He was just on ESPN and said this. You kneel to pray and propose to a woman, so he thought kneeling in this situation would show more respect than outright sitting. This is what Boyer said he told Kaep, and so he did it.

    Your President has completely taken the message and made it about the anthem and patriotism vs the issues Kaep was kneeling about, because he’s a willingly awful and ignorant person, who would rather dog whistle to people like you, vs being a president to the entire country.

    I don’t think there’s any hope for Wayde to evolve and seriously see or understanding others viewpoints that don’t line up with his, and that’s unfortunate.

    • Look what the cat dragged in…hey snowflake…long time since you crawled out from under that rock of yours!…You lost me at “MY PRESIDENT”…how many times do I need to go over this fuckface…you must be mentally challenged our perhaps you’re just an outright fucktard! If you want to keep saying Trump is my President, you go for it…it goes on deaf ears…Keep allowing your weak mind to be infiltrated by Bruce and all the fake news sinking info your hallow brain…I never voted for Trump, I never supported Trump, and I never will. I am a libertarian…I voted for Gary Johnson and I supported Bernie Sanders until the Liberal agenda fucked him over! I have good and bad to say about every President that has been in office since I started voting…So, finally can you just shut your liberal snowflake Atifa mouth up already!…until you stop spewing lies and slandering my name I don’t need to ever respond to any of your bullshit anymore…so go ahead…keep wasting your time. Unless you apologize for your slandering and lies…I’m no longer acknowledging your existence.

      • Proved my point. Shame as you clearly have some good in you with your efforts to help Hawaii. You’re simply ignorant. You calling me a “snowflake” along with the rest of your idiotic rant does nothing but really show how you are when someone disagrees with you. It’s always good when people like you blatantly identify yourself. God bless.

  4. Aloha Bruce and Wayde,

    Long time listener, first time writer so thank you for the forum.

    First I would like to thank Meadow for suggesting this topic, Mr. Williams for his dialogue and you two for taking on the challenge of such sensitive material.  Even if you failed miserably. 

    I think opening this type of dialogue is critical to progressing race relations and is at least part of what the protests by NFL players are trying to achieve.

    After listening to the podcast I have to admit I was very disappointed.  What I had hoped to hear and what transpired were two totally different things. 

    I had hoped to hear Mr. Williams’ recount of personal experiences with regard to racism followed by a meaningful conversation between the three of you on its impact, how to better understand each other to avoid these situations and to progress past our current state.

    What transpired was very weak accusations of racial discrimination by Mr. Williams. By his own admission the first example, with his department head, was a respect issue and not necessarily race related.  It sounds like it got worse later on for Mr Williams but we never got to that information. At one point Bruce was practically begging him to get to the “real meaty racial stuff” – which never materialized.

    Instead Mr. Williams shifted gears to his anti-Trump political tirade, spewing statistics in one sentence and then in the next sentence telling the “white people” don’t come to him with statistics unless they majored in statistics. 

    Following Bruce’s comment on not being able “sit in a black man’s shoes” Mr. Williams tells him we have to stop “grouping” people in one breath and then follows by refering to the “the white people” a half dozen times.

    Wayde your comments to Mr. Williams about the progress of African Americans in this country by referencing their right to vote, use of the same bathroom etc. was at the very least callus – but then again you probably don’t care.

    And Bruce your desperation to find racism in Mr. Williams stories and your position on kneeling in the NFL was embarrassing.  You might want to brush up on the facts before you take your position on an issue.  I quote “They’re protesting against uhh, you know, umm freedom uhh, I forget, I forget now” 

    Only roughly half of all Americans disapprove of the NFL protests so yes Bruce ALOT of people (161 million) disapprove.  Bruce, by your own standard “you can’t be too sensitive” to people’s feelings, so how could you possibly support something that half the country is offended by?  Furthermore why was it that you dismissed Wayde’s own experience with racism?

    It sounds like Hawai’i is no different than the mainland.

    On the bright side… Marc- you killed it.

    Thanks for the opportunity to share my views.

    • Cam…YOU WENT OFF…and I will agree with you 100% in everything you said…I’m not talking for Bruce…Bruce talked for himself on this show…We FAILED MISERABLY! The show was a total fucking wash! No racism ever came out on this podcast except mine…I was ready to hear it and discuss it…but at one point I was just getting aggravated! Every time I tried to make sense and question what we had been talking about ANTI TRUMP came up…I’m not really sure what the fuck happened by the end of the show…My comments about the progress for African Americans was said on purpose, a hit you could say…it was an underhand attack on the bullshit I was listening to up to that point…I was getting frustrated, pissed and honestly I don’t like being put in a group of White supremacists and to be told Trump is my boy week after week…it’s just ignorant and fake news. O…and I DO care and African Americans have come a long way from Slavery…there is still racism, no doubt, but if you think things have not progressed for African Americans…well, that’s your problem. We had an African American as President before a Women…Lets talk about equal rights for women…they are being screwed as well…The only racism I heard in this entire show was the racism I faced at work and my racism was just brushed off like it doesn’t count…no big deal…I guess white supremacists hate blacks more than Jews…who knows! Cam…Hawaii IS DIFFERENT…Different as…there are DIFFERENT FORMS of RACISM here, but unfortunately we never got to talk about that. It’s here, just not as powerful as it is on the mainland…The racism here is by race…The Japanese stick with the Japaneses…The Chinese stick with the Chinese…The Hawaiians with the Hawaiians…The Filipinos with the Filipinos…etc, etc! Whites are the Minority here…If there is racism in Hawaii…it’s against White people. Mahalo for sharing your opinion~ Aloha

  5. Since you guys ask people to give their opinions of the show, I’m going to give my two cents.
    This episode was tough to listen to, the constant arguing and talking over each other makes for bad radio. On top of that it’s a subject that all three people speaking will never be on the same page. I had to turn it off a few times. Hopefully this topic won’t need to be covered for a while.

  6. I was hoping for more information on race relating to Hawaii in general. We just heard one man’s rant but nothing on race relations specific to Hawaii and the topic kept getting side tract.. Is there racial tension in Hawaii? Racial harmony? I wanted to hear more about the variety of races and ethnicities living together. Also percentages of various races and ethnicities as there is so much diversity.. Oh well lost opportunity I guess.

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