Marijuana in Hawaii – PAKALOLO TEST PILOTS

PAKALOLO TEST PILOTWhen many think of Hawaii they think of how they can score some Pakalolo…maybe you don’t tell others you think about it…but hell…you think about it…and yeah…you want to try it…everyone knows where the best of the best comes from…the good old Pineapple Express…The Mary Jane’s of Mary Jane’s…The best Ganja comes from Paradise!

DOCTORS RECHere in Hawaii two things are clear…You can get Pakalolo anywhere and many who smoke it in Hawaii, smoke it illegally. Now some in the government want us to believe that all Pot use is bad…but the fact is that other LEGAL drugs APPROVED by the Government are far worse for you like Smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol and taking prescription drugs. Combined these legal drugs kill close to 1 million Americans a year…On top of that 17 million drive drunk each year and costs the responsible American Public 130 Billion a year. Did you know 46% of Americans use PRESCRIPTION Drugs and many of them are ADDICTS. Do you know how much the American Prescription drug companies make in Revenue each year??? A HALF TRILLION DOLLARS!

STAY CALM SMOKE WEEDMarijuana has been pushed into a corner for being an all natural and medically proven herb that benefits our species…Marijuana has yet to kill a single person or make one person addicted to it and in fact it’s helped Millions through it‘s medical use each year! Does anyone see what‘s wrong with this picture? The government and those in power have lied to us…That’s what’s rong with this picture…and we talk all about in this controversial Podcast!

3 thoughts on “Marijuana in Hawaii – PAKALOLO TEST PILOTS

  1. What the heak is wrong with Apple making it so hard to share these podcasts via fb messenger? Or is it FB??? (A WordPress plugin could help that ?) This podcast was fBOMB hilarious ??? and I have several friends and family members who would certainly appreciate it!

    I am obsessed with your show! I’m moving to the west coast of Big Island. I’ve been planning for months and am in execution period. I’m praying to be there by July. I’m learning SO much from you guys and I want to post on almost every episode but I’m usually driving while listening.
    Hanna, great story! I see those Work for farming posts on Craigslist all the time and that was my plan b. Are their any safe ones (worst case scenario)?
    You guys talked about web development being low paying in Hawaii? How underpaid are we talking?? I’ve got 8 years experience in Wordpredd and a year in responsive design. I’ve made contact with someone at Hawaii airlines and I’m trying to get into their marketing department. I really want to get a job at the airlines (preferably freight) because my college aged daughter doesn’t want to relocate and I’d feel more secure in leaving her knowing I have travel benefits. I’m not hell bent on web development but it’s my “highest earning” skill in Chicago. I don’t have any intention of living mainland style. I’m breaking up with the “jones” if ya know what I mean (bigger and better hasn’t done SHIT for my life but give me more work to do!) So any advice would be great. I love you guys and I’m so on the same page with ya both…but not quite as opinionated at Wade ? lol
    Ps Wade, my husband works as set crew for Chicago productions and they have a location in Honolulu and you’re dead on about no one wanting to film in Hawaii. The incentives suck! Sorry it’s weighing on your reality show. Where there is a will, there’s a way!

    I’m obsessed with your show!

    • Mahalo Dawn!!! So are you saying my opinions are a little over the top??? lol…I would love to hear more about this…lol….You put a lot on your comment…We’ll cover it this week on the Podcast so give us a few days to look your questions over and we’ll help you out on the Podcast so listen in ok!

      • I’m pretty sure it’s Wade…still getting used to the voices. It would be the one of you with the East Coast accent ? and thanks, like I said…this is a response to like 3-4 different podcasts. Lol Sorry

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