quit bitching hawaiiOk…so we here in Hawaii don’t really have anything to bitch about…RIGHT? Well…Maybe…or maybe not…Just because we live in Hawaii, the MOST AMAZING and BEAUTIFUL PLACE on EARTH, doesn’t mean we DON’T BITCH…We got issues and problems here just like anywhere else in the world, but SERIOUSLY… what could we possibly BITCH about here in Hawaii? Well…lets break it all down for you guys…there are plenty!



























AND THE LIST goes ON and ON…You’ll hear them all…but in the end…is there really anything serious to BITCH about in Hawaii? Not really, considering we are the luckiest people in the world to live here, but what the hell!

19 thoughts on “QUIT BITCHING HAWAII

  1. Enough with the Obama worship Bruce. Let’s rename one of the landfills after him if your heart is set on it. 🙂

    I got it! Maybe Pakistan can name a crater after him. Or Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, or Iraq can simply blindfold somebody, spin him around and point to a random mass graveyard. That would be a fitting name in recognition of him. Maybe there is an orphanage or hospital where children that he’s blown to bits by drones can warrant his name?

    Nothing this monster has done is worthy of admiration. And leaning on some spineless local bureaucrats to change the names of valued lands, well that is just disgusting.

    Bruce, why do you ignore the evils he’s responsible for? Does he get a pass because he’s black or because he’s a democrat? Which one is it? Politicians are all the same. Republican or Democrat makes no difference. It’s a country club up there. Stop looking the other way and wake up to the horrible things he’s doing every single day. Some of us were really hopeful he’d follow-through with his promises. Now that we realize they were all lies, we’re suddenly racist?

    The torture camps are still open Bruce. Guantanamo, Abu Ghraib, and the other concentration camps that are out of sight, out of mind, right? No matter about those force-feedings, the water-boarding, the naked dog piles, and the indefinite detentions, no trials, the military executions, etc. No thought about how he’s the guy responsible for advancing the use of drones like never before to murder civilians, bomb villages, all without a declaration of war or congressional approval. Nevermind that he’s pushing the NSA’s spying and illegal surveillance programs, expanding the TSA and the ever-growing police state.

    None of that matters, right? Why, he’s from Hawaii, so let’s name a freakin’ beach after him! Seriously? How about right next to that government library that we will have to continue to maintain with our taxes. We’ll place it right on the most valuable, waterfront land that OHA has available. I’m sure the Fiction section will be on every floor. Because nothing is too good for our great leader. Right Bruce?

    Being black has nothing to do with it. And you insult those of us who know better. He got elected because he said he’d STOP the kinds of horrible things that he now continues to perpetuate. Only difference now is that he’s taken the degree of corruption and war crimes to a staggering new level.

    People hate him because he’s a liar. And because our civil liberties are all but lost. And because he’s kept us in decade—long wars and conflicts, bailed out bankers and weapons contractors, and devalued our dollar by printing huge amounts of money. Are you starting to get the picture? He’s a disgrace. He has so much blood on his hands he should be locked up.

    So when you’re out there pedaling the impromptu “Obama love” tour, you might look beyond the race copout and consider that maybe some of us see him for who he really is. And it’s nothing to celebrate. 🙂

    You usually got a pretty good sense of things Bruce, but you’re dead wrong about this. And history will agree.

    • LOL wow… For the record I don’t lean either way politically. I stay neutral because all politicians are cut from the same cloth and do not have the interests of the people in mind. Personally I think the people that are let down when a politician fails to follow through with any of his campaign promises are foolish.

      Now in response to your post, I will ask you this. Considering the fact that Republicans are on record as saying they will do everything they can to make his presidency meaningless by basically grinding the government to a halt you have to admit that he has accomplished a few major things. Now if you refuse to acknowledge even that I can’t help you.

      Disagree and that’s fine. But Hawaii is a state that is proud to celebrate their own. Sad that people can’t even handle hearing a simple fact like. Oh hey you know the guy that is the leader of the most powerful country in the world? Yeah he grew up playing on this beach. Its a simple fact. What kind of loser is filled with such hatred that they can’t even acknowledge a simple fact? I’m sure a small percentage are genuinely upset with his political policies. However, what makes them look bad are all of the people who are actually racists! You’ can’t get upset that people play the race card when a simple google search will show how often Obama’s name is found in the same paragraph as a any number of racial slurs.
      Its comical if you ask me.

      • Ken,

        I don’t vote or participate in politics because I find it inherently immoral. I don’t want to lend my hand in perpetuating evil in a corrupt system. But that doesn’t mean I suddenly become ignorant to the affects of people in power. Whether it’s Bush or Obama or some other rotten politician, my principles are the same. It’s easy to get “fired up” when seemingly intelligent individuals completely shut off reason and morality, simply because of political party, race, local fame, or some other reason. Whatever excuse is used to justify why someone opposes another, is ultimately irrelevant to the ACTIONS of that person. A racist may point a finger at Obama and call him a murderer. But what if the allegation is true? Does the claim become irrelevant because of where it’s coming from? Instead of jumping on the bandwagon of possible reasons why someone opposes someone, how about we hear out the accusation and gauge whether there is any truth to it? Wouldn’t that be sensible? I think so. Some people still like to treat things like a football game. No matter what, their “team” is number one. Whether or not Bruce is proud to waive the foam finger around, doesn’t matter. Obama is a liar and a murderer. These are facts. It’s not like there is a lack of evidence out there. But people are too wrapped up in the game to care. So it’s one thing to praise and erect statues to someone like Duke Kahanamoku in Waikiki, someone who shared aloha and whose actions were worthy of praise. Doing the equivalent for a modern-day Mussolini is quite different.

        • I think we are definitely in agreement about the state of politics. You just seem to be a lot more passionate about your dislike for it than I lol. I love a spirited political conversation though.

          • We love politics as well…we are very spirited in our hatred for it…lol, but Hawaii is about the soul, the aloha spirit and mana that surrounds us…Politics and government just fucks all that up.

  2. Hi guys! I listened to your “Quit Bitching Hawaii” and heard about the negative TripAdvisor review. I jumped on there immediately and tried my best to reverse any damage to your reputation! (I doubt one bad review would do it, in my opinion!). Anyway, just wanted you to know you are loved by (at least) two satisfied customers! Keep doing what you’re doing!

  3. Aloha Bruce and Wayne!
    Love the podcast as always. Thank you so much for producing it on a regular basis. It is a wonderful form of cubicle escapism.
    I’ve been mentally storing up topics for a while and finally had a moment to write.
    1. Gay tourism in Hawaii
    2. Traveling solo to Hawaii
    3. Vacations without a vehicle
    4. 10 cool things about Waikiki
    5. Periodical music only shows when you cannot get together to podcast
    6. Adult only things to do in Hawaii
    7. History of Hawaiian music and musical instruments
    8. Best Hawaiian spas
    9. Best parks to spend an afternoon
    Take care!

  4. Good show boys! Nick hit the nail on the head with his comment.
    The renaming of the beach idea, ah no thanks. Keep it just like it is. Build a presidential library? Okay but don’t break ground to do it, how about take land that was already developed and re use it?
    Traffic? I’ll take it provided I’m living HAWAII!
    Running into ex’s? I’m in tune with Wayde’s logic.
    Making new friends all the time That’s life….
    Cost of living? 100% it’s outrageous but understood as to why some things are so frickin crazy expensive.

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