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OVERWEIGHT IN HAWAIIWe know how many people have a hard time losing WEIGHT in general, but doing it before vacation? It’s even harder…We don’t hold the Key to losing weight before your vacation, but we do know many attempt to do it and we wanted to give those who are having a hard time with their weight some advice as well as some  encouragement…Being overweight is a touchy subject and some joke about their weight, others take it seriously and become defensive…we’ll talk about both sides…it’s what we do…so lets go over some things you should start to do if you DO have intention to lose weight for your vacation, but first you must understand 100% that DIETS DO NOT WORK…EVER! When you make the choice to lose weight you are not going on a diet…you’re making a LIFE STYLE CHANGE that you will continue after your vacation…period!

over weight big guy girl

First…if you are 40 pounds over your normal weight for your height and size (BMI) Body Mass Index…you are OBESE! We see far too many people Obese vacationing in Hawaii…So if you know you are 30-40 or more pounds over weight your focus shouldn’t be to look hot in some nut huggers or bikini…Your focus should be just to feel fucking confortable in your own skin…you should be thinking about what it will take to go snorkeling, Hiking, walking, ENJOYING HAWAII and not just sitting around and huffing and puffing…You can’t be perfect…but at least you can feel better than you do today so that when you go on Vacation you can really do the things everyone comes to Hawaii to do!

over weight big girlSo where do you start? Well, first off…don’t start off by FUCKING YOURSELF! It’s all about your WILL and once you HIDE THINGS, LIE  and SABOTAGE yourself…you can just forget it, but if you have the WILL and POWER…keep reading…
START 8-12 MONTHS out from your vacation6 MONTHS minimum!
Clean your cabinets of sugars, all fried foods and other diet-killing junk foods that say they are FAT FREE yet contain high amounts of real or fake sugar. Also…No processed foods! NO MORE LIQUOR… Alcohol is packed with calories. Go grocery shopping and BUY REAL FOODS: vegetables, fruits, nuts, grains…NO BEEF, chicken breast, turkey and fish high in Omega 3 fats. How many Calories are you taking in a day…lets cut those down…depending on your body height and weight. It’s also time to hit the home gym…Add moderate exercise to the mix with 5 days cardio M-F, 3 days lifting weights M-W-F, 30-60 mins a day. You can do this at home and around the house…you don’t need to pay for a gym membership to get healthy and in good shape. Buy basic 10 & 20 pound weights.

Basics for eating during the start of your LIFE STYLE CHANGE…

YOU MUST Eat breakfast every day..Eat raw fruit, yogurt, granola, hard-boiled eggs Organic peanut butter with celery or carrots….wheat or grain bagel or bread. Eat a healthy snack before lunch. Again, fruit, yogurt, nuts, oatmeal. LUNCH is your largest and most important meal of the day. Fish, chicken, turkey with a Veg and a small starch with fruit, yogurt and nuts. Have an afternoon snack, something healthy as you have been eating all day, Nuts, celery, carrots, cukes, yogurt, make smart choices. The goal is to reach dinner time hungry enough to eat, but not enough to feel as if you’re starving.
Eat a  small dinner. A Large protein (fish, chicken, turkey) and a variety of vegetables, fruits and salad with light dressing, olive oil, balsamic vinegar…etc.
These are life changes, not a diet plan…this is something you stick to the rest of your life and what better way then to change your life for your vacation to Hawaii and the rest of your days…just imagne how healthy you will be NEXT TIME you come to Hawaii…you can change your life, you can change your bad habits…it just takes you…you and your will power to say ENOUGH…I’M READY FOR CHANGE!

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  1. Hey guys, welcome back.I don’t know if it was just me, but there was an issue where the audio doubled up over itself for the second half of the podcast. I’m not even mad. It’s just good to hear your voices again

  2. I love listening to you guys talk about Hawaii. The show is very informative and super entertaining to listen to. Great job saving the aunties and hopefully next time I am in Hawaii I can go buy some nice fruits from the aunties.

  3. Welcome back. Glad everyone is safe & healthy.
    FYI: MAJOR issues with latest podcast. 1/2 half over modulated. 2nd half had delay audio feedback till end. This episode can be fixed if you recorded in-line, and just strip out all other sounds. Then lay music back over. Of course it depends on what software you are using to record & edit.

    • no worries…We fixed in buddy…As for the over modulated…the truth…I wish we had a professional Studio…it would make life so easy…but we don’t…we fixed the second half…but we are using one Mic now in a very OPEN LARGE ROOM…we need to get in a small room and get some shit up on the walls so it doesn’t sound like we are in an arena! Working on it buddy…thanx for the info~

  4. When I was 281# with a fat % of 4.6 in 1981 I was “obese” according to you and all the doctor’s charts though none thought I needed to lose weight. I wonder why?

    • We are not really sure of where you are going with this…it depends on your BMI….your height is HUGE! We are not Doctors and we don’t try to be one…if you want REAL ADVICE about your BMI see a doctor…if you are 281 pounds and 6-6’5, 281pounds can work depending on if it’s muscle weight, I was 220 pounds and only 5’10, some may say I was overweight, but I was all muscle so I wasn’t obese…there are too many things to look into…send us a picture and put your weight and height on it…we’ll let you know if your fat!

