PW1What does it take to be a GREAT PHOTOGRAPHER in HAWAII??? Well, LONNIE MCKENZIE will be the first to tell you…it takes a HELL OF A LOT! I myself am a Photographer and it wasn’t easy when I first moved here to make ends meet…Lonnie and I know to make it in Photography if you live in Hawaii is going to take a lot of effort because the turth is…EVERYONE wants to be a photographer here…and the scariest part of that is everyone thinks they are actually good at what they do…sadly that is honestly NOT the case. May it be schooling or self-taught you need to realize it’s going to take a special talent to make it here…

PW2Lonnie and I agree…Standing out in a crowd means you are going to have to reach far to find areas at the strangest of times…Sunrise, sunset and everything in between! As an artist you need to stand out not by taking pictures of Turtles, Monk Seals and Lanikai Beach, but places not often seen in Photos here in Hawaii…That’s what puts a head of the pack, that’s what defines you and puts you in a league of your own. You need to want this and you need to have a passion where others give up. When it comes to photographing Hawaii while on vacation you should start before the sun rises and end well after it sets…If you want to take amazing photos while here put aside an entire day just for Photograpghy and if you want a guided Photo Tour, Lonnie can take you to all the best places in an 8 hour full day photograpghy tour so you get all the best of Oahu and he’ll even take some shots of you for the day.

PW3Lonnie is a self-taught, freelance photographer that loves the outdoors and landscapes of Hawaii. Lonnie was military raised and lived on Kauai till he was 8 years of age and moved and lived in many parts of the world since his return to Hawaii 3 years ago. Being military raised, travel enabled Lonnie the chance to take pictures of all the places he had been. Lonnie doesn’t like to be put in a category of the pictures he takes, he simply likes taking pictures of life’s experiences through his own and others eyes. His work is sometimes fantasy even dreamy at times, but mostly thought provoking. He’s now become involved in filming life’s moments as a Tour Photographer, filming the action as it happens, making and giving memories to visitors that they just couldn’t capture on their own while on Tour with Wayde’s World Hawaii. Soon Lonnie will be doing his own PHOTOGRAPHY TOURS in the coming months so that Photographers who want to film the best of Oahu can do so by a professional with us at “HAWAII JEEP TOURS”.

IGNORANCEDon’t think we didn’t forget about the NEWS and everything happening in HAWAII this week! We have some major issues and concerns between all the HO HUM News going on…First…WTF is happen with the TOUR BUSES and the HONU??? Listen in and FIND OUT what the HELL IS HAPPENING!!!

EDUCATIONWe also go full steam a head into the LACK OF PROPER EDUCATION by TOUR COMPANIES to educate their own Tour Guides…which should be called just “DRIVERS” considering how little they interact with the guests outside their Bus/Van and when they do they teach them everything WRONG to do while here in Hawaii, the lack of education and proper training is EMBARRASSING…from getting too close to Wildlife to Piling Volcanic rocks across the landscapes…The STATE is just as much to blame and it’s BEYOND EMBARRASSING for them and someone needs to let the state and these tour companies know about it by giving them a swift kick to the nuts!

KAWELA BAY NO MORELast we talk about the “SLAP IN THE FACE” that TURTLE BAY RESORT has put on the Locals, Kama’aina and Vacationers by SLAUGHTERING THE KAWELA BAY FOREST! Since I was 7 years old I have been visiting this bay and for longer the Defend O’ahu Coalition have been doing everything in it’s power along with locals of the North Shore to stop the HOTEL DEVELOPMENT of Kawela Bay by Turtle Bay Resorts…They have been told…NO DEVELOPMENT, but no one told them they couldn’t level the FOREST of the land they own…This is a SPIT in the FACE toward the PUBLIC!!! Excuses that they are removing Invasive species is the SCUM BAG RESPONSE expected from Turtle Bay Resort…A NICE EXCUSE to get away with the CRIME they are committing against the Iwi Kapuna who sleep there. I have watched Hawaii change so much over my 33 years I have been coming to Hawaii and 16 years I have lived here…I, myself, am losing MANA, the SPIRIT to fight these changes…I am feeling frustrated and defeated and I CAN’T do this on my own…We need to come together, we need to fight together…we need to tell the STATE…ENOUGH is ENOUGH…KEEP the COUNTRY COUNTRY…If we don’t…we are LOST!


  1. Hey guys, I had a quick Question. I have donated 3 times now, each time I do $10. I was wondering what you guys think is resonable for you to continue the podcast without having to switch servers again. Is there a amount that you guy’s think would be fair to comfortbley need to keep everything running. If we had a total weekly mout it might help us reach a weekly goal to make sure that the pod rows.


    • Jay…you are doing your part…we want nothing more from you…It’s others that listen and use us and give nothing that’s upsetting…We have some people that donate $10 weekly…That is a HUGE HELP, but only several people give us weekly donations of $10 a week, a few others give monthly donations…We now have it on a server that we can expand without the costs getting out of hand…but if you asks us what can help us, it would be $10-20 a month goes a long way as our server expands every week we do a show. Mahalo for your concern Braddah! Shoots~

  2. Still playing catch up!
    This episode was a great one! I saw a bunch of people way to close to Honu when we were on poipu beach last April. I was sat shaking my head and the life guards also shouted a few times for people to back off and give the poor Honu more space, but they just ignored him , I got so pissed off and eventually shouted (in my British accent) that they were too close , some ignored me and one or two looked like me as if I was from outer space. Ignorance drives me crazy!!!!

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