There are some AMAZING things about Hawai’i Nei and one of those Amazing things are it’s FOOD! So what makes food in Hawaii so Amazing?….FUSION, that’s what…The great thing about Hawaii is the Fusion of Food from all over the World brought together in one condensed place. Here in Hawaii our Fusion Food consists of a Mix of HAWAIIANEUROPEANAMERICAN, PORTUGUESE and ASIAN consisting of foods from: China, Korea, Japan, Thailand and the Philippines. 


People don’t always remember where some of the food we love to eat today in Hawaii came from…The Chinese brought the MANAPUASTIR FRYSWEET & SOURDIM SUM,  the Portuguese brought SWEET BREAD and MALASADAS, the Japanese brought the BENTO, MOCHI, SHAVE ICE and SUSHI, the Koreans brought KIMCHI and KOREAN BBQ…The list goes on and on.

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With these PLANTATION FUSION FOODS came the local PLATE LUNCH, the SPAM MUSUBI and items like the LOCO MOCO.


So with all this AMAZING FOOD and an a MILLION other plates we’re going to discuss the best LOCAL RESTAURANTS to Taste and enjoy the HAWAIIAN FUSION CUISINE here in Paradise…one of the many reasons why we are so Lucky to Live HAWAII!




ROY’S (Asian Fusion)

LILIHA BAKERY (Original Breakfast Dinner, Kalihi)

DUKE’S WAIKIKI (Classic Hawaiian/American)

DORAKU (Sushi)

LA MER (French Cuisine)

MICHEL’S at the COLONY SURF (French Cuisine)


FIJI MARKET: (Indian Curry Cuisine)

DAT CAJUN GUY: (Cajun Cuisine, Food Truck)

HOUSE WITHOUT A KEY: (Asian & Hawaiian)




*Best Hawaiian Shave Ice: ALOHA GENERAL STORE

*Best Coconut Pie: TED’S BAKERY

*Best Malasada:  LEONARD’S BAKERY

*Best Acai Bowl: DIAMOND HEAD COVE HEALTH BAR (The Mana Bowl)

*Best Cupcakes: SUGARLINA

*Best Mexican: SERG’S MEXICAN KITCHEN (Waimanalo)

*Best Lunch Truck: DAT CAJUN GUY

*Best Plate Lunch: RAINBOW DRIVE-IN

Traditional Hawaiian: HIGHWAY INN (Original, Waipahu)

35 thoughts on “OAHU’s TOP 10 RESTAURANTS

  1. One of my favorite places on Oahu is Tita’s Grill in Kahuku. It’s a plate lunch, eat outdoors kind of place. Hands down the best loco moco I’ve had on any island (previously Cafe 100 on the Big Island was my fav). The burgers and shrimp platters are also great. In Honolulu, the Rainbow Drive-In is one of my favs and just down the street from Leonard’s – can’t beat that combo!

    • Tita’s Grill in Kahuku is a sure winner…good one. Lots of high school kids however from next door…one of the reasons not on my top list…but great food. Rainbow and Ono Foods…my top 2 for plate lunches.

  2. Made me hungry today guys, I think I’ll stop on the way home and get some musabi fixins. I have to put it out there though, for the tourist on a tight budget, find the 4 table diners in the strip malls. I found one off Dillingham in Kalihi that gave me the most satisfying plate lunch for $8. Mahi for days and awesome macaroni salad and we were the only tourists in the place. I also must challenge anyone to find a better musabi (outside auntie’s kitchen) than the 7-11 at Waialae and Sierra. Not fine dining but so good. Thanks for the show!

  3. We all love the show…you can tell people like it or not by the number of downloads. Stop nagging us to leave comments. Just suggest people leave comments and let it go. Your threatening to stop doing the podcast if you dont get more comments is not going to have your desired effect.

    • Dude you’re a dick. Do you realize how busy they are with their companies and they give out information for free? Send some comments with aloha and keep them motivated.

      • Mahalos Xavier…We love to get feedback….our guests leaving comments keep the shows new and fresh…The listener is what keeps this show going…We only push listeners to leave comments so we can help them…maybe Paul doesn’t get that…either way…we are who we are and we’ll keep doing what we do~ Aloha again!

      • Xavier, You were pretty quick to resort to name calling and insults. Not very aloha. My suggestion was valid and reasonable. I even started out by saying how I love the podcast. However, I will admit that the word ‘nagging’ wasnt the best choice and for that Ill apologize to Wayde and Bruce. Wayde..of course i get it…that is why I said you should suggest people leave comments. Everyone take a deep breath.

