We have done a lot of Podcasts over the years, but this week we have a guest who may just shatter your idea of that Perfect Paradise you have imagined and the Price you will be paying to make it here. We have to say that the views expressed on this show do not necessarily reflect those of Bruce or Waydes and at times we both were taken back by what he had to say. Both of us have never experienced the “local betrayal” that Glenn talks about but we have heard this mentality does exist  here!!


Glenn Mercante takes us deep into his story from the mainland to the island of Oahu and breaks down some of the issues and concerns he has faced while here. This Podcast doesn’t hold back so get ready for the F-BOMBS to fly from this New Yorker!  He tells some hard truths for him which you can use as you wish.


17 thoughts on “PAYING for PARADISE

  1. Did Wayde call me a racist for literally pointing out an observation? lmao. I mean what other president had to “prove” he was born in the country. I guess that was just a coincidence with the first black president, right? Now all of a sudden Trump says concedes he was born here because he’s running for president. Can you imagine if Obama, a black man, said some of the outright dumb shit Trump has said this election season? Give me a break. The lack of awareness you show at times for certain social issues is surprising to be honest, given how well you come across on other topics. You also sent answer if locals should “get over” it when people say things they find offensive. How would it be received if I walked into a Hawaiian neighborhood and just started spouting BS, and ended it by saying “hey, get over it”. I’m sure that wouldn’t go too well.

    Im not saying we can’t joke. Just get some awareness man. Or not. But to call someone a “racist” because they have a different view is pretty childish and short sighted.

    • You’re a fucking idiot. The fact that Obama got elected twice proves that most people are not racists you moron. You can’t win the presidency without having most of the white people voting for you.

      • Who would’ve thought that you need the majority of a prominent race to win the election. Novel concept there . Take that to Harvard next time with your brilliant analysis.

  2. I’ve been listening to this show for a while but it seems like recently its starting to go sideways with Wayde and Bruce going on this tangents about racism and other stupid shit. Wayde mentioned people should just relax and be able to take a joke; how his cultures have been persecuted for years. I feel like it would be easier if you just didn’t make ignorant racist jokes than to have to explain how everyone should chill out every time you do.

    Glenn also came off as an ignorant asshole when he threw in comments about Muslims googling instructions on ‘how to fly a plane’ or ‘how to wear a vest’. And then at the end he makes some comment about how grabbed a girl off the street who became his girlfriend. Not cool.

  3. (1) I think Bruce must secretly be into fart porn or something… keeps bringing those women up. If they’re ever on an episode, it’ll be the last time I listen. I almost quit listening a couple episodes back when Wayde mentioned his banana hammock from his gay stripper days.

    (2) I don’t think I’ve heard Wayde talk about his documentary thing lately. I watched the bunker one, but I don’t believe in ghosts so it was kind and f boring. Hard to see what was going on in the dark too. You should do one on homeless camps, and how much they affect communities and the environment. Or you could do one on farmers markets and their vendors. It’s really hard to find good info online about those 2 topics, so you’d get some views, and I think they both fit with you Price for Paradise theme.

    (3) Glenn seemed like a nice guy, but he likes to hear himself talk too much. He kept talking over you both and cutting you off the whole time.

  4. Glenn was a force of nature. So east coast. The podcast made for a very entertaining distraction on my daily bike commute to work downtown. Mahalo Wayde and Bruce. ps: Wicked Wayde is a great nick name with the Boston connection.

  5. I feel that this is a very misleading title for this podcast. Like many other shows, 55 minutes is spent bantering about things that have almost nothing to do with Hawaiian life or how to go about living it and then maybe 5 minutes are spent on the topic. I want to like this podcast so much but I’m having a difficult time. Can you guys try to stay on topic more and discuss things that are actually important to your target audience??

    • It didn’t suck, just not a great guest. You’re always a nice break from heavy stuff like the Criminal podcast. I work on spreadsheets all day with headphones on, so I listen to a lot of podcasts. You guys do a great job, in general. Wayde’s new nickname for himself is dumb, though. Maybe try “Spiritual Wayde” or “Body-mod Wayde” or “I-Somehow-Like-Sanders-AND-Trump Wayde”.

      • Bob…Wicked Wayde….aka…one of Bostons most used words is “WICKED” usually used as “WICKED PISSAH” ETC…so “WICKED WAYDE” actually works with me…plus I am Wicked Pissah and Wicked Wayde has a nice rhyme to it. maybe I’ll just go back to the Poor Man…cuz I’m still Poor…maybe one day I’ll change it to Rich Man…but I doubt it.

    • no… not sucked.. just different. while i’m sure glenn is a great guy i can see why he’s not everyone’s cup of tea. did you guys know i used to have five ferraris? anyway, as always, keep it up boys!

  6. Glenn had some valid points, but it was masked behind some of the tangents he went on. He wasn’t the strongest guest, but he was ok. I have to imagine it’s easy to get scammed over there, but that’s anywhere.

  7. It was actually one of my favorite podcasts..controversy isnt bad at all. It was super interesting to hear that stuff about some members of the Hawaii community.

  8. This was my favorite podcast! Glenn Mercante was a great guest, he was so entertaining, funny and had interesting stories to tell… I hope he can come back to the show on a semi-regular basis.

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