Our Picks for 7 Days on Oahu


Today we break down a 7 day ITINERARY on OAHU

SUN-SAT….From places to eat, places to stay…some advice on planning your trip as well. We’ll hit up Hiking Diamond Head Crater, Swimming at Queens beach, and hitting up the Waikiki Bars for some yummy fruity drinks to spending a day at the beach at places like Sandy’s, Makapu’u, Kaiona, Waimanalo bay, Kailua and Lanikai beach. We talk about doing a Waterfall Tour or one of our Circle island or half day island Jeep Tours. We also talk about the food and getting out on a Tour with Lanai to hit up all the great food stops around the island…One of the best things about Oahu and Hawaii is the food! We talk about Snorkeling at Hanauma Bay, hiking the ridge of Hanauma and hitting up the Kona Brewing Comany for some great Beers and Pizza! We also discuss Shopping in HAWAII at the Aloha Stadium Swap meet and heading to the North Shore to check out the shopping and great surf spots there. You only have 7 days so you need to make the most of them!

14 thoughts on “Our Picks for 7 Days on Oahu

  1. Another great show guys, thank you for excellent advice! I was most interested in what Bruce said about planning your trip 6-8 months in advance. It hit me that I don’t think I’ve ever booked a trip more than 8 weeks in advance. I tend to be very spur of the moment in all areas of my life but I’m going to have to mend my ways and look further out if I want to maximize my next Hawaiian vacation.

    Thank you again!

  2. Hey guys, another fine show. I saw Hanauma Bay made the best beach award this year, that’s great! Last time I was there, it had changed a lot. From ’97 to now it seemed like that poor reef has taken a beating. I remember being swarmed by fish and turtles the first time I went. The last time the coral seemed dull and there were noticeably fewer fish and only one turtle that I saw. What are the odds the DLNR would limit the number of visitors or even close it down for a while to let it recover?
    Agree with your assessment of Sandy’s, that place tried to kill me when I went body surfing there. I think the move is called “scorpion” but I called it accidental chiropractic. It is a great beach to sit and watch though. Are they still flying kites there I recall hundreds of kites there on a regular basis.
    Kong beer is the best, I’m sure the ones I get come out of the Oregon plant but still a damn good brew, none better in my opinion.

    • Mike…they close the bay all the time…it’s usually closed by 10am every day…once the parking lot is full, that’s it. So it is controlled on how mnay people come in every day…they reef and bay has never fully recovered since there was no control…it’s still working it’s way back…crazy thing is if you are an amazing swimmer or a scuba diver you can go beyond the reef…it’s amazing out there…it looks the way it use to be…issue is…unless you know what you are doing, it’s recommended not to go out there…but it’s clear the difference when you take humans out of an area…it’s night and day beyond the reef because so few tourists go out there.

  3. Great advice, so many people come here and Jam pack a vacation. Gotta slow down and enjoy a couple of lazy beach days and enjoy a shave ice and an umbrella drink… or seven

  4. Recently found your podcast. Wish we had found it before our first trip to O’ahu in December. But happy to be listening now and dreaming about our next trip! Thanks for the great tips and can’t wait to book some tours through you guys hopefully will be back for Christmas to visit my uncle who moved out there. Favorite podcast we’ve heard so far was the one on the history of Hawaii!

  5. Hey Wayde and Bruce, longtime listener here. Just went on a long drive here in California and binged on all your latest episodes. I agree with Wayde about Duke’s. It’s one of my favorite places – but the Waikiki one is the only one with that great salad bar. The Maui and Malibu locations I have been to don’t have that. As for breakfast on Oahu… I recommend the Wailana Coffee House across from the HHV. It’s like stepping back in time to 1970, and their all-you-can eat pancakes are a bargain! I’m heading back to Maui & Oahu in September (Abby in Bruce’s company has been helping me).
    All the best and keep up the great work. You make the LA commute so much more enjoyable having the podcast to listen to – don’t ever stop!

    • Ryan…Agreed…We have talked about the Wailana Coffee House MANY TIMES on our podcasts…Glad we make your commute enjoyable…We’ll do our best to NEVER STOP as our lives are very busy.

  6. I am very surprised to see Hanauma Bay as the best beach. We have only gone once but during that time, it was pretty rough and not great for snorkeling. Maybe it was just the wrong time of the year (summer time).

    Mahalo for another great show! 😊

    – (Good) Danielle

    • Good Danielle…lol…I don’t agree at all with Hanauma bay being on the list for best beaches, but I like that fact that asshole MR. BEACH didn’t give away another hidden gem…Let everyone go to Hanauma Bay…at least it’s controlled so it won’t be overcrowded no matter who knows about that beach. Locals gave that Mr. Beach a NEW ASSHOLE after he told everyone to go to Sherwoods Beach…I heard people called in death threats to him…so looks like he covered his ass and told people to go to Hanauma Bay this time around…lol

  7. I love listening to your podcasts. They help me go to my happy place and get me through the last few weeks of teaching middle school. Can’t wait to go back to Oahu in two months and spend a couple weeks there before school starts again. I will also be contacting Bruce in July to set up our trip to the Big Island during spring break, it will be our first time visiting that island and were excited for that.

    P.S. We visit Hawaii at least every other year and I have been coming since I was in high school. I have seen the changes, especially to Oahu and it makes me sad. I’m going to miss the International Market Place and its vibe. I hope they stay away from the North shore and keep the damage to Waikiki.

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