We are coming upon a sobering date in our History…Dec 7th 1941…A day that will live in infamy…The attack on Pearl Harbor. But this year is the 75th Anniversary and the fact is there are very few remaining from the battle itself…making this 75th anniversary the last for the remaining survivors. We don’t often talk about Pearl Harbor and we have NEVER dedicated a podcast so today we are…it’s long over due.

From the inception of the country we honor and solute our troops and their families who have scarified so much for their country so that we can be with our families and have our freedoms.

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  1. Aloha Bruce & Wayde,

    Thanks for the shout out in this podcast. You guys have the best (ONLY) podcast with insider knowledge about Hawaii and really appreciate the great work you’ve done.

    I’m the solo traveler that will be visiting Oahu during New Year’s (my 3rd visit to Hawaii). And Wayde, I requested you to be my Circle Island tour guide so I’m expecting you to show this single gal a great time. And since you asked, I’m 41 and Filipino, so I should have no problem blending in with the locals.

    Happy to hear you guys decided to step away from the negative political talk/trolls and refocus back on the Aloha spirit. That’s why I listen to you guys and this podcast covering the history behind Pearl Harbor was what I was looking for. Pearl Harbor is on my itinerary, with a tour booked through Bruce’s travel agency, of course.

    Looking forward to your Christmas Special podcast (Hawaiian Christmas playlist please) and meeting one (or both) of you in a few weeks.

    Until then, Mele Kalikimaka!


    P.S. Seriously, who leaves VM messages nowadays?!?! If you’re seeking comments, maybe you should consider doing a Facebook Live podcast.

  2. Hey, Happy Holidays you dysfunctional fucks!!

    America, Land of the Free. What a country . Salute to our vets!!

    Also Japan’s biggest fuckup was not dlijg a 3rd wave. They didn’t go after alot of the important infrastructure outside of out ships.

    Bruce , Japan also had a spy that infiltrated Hawaii and gave locations of ships etc to his country.

  3. Hey guys, another good show. It’s always fun to hear a new one and this one, being on December 7 was particularly poignant. The point you made about the Japanese fleet useing our own civilian radio signals reminded me of a great bit of trivia; the US government mandated that, in case of attack all radio stations would power down except those broadcasting on 640 and 1240 AM. The idea was that an attacking force wouldn’t be able to navigate useing direction finding equipment because the stations would be transmitting the same civil defense message from every direction at once.

    I was also reminded of my visit to the Arizona. It was an extraordinarily emotional place and the visitors center was fantastic. I can’t imagine someone neglecting that visit if they go to Hawaii. Being in the military at the time I also enjoyed access to Pearl Harbor and got to see a lot of monuments and historical markers that taught me a lot about the attack. There is some evidence of the attack on K-Bay if you know where to look as well. By the way, for visitors with access, Peal Harbor has the best chow hall I’ve ever eaten at in the military, hopefully that hasn’t changed and I’m not giving travel advice that ends in food poisoning.

    Keep up the great work, congratulations on your success at the International Market Place kiosk, thanks for helping keep my memories fresh and, as always, if you find yourself in Idaho, give me a holler, we’ll go sailing, have a beer and dinner’s on me.

  4. Another great show, guys! I remember suggesting a Pearl Harbor show years ago but at the time you two didn’t really seem interested in it very much, though. It does straddle that fine line of definitely and maybe. If you’re going to be there and don’t know if/when you’ll be back, I’d suggest it. But if returning isn’t a huge issue, you might wait. Didn’t hear you specifically mention it but even when I went years ago it was a little difficult to get USS Arizona tickets on demand. Not even sure if walk-ups are even possible anymore like when I went. But, one of the selling points of having a tour arranged through you guys must be that you’ll get folks the TICKETS. It’s gotten progressively harder over the years. Obviously, there was plenty of topics/material to choose from since then so no problem just getting to it now?

    How about an upcoming show for us future lottery winners? I’d like to hear about what you two think would be the most luxurious/outrageous things to do while vacationing in Hawaii! I mean, Wayde’s not the “Poor Man” anymore so what would you two suggest for a money’s no object dream vacation? Sure, every hotel room looks exactly the same with your eyes closed but when you’re awake they’re definitely pretty different. I loved grabbing a shave ice from a stand near the International Marketplace years ago (vanilla ice cream + azuki beans at the bottom, most definitely!) after eating a loco moco for dinner but some folks want that Alan Wong experience! We already know that you guys can save us money on our trips to Hawaii but what can you do about helping folks spend it big time instead?

