Today we talk with JEFF WILLISCRAFT concerning his Love and Passion for Hawaii and his inevitable Move to Paradise and what he has done to prepare himself for the move and his new work. Jeff has a unique story we have yet to share on the Podcast and it truly involved RE-INVENTING YOURSELF for HAWAII!

Many don’t realize that re-inventing yourself in Hawaii is one of the top things you’ll need to do to make it in Paradise and Jeff has taken this seriously.

What an inspirational story on changing ones life and career for a dream which will allow him to be…Lucky to live Hawaii.


Few Shots Touring around the West side.

Proper Etiquette in Hawaii

Many people have asked us…either visiting or moving to Hawaii, about the proper ETIQUETTE when visiting or living in Hawaii…there are clearly some things you can, should or should NOT do while you visit or live in Hawaii…Below we put a short list together so you come to Hawaii FULLY INFORMED…so if you DO get Cracks or Lick’ins…well…we warned you! lol



Learn the PROPER use of the Words ALOHA and MAHALO, but go above and beyond the basic words…Learn words like…KULEANA, AINA, MALAMA, KAPU, MAUKA & MAKAI etc.

If you are given a LEI….wear it with love and gratitude…being given a lei may it be for a welcome or a birthday etc is a BIG DEAL…Don’t disrespect the person who gave it to you and take it off in their presence.

Under all circumstances RESPECT Nature and the Wildlife in Hawaii. Do not disrespect their space.

When visiting an others home for the first time…ALWAYS bring a Gift. When visiting a home for a BBQ always bring a dish for potluck.

If you are invited to a child’s FIRST BIRTHDAY LUAU be prepared for it being a VERY BIG DEAL and find out the THEME of the the first Birthday so you can bring the proper gifts or food.

In Hawaii most service workers are tipped 20% if they do a great job…Lets respect this hard working class here in Hawaii as they get paid less than minimum wage.

You’re on ISLAND TIME…calk the fuck down.

DO NOT refer to people who live in Hawaii as NATIVES or HAWAIIANS…Educate yourself on the different cultures before you come to Hawaii…People Born and Raised in Hawaii are LOCALS, but they could be any race…very few are Native Hawaiian which are better known, and prefer to be called, Kanaka Maoli.

DO NOT attempt to speak PIDGIN if you did not grow up in Hawaii or haven’t already lived in Hawaii for many, many years. Locals and Hawaiians would take it as disrespectful and a form of mocking them.

DO NOT take offense to being called a HAOLE. 75% of the time it’s done with no disrespect and is just meant to mean you are not from Hawaii. Portuguese take offense to being called Haole because of the history they have in Hawaii so please don’t call them Haole.

LNT…LEAVE NO TRACE Policy. Always take out what you take in. Respect our hiking trails and our beaches and always make an effort to leave they place you ended up at in better condition than how you found it.

Always take off your shoes when you enter any home.

It’s SHOYO (Show-You) not SOY SAUCE…catch on to that one FAST because you’ll be using and asking for it a lot.

Know what you CAN and CAN NOT take from the islands. Volcanic Rock, Black Sand you can not take from the islands…Dead Shells (sand on beaches), White dead Bleached Coral you can take in small amounts from the islands…No live Coral can be taken from Hawaii and no Shellfish or Tropical Fish can be taken from Hawaii without a Commercial permit.

DON’T beep your Horn while when driving in Hawaii unless it’s to avoid an accident…It’s disrespectful to Honk your horn in Hawaii for any reason other than to avoid an accident.

Remember to never touch or walk on live Coral…it’s a living thing and can be killed if you walk or touch it…if you kill the Coral fish won’t visit that area anymore and if that happens bleaching can happen killing large sections of the reef system.

Be respectful of other cultures as well as historic and sacred sites.

Kupunas come first…Always respect the elderly here in Hawaii.

RESPECT KAPU…do not tresspass!

LISTEN to others when they have a story to tell you…it’s called “TALKING STORY” too often people are in a rush and think whatever they have going on is more important. Don’t bring your mainland thinking to Hawaii. Listen to them…they wouldn’t be telling you if they didn’t think it was important and you may not only learn something, but be given a great gift in story telling as that is all Hawaiians had in the ancient days.

25 Reasons why HAWAII may not be for you

Is Hawaii for you? Are you sure you can make ends meet? Are you sure you can make friends? Are you sure you can live the easy laid back lifestyle? Are you sure you can live pay check to pay check or have 2 jobs so you don’t have to? This are the Questions you NEED to ask yourself and we go over a list of QUESTIONS you should ask yourself before you FANTASIZE too much about moving to Paradise…We LOVE HAWAII…but it’s not for everyone and for those how DO live Hawaii…We have sacrificed a lot to be here!

Below is a list of 25 reasons why HAWAII may not be for you!

and trust us…this list could be double if we weren’t so fucking lazy! lol



1. You are NOT a patient person and are laid back.

2. You love the changing of the Seasons.

3. You are not a fan of Asians.

4. You love going to Concerts.

5. You’re in love with Hawaii a lot more than your Partner or Spouse.

6. You love the City Life because the Country doesn’t do it for you.

7. Social Status is important to you from having a big House to driving a Beamer.

8. You are not willing to make huge sacrifices with either getting a different Job, making less money, living in a smaller place or taking on several part-time jobs to live Hawaii’s lifestyle.

9. You are not into the outdoors, wildlife and nature.

10. You love Road Trips.

11. You have Kids and want to put them in a good educations System…unless you have the money for private school.

12. You are afraid of understanding and accepting other cultures and religions.

13. You are against the U.S Military, because it’s pretty visible here in Hawaii.

14. You don’t like living the slow life and are into development and progress.

15. You currently enjoy good health care.

16. You don’t like being a Minority.

17. You believe Hawaii should catch up and be like the mainland States.

18. You won’t be able to afford paying double the cost for everything!

19. You are not capable of adapting on a whim to your new environment from Work to the Outdoors.

20. You Hate Traffic.

21. You are not ready to defend yourself against a Local Born and raised…Meaning…Have a good reason why you deserve to be there as much as them.

22. You enjoy FREE SHIPPING…yeah…no one ships free to Paradise!

23. You Don’t feel comfortable in a Swimsuit…at some point your excuses for why you’re not wearing a Bikini or Board Shorts can get deafening!

24. Don’t like to Eat. We eat too much here and it’s disrespectful not to eat food people make for you.

25. You don’t want to learn about Hawaii’s past or the Hawaiian Culture and history.