Preparing for DISASTER in HAWAII

Are you planing on vacationing to hawaii, moving or live here already? ARE YOU READY in case DISASTER STRIKES HAWAII???

Probably not!

We here in Hawaii have our mix of Disasters…Hurricanes, Tsunamis, Earthquakes, Flash Floods and Volcanic Eruptions! Shit can get serious here…Yes Hawaii is a paradise, but at anytime on a picture perfect day DISASTER CAN STRIKE!


We’ll discuss what we have seen and been through in our 20-30 years here on the island and what we did to get through it. You always been to have a plan when it comes to Disasters. You don’t want till the last minute to be ready. Even if you are vacationing you should be knowledgeable about your surroundings and when you check in to your Hotel or Rental ask what to do in case of an emergency or natural disaster…knowledge is power!


6 thoughts on “Preparing for DISASTER in HAWAII

  1. Hi guys,

    When is too early to start planning for a vacation to Hawaii? Our plan is to visit in 7 years.


  2. Hi Guys,

    Thanks for the hard work. Please cover the prostitution scene in Oahu, specially where to find (if any) street hookers. Also, what would be your opinion on making it in HI starting from zero, finding a new job at 45?. And, do Asian ladies dig Latinos?

    Thanks a lot!

    • I see that no one wanted a go at Rogers amazingly suspect set of questions. I’ll bite:
      1) 99% of us with kids view the prostitution scene anywhere as dehumanizing and sad. Nothing like being in Waikiki having a good time walking around only to have your kiddos stare into the moral abyss that’s prostitution. At least in Asia and Europe there are specifically c districts that cater to the sex trade and being non judgmental people who choose to partake go to those districts. It’s unavoidable in Waikiki and I can imagine if you want to have fun they are ready for you whenever your cash flow situation is right.
      2) after listening to about 75 of Bruce and Waydes podcast there are a couple overwhelming patterns that they continously reinforce. One is to respect the land and the people period. And two come with money and with a good outlook for a job. Wayde had mentioned numerous times about how we moved to HI with $10,000 and struggled with cash flow and almost burned away all of the cash with in the first few months. That was 20 yrs ago and Oahu much much more expensive now. I can imagine their answer is to stop being stupid and plan your move. No job, no money and starting over at 45 and moving to one of the most expensive places in the world is just crazy.
      3) Being a mix of Indonesian and Chinese, I can tell you that Asian women are interested in anyone if they can provide and take care of themself. Asians are open minded about any culture and I have seen many interracial marriages and relationship. Now if you’re talking about Native Hawaiians good luck. Waydes and other youtubers stories about dating makes it tough to see how an outsider moving to HI without a job,starting at zero, will just whisk a girl of her feet with her family all being supportive of her. Sorry for being so straight forward but some of your questions are straight out of the Haole mainland mindframe that the guys always tell us to change before going to Hawaii much less trying to move to HI. It’s should be an honor to move to a island paradise like HI not to be done on a whim because of a mid-life crisis.

  3. Hey Hey Wayde and Bruce! It’s been awhile. Jeff and I have had a crazy, busy Summer and just started binge listening to the podcast, again. I forgot how much you guys make me laugh…I died laughing at the episode of Wayde’s bird mimicking his laugh…creepy, but funny! Anyway, we are going to be in Maui in September, with a brief two day stop in Waikiki at the end. We want to try and stop by and say hi, but not sure how the logistics will work…we’ll see! Oh…yah…do you guys keep up with Beth from Chicago? We are still planning on moving to Hawaii, but have been thinking more and more that Kailua Kona might be more affordable? Just curious from her story how she is doing? ANYWAY…hope you guys are doing well and thanks for doing what you do.

  4. Hi Guys,

    It been a while, but I wanted to touch base to say thanks and give you an idea. Many of the shows focus on people who have been to Hawaii and are looking to come back or move there, but it would be fun to hear from some visitors that are fresh off the boat for the first time (2 or three days into their maiden trip) to get a glimpse of the awe and joy of what visiting Hawaii is like for a first timer.

    On an unrelated note for Wayde, I’ve been able to watch some of your hiking videos lately and have two observations. First, you’ve got some serious balls. I’m not afraid of heights, but some of your ridge-line hikes make me weak in the knees. Second, I’m pretty sure your stage music was Enigma!

    Chris from Minnesota

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