    • Dale…You’re so funny…I live pay check to pay check…wtf are you talking about. Bruce can do his own Rich and famous show…I’m just trying to survive. Many told me to change my name to Wicked Wayde which isn’t bad, but the truth is when not on the Podcast I am and always will be the Poor Man around the island unless I get my own Reality show or something.

      • I always assumed that the “poor” might refer to money but it definitely didn’t refer to experiences! Having been to Hawaii plenty of times, it’s obvious that you don’t have to break the bank to enjoy yourself there and many of the best things there are free/low cost. Hey, maybe you could compare your poor man itinerary vs Bruce’s Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous one?

        • HAHA, thats a good one……..Rich? Famous……just coz i have a nice townhouse on the water which I bought here 26 years ago when houses were affordable and managed to have splurged on a Tesla doesn’t make me either. Keep in mind, anyone who actually owns a home in Hawaii is a “millionaire” or close to it. Both of us are rich though coz we are in the the most amazing place on earth and it’s worth it.

        • That’s True…I’m poor when it comes to Money…but richer than most when it comes to friends, family and experiences…I’ll take all those with me…Money and things I won’t…so I’m cool with that. I have done things no one has, even people with Millions. But having a little more in my pocket would go a long way and I would use some of it to help more people from my nonprofit to just people struggling everyday…I’m that guys that goes to the food store and sees how hard those kids work and those cashiers…I’m that guy who gives them all envelopes with a $100 bill in it to give them something extra for the holidays and to give them hope that there are good people out there that care. I’m that guy…I just wish I had the money to actually do those things.

  5. Hi Bruce and Wayde,
    Kevin and I appreciate you and would be happy to send you some stuff. I work in Wisconsin and would love to send you some cheese, mostly to end the mystique … it’s just cheese, man!
    Please provide a mailing address.

    Looking forward to the holiday music! We heard a great tune on the radio yesterday called, “Fish and Poi.” It’s not a holiday song, but it’s fantastic!

    Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

  6. Another great podcast boys…I just learned today (dec 9th) on facebook that Wayde and I share the same birthday….very cool. Happy Birthday wicked Wayde.

  7. Hey guys, thanks for a great podcast, been listening for a while. I wonder if I can get you to talk about a sort of serious question. You guys do two major things on this podcast: (1) you talk about all the development, how it’s too crowded, they’re building too much and ruining the `aina, and (2) you promote tourism in Hawai`i, you urge people to visit, and you encourage people to move here.

    You are two smart guys, so you’ve gotta see the connection between (1) and (2). I wonder if you can talk about it. Are you conflicted at all? Do you ever feel that the way you make your living in Hawai`i is the cause of some of the problems we’re facing on these islands?

    • Steve…very very good questions…First thing…if you have been listening to all the shows as of late…We DO NOT encourage moving to OAHU…in fact we are against it…only recently has Bruce come on board with this, but that’s because I spend more time on the aina (land) and run a nonprofit so I actually see the destruction happening first hand…so I have been against others moving to OAHU for sometime now, but there is plenty of room on the other islands still, mainly because the Kanank Maoli people still run the show over there, you just can’t build whatever you want over there Like Oahu where the Politicians sold theirs souls to the devil. I personally have always said that if you take from Hawaii you MUST give back to Hawaii…too many Travel and Tour companies only TAKE from Hawaii and never give back, and they also cheat and steal around giving their employees the proper benefits they deserve allowing them to pocket more money by either giving them less than 20 hours a week or calling them contractors, which is 100% against the law…I have seen it in many small Tour or Travel businesses, I know the labor laws very well, because I have family Lawyers that deal in Labor laws! So not only do these businesses take from Hawaii they take from the people as well! Total scum and in the end they will pay heavily for that one way or another!…I’m personal proud to say my Non-Profit gives back to Hawaii far more than I ever dreamed of…in Labor costs alone we give back to Hawaii in the Hundreds of Thousands of dollars and our Volunteers number over 4,000 members and growing and we are about to put the Trash Wheel into the Ala Wai which is a Half Million dollar project! I have no conflict AT ALL…in fact I am doing much more for the Good of Hawaii then what I am getting from Hawaii. If you want to move here…good luck…people are going to move here with or without us, why not give them the proper info so they don’t fuck their lives up like I have seen many do and leave Hawaii Broke or even homeless…I don’t want that. I was almost homeless myself before…I wouldn’t wish that upon anyone! On top of all that there is a huge difference between a small local Tour company that makes $250K a year and all the other LARGE BUS and VAN Tour companies that make Millions and don’t give shit back to Hawaii. My personal feelings however is if you own any Travel or Tour company Large or Small, 20% of your Profits should be going back into the community and to organizations or nonprofits to help Hawaii sustain itself and the local communities because you contribute to the pollution, erosion and foot traffic on our islands…if you are not doing that you are the the lowest form of shit there is and a bunch of Greedy fucks leeching off Hawai’i Nei and its people. The way I personally make money SOLVES PROBLEMS in Hawaii, it doesn’t make them…Now, as for other businesses that use Hawaii and don’t give back…yes…they are a problem and they should be publicly shamed for it…Our Nonprofit is working on doing just that…PUBLIC SHAMING Travel and Tour businesses that use Hawaii and it’s people! Trust me…we are working on it with the Board of Directors!