    • How about leaving a comment like, what you would like us to talk about in an upcoming poscast…This comment you left is not going to have your desired effect. We don’t threaten anyone…We joke around…it’s what we do…if people don’t get the humor fine, if people don’t want to leave comments and contribute to the podcast they don’t have to…but this podcast if for the listener…So the concept is simple…Help us, help you…if you can’t help us help you…we can’t help you and if we can’t help you…why bother having the show.

  4. i was gonna fuckin murder you if you didn’t mention fiji market. and it’s not in haleiwa but i’m not going to correct you bruh.

    the auntie there is SO awesome. the food is amazing. they need to open a stand near giovannis…

    • Fiji Market is somewhere on the NS how about that! and NO…they don’t need to open a stand near Giovannis…are you fucking high brah? You should have seen Giovannis 10 years ago…it’s a zoo today, locals don’t go there anymore…it’s a Tourist trap…fuck no, we don’t want Fiji Market becoming like that…Hell no!

      • they’re 50 yards away already dude. i suggest they open a small stand for their benefit not ours.

        a little stand near the shrimp trucks to compete with the spare shave ice truck would probably do wonders for their business and not affect their main store.

        • They don’t need a stand brah…they focus on the STORE FIRST…making Food second! By the way…in case you don’t know…well, you don’t know or you WOULD know already….Giovannis OWNES the entire land over there…Under their “RULES OF THE LAND” NO ONE…No One can be in competition with another VEDOR…meaning there is no way in FUCK Gio’s would allow Fiji Market to compete with them for SHRIMP! Take a good look next time you are over there…one person sells Fried Banana and fruit, one does cold coconuts, one does Tiki’s, one does cloths, one does Corn, one does smoothies and Gio’s does shrimp…There are NO TWO alike~ For etc…The Autnies that do fresh fruit and make the Fried Banana CAN’T sell Cold Coconuts…but they can do every other fruit…they can only sell their coconuts at the Kahuku Land Farms across from Kawela Bay because a women already sells Cold Fresh Coconuts on Giovannis land.

  5. Love the podcast! They are very informative and entertaining. My husband and I live in Florida but have visited Oahu every year for the past 8 years. We love to get the kalua pork burgers at one of the food trucks in North Shore. I love that Hawaii is on the non gmo wagon..Off topic but do you guys have any friends who are teachers? I’m curious how the teaching profession is there. I work with special needs kids, mainly autistic but would love to know if teaching positions are scarce or highly needed. thanks! 🙂

      • I second that request on teaching – especially related to special ed. Maybe you won’t have enough info for a full podcast, but a good subject to perhaps combine with others into a miscellaneous show.

      • i will tell you that the obvious joke of them suggesting teachers get a masters degree to get $2500 more a year is actually not a joke.

        teachers are paid about the same in hawaii as they are in texas and the cost of living is 80% higher.

        in other words a $50k teaching job would need to pay $91k in hawaii.

        i will tell you there are zero school teachers making $91k in hawaii.

        • Nick are you the expert on Teaching jobs in Hawaii? are you or your women a teacher? Lets hear some more info…in the meantime we’ll be looking for a Senior teacher here in Hawaii to give us all the DIRT on teaching life in Paradise!

          • I follow a teacher living in Hawaii on Facebook. Shall I send you a link to her page? Maybe you guys can contact her and get her on the show.

          • Done! I don’t know your guys personal email, but I sent links to the FB page and other official sites.

  6. Thanks for the return after the two week hiatus. Appreciate the shout outs! What do you think of LuLu’s in Waikiki? I know that their food is nothing groundbreaking, but that view is awesome and they have Kona on tap. That is one of my favorite bar food places to eat. Tikis is ok, but I always seem get a waiter who operates on aloha time. slow service i guess.
    I think when I come back I want to do some type of private, custom food and hiking tour. Lastly, I hope you get the funding for a pilot episode. Dream big and do it for everyone who said you’d never make it.

    We appreciate you guys!


    • Hey X…Lulu’s is based in tradition…the concept, the atmosphere, the people, the location…BUT…like you said…the Food is average at best. I never go for the food, I go for all the other reasons. If you want to join us on a Private Food and Hiking tour we can set something up…but PLEASE give us a big HEADS UP so we can plan it out…The Pilot won’t be easy…We need to raise around 20K to do it right, but like you said…DREAM BIG and PROVE PEOPLE WRONG! Mahalo brah!

