Today we enter the new STUDIO…the sound should be AMAZING for this podcast and upgrades are down the pipe from this point on…VERY EXCITING!

Today we’ll be talking story as we do from time to time as well as be covering comments and questions and some personal recent issues here in Hawaii. The second half of the podcast we dive into the Price of Paradise and the changing landscape of OAHU itself and making an attempt to afford to live here for locals and those thinking of coming here. We have battled with this for a while, but from what we see we just can’t recommend Oahu for you and your family anymore…it’s lost a lot of it’s Aloha and charm over the last 20-40 years and the overdevelopment and Corporations with the help of the State and it’s politics is the root of this evil…Locals can no longer afford to live on an island their ohana had been born on…it’s a sad day here on Oahu, but we need to be honest with our viewers and tell them not to make the same mistake MANY today are making…the islands at this time are a much better option if you desire to stay here in Hawaii or wish to move to Hawaii.




17 thoughts on “PRICE OF PARADISE

  1. Aloha from Sweden,
    My name is Charlotte, first I just want to say that I really love your podcast… Keep up the good work.

    To both of you,
    I have been to Hawaii Oahu 3 times and just absolutely love the Island. First time I was there was in 1992 at my sister’s wedding. (she lived there at the time). Anyway…
    What I wanted to say is, I felt at home right away, like I had lived there in a previous life…(perhaps I did) It felt like coming home and that feeling never went away. I guess that is why I still dream of coming back on vacation or stay for good.

    To Bruce,
    Thank you very much for a great podcast, I don’t know if you have more listeners from Sweden but you have a devoted fan in me.
    Ps, also like your website Hawaii Aloha Travel.

    To Wayde,
    I think I have found my “soulmate” friend 🙂 You have a great and sound mind. We actually look at all things in the same way.

    I believe I have seen all of your video’s and loved each and every one of them.
    I have realized that I have missed a lot of great things on my vacations to Oahu but I will go there again and experience more of Hawaii Wayde’s way.

    Mahalo for everything and hopefully I will meet you guys or one of you next time on Oahu.
    Hugs Charlotte

    • Mahalo Nui Loa Charlotte! Yes…Hawaii talks to you…breathes life into you…it’s it’s Mana…it’s spirit…it’s wind and breezes…it’s trade winds from Mauka to Makai, from Mountain to Sea…There is something here for those who fall in love with Hawai’i Nei…She is alive…I understand the previous life as I as well had lived here and been born here before…my teachings and soul tell me this…Please continue to listen to us, ask questions, leave comments and at some point I will be starting up my Video Channel again for everyone…Keep us posted on your return to Hawaii and if we can help you with anything~ Aloha Nui

      • I will absolutely keep you posted and I will guaranteed book a tour with you when I get there.
        Have joined your WWH facebook group too 🙂
        Take care

  2. Hey guys just getting caught up here. Couple of things. You had an email from a listener from Omaha, NE. Feel free to shoot him my contact info. I can give him first hand account of what transitioning from Omaha to Hawaii is like. GO BIG RED!

    Speaking of sports. The problem is that Brady lied about it. Pure and simple. No it isn’t jacking your wife, or abusing your child but none the less they have to address it.

    Podcast. Trust me as a guy who used to live in the middle of the country, I was looking for any scraps of Aloha I could find on the internet. And of the many I used to enjoy you guys are the only one (Hawaii podcast) I still come back to. The others are lite on both content and personality. You guys keep providing the content, get some outer island correspondents and things will only continue to grow for you. Have any sponsors approached you at all?

    Anyway, keep up the good work. Looking forward to the next one.

    • Mahalo for the support Ken…o and Brady didn’t cheat…it says he may have and that it probably happened…Ken…maybe you took a dump today, maybe you didn’t…it’s more probable that you did…but maybe you didn’t…I didn’t take a shit today and I don’t want someone telling me I did if I didn’t…so calling Brady a cheater is like telling me a I took a dump today…which I didn’t. Unless you smell it…unles you see it…it’s not the truth nor is it proven!

  3. Thanks for the shout out Bruce . Linda and I know what kind of service Wayde gives us and we TIP because we appreciate the adventures we go on. Wayde is the best and really does go above and beyond . I`ll never take a bus tour again, I like to tip when I get great service. 3tours with Wayde so far and NEVER EVER been disappointed. I was looking at one of the Hagler / Hearns boxing match the other day ,there was more action in the first round then a regular 12 rounder. I was tired from watching it. Jake La Motta was the raging bull. Maybe Linda and I should come on your show LOL . Take care .

  4. I have a small rant on this cast…

    I haven’t gotten past the sports portion of this podcast yet, but it’s already too much. I listen to hear about Hawaii – if I want sports commentary I’ll listen to fuckin’ ESPN or my local “Fan” station… I don’t mind your comments on sports, but I hope this doesn’t become a bigger and bigger part of the podcast.

    That said I do have one comment re: cheating… Just because ‘everyone else is doing it’ is not a viable defense (re: video-gate). Do the crime, do your time and quit whining about it… Same goes for deflate-gate.

    Rant over…

    • Agreed that went on way too long, but I start to bring it back after about 15 min…….so fast forward LOL

      • You guys are my commute buddies, so I didn’t get very far into the cast yesterday, but I actually laughed out loud today when 2 minutes into my commute, Bruce, you said you were spending too much time on sports! I just didn’t have a long enough commute yesterday! Maybe I should move to Honolulu so I can have a longer commute 🙂

        • No worries, I was letting the Waydester get off a little steam, his stoopid Patriots still give him wet dreams!!

    • Ben…Just a question, but before I ask it…This Podcast is YES, about Hawaii…but there is no reason we can’t “TALK STORY” about other stuff…about ourselves, our own life…You listen to US…US…US…Hawaii isn’t the only thing that EXISTS you know…So example…I assume then if we do a show about BRUCES LIFE and WAYDES LIFE you won’t listen to that one because it’s not about HAWAII…correct? If you don’t know it or not…”TALKING STORY” is a Hawaii term…when one talks story it usually has nothing to do with Hawaii, it’s called “shootin da shit”…SOMETIMES WE ARE NOT GOING TO BE 100% HAWAII TALK, sometimes we will talk about other subjects 20% of the time, maybe Sports, maybe racism, maybe terrorism, maybe a boxing match, maybe about Bruce’s bad gas he had in the morning, who knows…it’s not like we do it all the time…over all our shows are about Hawaii, but we have the right to open the mic and talk about whatever we want…that said I do have one comment: there is NO PROOF anyone cheated doing anything…The words: Perhaps, maybe, more likely, and relatively aware doesn’t mean it’s FACT…so yeah…no one cheated until it’s proven.

  5. HOAs sure as shit can prevent you from renting your house out. In my neighborhood they specifically said if you buy a house and rent it out the HOA will foreclose on your house and sell it to someone else that will actually live in it.

    • Yes, that’s true but a HOA can’t MAKE you live in it, that’s what we were talking about. If I buy a condo and choose not to live in it and not rent it no one can stop that.

        • HOA can’t make you live in a condo, yes you can’t rent it or use it as a vacation home but they can’t force you or mandate you live in it, we’ll just have to agree to disagree!

  6. Hi Bruce and Wayde, greetings from Australia. Just wanted to say I really enjoy your podcast. Hope to visit Hawaii one day soon. If you guys enjoy warm climates, have you thought about visiting places in Australia like Cairns and the Gold Coast? What’s your favourite non Hawaii tropical location?

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