  5. Hi guys nice to hear from you again 🙂 and im happy to know that your safe and well i heard about the hurricane and thank god it didn’t went that bad like it was supposed to 🙂 i even heard that Wayde was not well im so sorry for that 🙁 i hope it is in the past and that your better now 🙂 about the turtle bay well done Wayde your amazing i watched some photo of that at Facebook well done keep up the good job your amazing 🙂 lol you know i think like i made you think about this podcast idea from my question of the poi 😛 i know its not 😉 anyway you know how i fight being overweight i use almost every day to go to work or to meet someone for coffee i dont use public transport or cars i go out with my bike and i think it has helped me not to gain much weight and even when i don’t use my bike i mostly walk to where im supposed to go this is a good thing to do and everyone can do this but you know what i think people chose not to do like this cause are lazy to walk or lazy to get a bike and just use their car or get a cab or us public transport and another thing i do is i have thins thing i do anything to not pass 176 pounds its like my limit and it might look much i think but im tall also 😛 im 5 ft 11 inch and i don’t drink alcohol (only in holidays) and junk food i try not to eat stuff like that also for the sugar thing i like everything sweet lol 😛 but i don’t eat much sweet stuff each day probably;y just something in the morning and for me the best thing to do is to controle the amount of food you eat each meal for example i in the morning i eat enough to get through the day till i get home lets say light morning and for lunch i think its the most important meal of the day for me and i eat very good and for diner i eat light thing again just to you should try this and the bike thing its the best 😉 (and you save money from gas or public transport lol if you use bike for not long distance always) lol i think i wrote allot sorry but i loved this podcast so much one of my favorite cant wait to hear from you again next time 🙂 perhaps you can make a podcast for water tourism or wish island is the best to visit while being in Hawaii and whats best for each one of them mahalo for this wonderful podcast 🙂

  6. Great podcast as usual guys. My wife and I started a LIFESTYLE change over two years ago . Less junk food, good clean eating. Lots of activities, gym ,biking, walking, swimming, snowshoeing if you have snow .LOL. Just be active on a daily basis. Don`t fill your plate so that you can`t see your plate. When Linda and I were with Wayde in February I showed him are progress and I think he was surprised. I tell people that it was truly an easy thing ,once that ball starts rolling and you see results, its like you get a rush of what can I do next. Like wayde and Bruce said it is a mindset . I saw a xmas family pic of us at the table and I said that’s it, time for a change, and we couldn`t be happier. Togeather we lost over 200lbs and over 200 inches.

  7. I was in the best shape of my life when I was running 15-20 miles per week. Took me a few months to get there but when I did, I realized that I could enjoy life a little. I could still drink, I could eat whatever I wanted just using moderation. While my “dieting” friends would show up on Monday complaining how they had gained 5lbs because we hit up buffalo wild wings to watch a game, I knew a good run was all I needed to keep my metabolism up.
    Unfortunately, working 2 jobs getting only a few hours of sleep each night without changing back to a maintenance diet really took it toll over the past several years. Living in the midwest there were few things to do that didn’t involve going out to eat or driving several hours to enjoy the outdoors.

    Great thing about Maui is that you have to actively avoid being healthy. Perfect (if a little hot) weather makes me want to me be outside walking, running or swimming most days of the week. The price of going out to eat keeps us eating moderate portions at home most of the time. I love this place and how living here has improved my quality of life in just the past month. Cant wait to see what my health is like a year from now

    • Preach it, brother. It’s incredibly easy to stay active in Hawaii, especially if you come from colder climates where you’re conditioned to take advantage of good weather. Hiking/walking some of the best places on Earth hardly ‘feels’ like exercise.

  8. Great podcast. Wayde, glad you’re feeling better. Kinda hard for me to comment on this podcast because I’m actually underweight. People think, “Oh you’re so lucky”, but, no. I have health issues and I really DO get tired of hearing, “Oh you’re so thin, “Is that all you’re eating” etc. I’m still trying to find something that is healthy for you but high in calories. I tend to eat a lot of garbage but if I ate “healthy” I’d lose more weight.

    • Denise…if you have health concerns or issues with being thin I will assume you have seen your Doctor already…what have they said? Do you have Diabetes? How are your glucose levels and yoru sugar? If you DO have these issues, don’t worry…many people are thin with such issues…just be yourself…there are lifestyle diets you can be on of you have such health issues.

        • So just major issues with your IG tract? So you continue to lose weight and still eat the same? Man…Denise…so sorry to hear this…Hang in there…as much as people has issues being OVER WEIGHT…people also have issues being UNDER WEIGHT…we feel for you, understand and support you…

  9. Great podcast Bruce/Wayde. I noticed this is actually episode #57, not 56. Looks like the “Summer in Hawaii” live episode (#55, not 54) was where the count messed up. Just wanted to help keep it accurate.
    Anyway, keep up the great work. It’s much appreciated.

  10. Really appreciate your efforts on the show. It’s so much fun hear about the places we visited while vacationing there. I’m so glad you saved the Aunties–such a fun memory. The ladies were so sweet.

    I know you have probably mentioned it in the past but, one of my favorite things is your theme song “Island LIfe”. Can you please give me the correct name of the song and the group that performs it?

    Just an aside…we lost weight on our trip. We didn’t have a rental car so we walked all over Waikiki. About seven miles a day. Over and over again I can’t say enough about the bus system. I loved how it gave us a chance to talk with people who live in Hawaii. Everyone was so friendly

    You guys are just the best. I love not only the tips you give but, that you share so much of yourselves. I hope one day the travel channel comes in and gives you a fat contract because you’d make for some awesome television too. Watching a show about your day to day operations and tours would be fascinating. I’ll be reposting your Facebook posts on my page. I hope that brings you more business. Again thank you!! I look forward to your show every week.

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