      • Thanks for the detailed response, I only wish more people in the tourism industry were as thoughtful about these things as you are. keep up the good work. maybe talk about this stuff on a future show? (yes, i was a bit behind in the podcasts…)

        • You are very welcome Steve…I have a passion for this, the community, the people and the land…too many only have a passion for dollar signs and it makes me sick and that’s why I don’t waste my time or breath with people like that!

    • This is an excellent topic and we have actually discussed this on the show and will talk about it again next eppy. I can understand you might think there’s a conflict but tourism, land grabbing and the exploitation of these islands came long before us. I never thought I’d be in the travel/tourism business, and as it turned out, this was the only way for me to survive and stay here, because I love this place. From the day I began, named our company and registered the Hawaii-Aloha.Com domain 18 years ago, we made it our kuliana to do it differently, to make sure we didn’t follow the same path as other travel companies by connecting visitors directly with locals here. Educating and sharing. As Wayde explained, we take this shit seriously and thats why we’re successful. Maybe not so much financially as much as we’d like but we both have a clean conscious and take comfort in knowing we don’t sell out like others.

      • Word.

        Have you guys read the book by Mark Panek, it’s called “Hawai`i: a novel”? It talks about all these issues like development and corruption and native rights and housing and all that. It’s a great take on all the sides of the issues, must-read for anybody who wants to come to the islands. Here’s the last paragraph:

        “In an instant the images again flashed in front of Tom: H-3, the fight for water access, against the golf courses, the withering protest signs nailed to the trees on Waiahole Valley Road. Tom had poured his life into helping Ikaika’s people, into helping all the local people, into keeping them here, into protecting what was rightfully theirs.

        And what had it done? What had it done except to preserve Hawai`i as a beautiful place for rich people to come to live.”

  8. Hi Bruce and Wayde,

    I’ll be spending a few weeks in Honolulu next year. I’m an obsessive runner (10k every other day or so). Can you recommend good places to run in town? I’ll probably choose where to stay based on good running options nearby.


    • Aloha Braddah…a lot of my friends are big runners and their TOP 5 are as follows: Around Kapiolani Park, around Diamond Head Volcano, Ala Moana Park and around Magic Island, The Kakaako Waterfront Park and up and down the Ala Wai Waterway on the back strip. ALL LOCATED IN WAIKIKI AREA. There are plenty of others, but if you are staying in WAIKIKI these are the best! Good Luck, Stay safe and if Running at NIGHT please be careful, stay on your guard! PERSONALLY I wouldn’t recommend running at night alone, unless you are with someone. Aloha~

    • I like to run the Ka Iwi Coast, park at Koko Marina and run to Sandy Beach park and if you can handle it run back. I do this once week but most days only run to there and not back, the hill back is brutal. You will not find a better more scenic run than this. Another great run is around diamondhead

  9. Wicked Wayne and Aloha Bruce,

    Our Nation’s eyes turned to Hawaii this week and bowed her collective head. I was reminded of the time that Kim and I watched the Black Tears of the Arizona rise from the tomb of so many brave men.

    We have bonded to the island and we are working to move there in the coming years. I haven’t posted lately because I’ve been a little busy. Our ohana has grown a little since our visit to your studios. We are pleased to announce that Rowan Elizabeth was born on September 16th.

    All our best,

    Doc & Kim

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