PODCAST STORIES with Graham Elwood


Today is our NEW YEAR SHOW and first show of 2016! We have a huge group of guests today including our main guest GRAHAM ELWOOD, James Mane and Kaleo himself!

We’ll be talking about Podcasting and how people get into it, get started and do well in the industry. We’ll get into films as well as we spend a good amount of time on STAR WARS The Force Awakens, but we’ll also talk about the worst pictures of the yeah as well and discuss with Graham about his own Podcast he does with Chris Mancini about mixing comedy and doing film reviews at COMEDY FILM NERDS! Comedy Film Nerds is a weekly podcast so if you love comedy and Movies this may be a great podcast for you guys! This is an extended Show so sit back and enjoy the F-Bombs and non-sense!


8 thoughts on “PODCAST STORIES with Graham Elwood

  1. Wayde- You mentioned you did cage fighting up above? MMA is pretty big in Hawaii, maybe bring in a guest to talk about Hawaii’s place in that especially with BJ Penn coming out of retirement?

    • Howzit Dale…Yes I have…truth is that’s not a side of my life I wish to remember…I hurt a lot of people and people hurt me…I had devastating injuries from those days which I still live with pain today from…I no longer support the sport like I use to and prefer to leave it in my past…however it was a part of my life and I bring it up from time to time.

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