Overcoming your FEARS about HAWAII

FEAR OF HAWAIIWe all have fears and they are not just about Hawaii…they are about life in general. Fear is one of, if not “THE” one thing that holds us back from reaching our dreams and goals…It is the “MIND KILLER” the destroyer of dreams. We all know this and if you have a fear for something prepare to go to battle with your mind. Your mind controls all that you do, there is a natural defense set up in that mind of yours to ensure you don’t do something that can hurt yourself and that is where the FEAR FACTOR comes in…Your mind takes over to protect your mind and your body…it’s not until you shut off the mind that you will be capable of “DOING ALL THINGS”.

FEAR OF SHARKSI have Fears, we all do, but to get past my fears I shut my mind off…you see, the mind DOES NOT LIVE in the “PRESENT MOMENT” it lives in the Future or the Past and in either of those there is fear…fear of the failures of your past or the fear of failing in the future or fear of getting hurt or even killed…YOU CAN’T BE IN YOUR MIND! YOU MUST live in the MOMENT…for it is there that you will truly LIVE, it is there that you will find your Passion, your Goals and your Dreams…When you come to HAWAII, when you go anywhere different or strange…leave your mind, live in the moment, ONLY FOCUS on what you are doing right there and then! I promise you will truly live like no other…it’s those who fear that don’t live, they only exist and if you’re only existing…why live at all?

8 thoughts on “Overcoming your FEARS about HAWAII

  1. Haven’t listens yet, but reading the description, I can totally relate!! Can’t wait to hear what y’all have to say!

  2. how are there no replies to this podcast? doors off heli tour with paradise helicopters was one of the coolest things we did on our honeymoon last year. this year we hit up honolulu soaring and did a glider ride. anyone that stays in waikiki their whole trip is wasting their entire vacation, listen to these guys!

  3. Just getting caught up man, been a hectic couple of weeks for me…

    Wayde you said it right near the end. Your first trip to Hawaii could be life changing.
    Totally agree, our first trip changed my perspective on life man, the next trip just cemented everything we already knew about Hawaii. Hopefully my next trip takes me to Oahu so I can meet you guys.

    OMA2OGG blog coming soon!

  4. Another great podcast, I learn something new with every episode!
    The part about the flag was interesting!
    Also I chuckled about which side of the road to drive on.
    We drive on the correct side in the UK of course haha! Just kidding!
    It’s always strange when I return home from Europe or the USA as I sometimes find myself driving on the wrong side of the road!
    And I am ashamed to say that when I was trying to find the check in for blue Hawaiian helicopters on Kauai , I was running late and did a u turn on a back road, I ended up almost having a head on! I am super careful since then!

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