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intimidatingPlanning your trip to paradise can be intimidating, even frustrating and that’s why we wanted to put this podcast together for our Ohana. We cover everything from safety here in Hawaii, the climate here, summer and winter time, packing tips, the power of the Hawaiian Sun, the importance of hydration, showing proper courtesy and respect while in Hawaii, Hiking tips, Beach and swimming tips, the animal and sea life in Hawaii, things to be aware of and the hidden taxes and fees to watch out for when booking your Hawaii trip.

DROWINGSAFETY COMES FIRST…pretty simple right? You would think so, but there are more deaths here by vacationers by Drowning and Crossing the road then you could imagine. Some disturbing things I have noticed over the years from vacationers and travelers from all over the world is the ignorance they have concerning the ever changing conditions of the Hawaiian islands and the lack of research done on the dangers of Hawaii. Hawaii may be the 50th state but it is unlike any state in the union and to me personally it is far from being part of the US. “We’re not in Kansas anymore” comes to mind. 

SUMMER WINTERHAWAII CLIMATE and the fact that HAWAII HAS A SUMMER & WINTER…Hawaii has more micro climates then you can think of and the weather can change on the flip of a dime, summer or winter. The islands trade winds are always changing. It could be bright and sunny with light breezes in one location while there could be torrential down pours and 50mph winds a short distance away with flash flooding. You always need tokeep your eyes in the sky and watch which way the clouds are moving so that you can be prepared for severe weather in a moments notice. When it comes to choosing which time to come to hawaii during the year many travelers are unsure when the best time to visit Hawaii. The problem is many travelers choose to come to Hawaii during their own winters and they wish to be in Hawaii where it‘s mostly beautiful all year. Travelers also choose which time of year to come depending on the Low or High season because of the price difference in hotels and airfare and we discuss this in the Podcast this week. The real question is what do you want to do and what do you want to see while here, because things you do in summer, you can’t do in winter and vise versa.

PACKINGPACKING TIPS and other concerns…There are many tips that are going to come in handy during you vacation here in Hawaii. such as not packing enough water for a hike or turning your back on the ocean…Neglecting such tips could seriously injure you or ruin your vacation in some way or another. I learned many of these the hard way and I want you to be safe and prepared for anything. We also talk about saving on purchasing items before your trip, to packing certain items in your suitcase and packing less in your suitcase then you expect so you have room to pack things to take home with you. We also talk about The Power of the sun, proper Hydration and General respect in Hawaii in this area of the Podcast.

HIKINGHIKING…many think Hiking is Hiking…when it comes to HAWAII…it is NOT just Hiking. Hiking in Hawaii can be one of the most beautiful and amazing activities that you will experience in Paradise, but you MUST also understand in can be one of the most DANGEROUS activities you do while here if you don’t do your research and respect the safety concerns and terrain of Hawaii that is associated with it. We get to the most important tips quickly in this section of the Podcast.

SAFETYBEACH SAFETY…We have covered this again and again in mnay of our Podcasts, but there is a deep rooted reason why we do…More Vacationers Die in our oceans then anything else here in Hawaii and we will never stop talking about safety when it comes to entering the ocean here in Paradise. NEVER EVER enter the ocean alone! This includes everything from swimming, snorkeling, free diving, scuba diving, body or boogie boarding or surfing. Never leave your children’s side when in the water. It only takes one rouge wave to not only destroy your vacation but your family forever. NEVER underestimate the BRUTE POWER of the Hawaiian ocean, Winter or Summer. Don’t ever turn your back on the ocean. I did on a rouge wave set and almost didn’t live to tell my tale. More people have died in these waters than the Hawaii state Tourism Board wants you to know  because they are not educated on the Hawaiian ocean. Last we talk about spending a day at the beach and what to pack and what NOT to pack with you…THIS IS IMPORTANT!!!

BOARANIMAL LIFE IN HAWAII…There are a few animals you should be aware of while here in Hawaii, very few being dangerous. In this section of the Podcast we talk about:

HIDDEN FEESTHINGS TO BE AWARE OF…In this last section of the Podcast we talk about Steals and Deals, Driving, Traffic, Homelessness , Car Break-ins, Hidden Car rental costs and taxes as well as Hidden Hotel rental taxes, fees and Parking costs…Some of these areas we skim and others we go deep into. All these issues being covered are going to help you on your trip to Hawaii, giving you piece of mind on planning your vacation to paradise and one more reason you guys are lucky to have us helping you plan your vacation to Hawaii.

7 thoughts on “Planning & Packing for PARADISE

  1. Great show guys! Thanks for the info n for 2 great songs this week! I have always loved your intro song. Glad I got to hear the entire song for the first time… who sings it? And is title “island life”? Mahalo~….

    • We’ll try to get two more killer songs this time around…I got back to you on the name of the song and artist in private message~ Hope allz well John…can’t wait to see and chillax with the Ohana again~

  2. You guys have the distinction of being the FIRST and probably Only podcast I will ever donate $ to. I think you’re doing a great job. Keep ’em coming. Make ’em long and just continue to have a good time.

    You actually answered a question I’ve been struggling with. So as a person who is making serious plans to move to Hawaii, I’ve always felt like its important I show my respect to the land, set an example in how to be a good “haole” (Even though I’m not Caucasian) and basically earn my spot in Paradise. Maybe I’m romanticizing things a bit but the first time I visited 9 years ago I didn’t really understand or know how to show the Aloha Spirit. It wasn’t until years later that I realized my mistakes. So if you ask me, I haven’t been allowed back until now. (Can you tell I was a Lost fan?)

    So anyway my question has been, as a tourist. How can I have a positive impact on Hawaii during my stay? I assumed things like supporting local business (admittedly, we will be shopping at a Costco for some of the necessities). Not being wasteful in our condo etc. But I really appreciated the point about leaving the area looking better than when you got there.

    This is something I’ve been trying to teach my son. If he didn’t throw it on the ground he doesn’t think he should have to pick it up. While I hope we don’t have to clean up after thoughtless people, I can think of no better place than the Islands to teach him how important it is to take care of the land (wherever that may be).

    I’ve read blogs by people who moved to Hawaii and just developed this attitude, this sense of entitlement. Like just living there makes Hawaii their Island and granting themselves the title of Kama’aina. Such arrogance…. Actually that South Park episode about that hit the nail on the head. God help me if I ever put a native sticker on my car…..

    Anyway thanks again for the podcast, keep up the great work 12 days, 11 hours till I step foot on Maui

    • Ken, mahalo Nui Loa braddah fo da great vibes and help~ We have posted in several podcasts…the first few, about how you can contribute to being a part of the community when in Hawaii.

      It sounds like you are going to Maui for your entire trip Ken? There are always Volunteer opportunities you can be a part of while in Hawaii…but you need to call and talk to them to see if there is anything you can be a part of while on Maui…Not sure how long you will be there for…Even if you and your Son just puts aside a few hours or one day to help the community…Brah…YOU FEEL AMAZING after the day and you make connections and build relationships that will last a lifetime and you feel you helped Hawaii in a positive way and are leaving it better then when you arrive…AMAZING! Here is a great link to many places that may use your help while on Maui, but you need to e-mail/call them to let them know your intentions and they can totally put you on the right track! These programs all have to do with HAWAII CONSERVATION:

      Aloha Ken and mahalo for your aloha and help~ Wayde

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