  7. Hey my two favorite guys doing a GREAT job as usual. I think Wayde you missed a couple of good restaurants like the Charthouse was great we had fun their and the meal was good and so was the company. Linda and I also found the Shorebird was very good and entertaining. Where else do they let you drink 4dollar MaiTais then let you cook your own steaks on a 600degree grill. .I fully agree with your Baltimore comments. I know a few cops who have had a few paddy wagon stories. Ooops a dog ran out from the curb and slam on the brakes while delinquent flys around in the back. Good times right their . Keep up the good podcasts. Did they ever find that hiker who went missing at the stairway to heaven never heard anything regarding that. Mahalo

    • True John…Charthouse is one of my Favs…BUT, it would be in my top 20, not top 10. The Shorebird is great also…but we find a 50/50 split on people liking and not liking the Shorebird…I mean…who wants to cokk their own food on Vacation right? As for the lost Hiker “MOKE” No…they never found him.

  8. Aloha guys love the show! Am a new listener but a long time fan of your youtube channel Wayde! Really hope you can pull of this pilot as I just know it will be amazing!

    In regards to this most recent podcast I’m ashamed to say I have visited Oahu three times all the way from the UK however I’ve never been to any of these restaurants! I will make it a priority on my upcoming trip in December! Its so expensive to get to Hawaii from the UK that we end up having a very small budget when we actually get there! So eating is usually done on the cheap haha Hopefully this time when we come we will be able to splash out a bit more on some food and fun!

    On a different note one of my favourite places on the planet is Kawela Bay! When I was there last December I was so gutted to see how much it has been destroyed! What’s the latest on the surrounding area? Is the development going ahead? I really hope not!! I hate how Oahu seems to becoming more and more concrete….

    Thanks guys! Keep on podcasting! And might be booking a tour with you guys this Christmas 🙂

    • Mahalo David…we’ll be doing a “GOFUNDME” for our Pilot…getting a Reality Docu-Series is like getting picked in the NFL DRAFT…veery few make it…but my Hopes are up and we are going to push through, but we need everyones help, donations and funding to make it happen…every bit counts…$50-100…anything to help us reach the $20,000.00 we will need to do a 20-30 min Professional Pilot! You need to try at least half our favorite places to eat on Oahu! As for Kawela Bay…it’s a shit show over there…The State can’t get their head out of their ass and are not funding the land completely…meaning not all the land will be saved…sadly a lot of it will be DESTROYED and paved…Advertising will be done and the place will be OVERRUN by Tourists…with that comes TRASH and GARBAGE! I’m sorry David…we are losing Kawela the same way we are losing the rest of Oahu…TO GREED!

  9. Hey speaking of LuLu’s – I heard it’s a good place to catch local musicians. Maybe not a good podcast idea, but would be nice to know of some places to catch local music outside of Waikiki and Honolulu…

    • Lulu’s is OK for music…but there are plenty of better places…Let us coming up with best places to catch local music…we may need to bring in our guests from a month ago to talk abou this! Mahalo~

  10. Forgive me if I missed this, but what is the nature of the TV pilot you will be filming? Is it about the cleanup efforts, or similar to the older videos from your YouTube channel, or something completely different? Either way, I’m looking forward to seeing them and will be part of the crowdfunding.

    As long as I’m writing, I wanted to give a shoutout to the Kahuku Grill as a great burger place. I had read reviews and wanted very badly to stop when we were out there last year. Felt like I was dragging the rest of the family, though. Maybe they were just having a bad day. I absolutely loved the food, plus it was cheap and the folks there treated like I was part of their family! But I didn’t hear a ton from anyone else. But just a couple weeks ago, when discussing a return trip, my son, a picky 15-year-old, said we had to go to Kahuku Grill because it was the best burger he has ever eaten! I was stunned! Teddy’s is great for burgers, too, but I actually give the nod to Kahuku Grill.

    • Jason…Mahalo for asking…The Nature of the Reality Docu-Series Pilot is based around the REAL STRUGGLES and SUCCESSES of a SMALL FAMILY ADVENTURE TOUR BUSINESS in Hawaii based on INSPIRATIONAL REAL LIFE STORIES about Changing the Face of Hawaii and it’s people, while growing and learning about ourselves and each other here in Hawaii. Your crowdfunding help would be awesome…we’ll be sure to keep everyone posted on when we launch the “GOFUNDME”. As for Kahuku Grill…AWESOME PLACE…you’re right…it could have been mentioned, but I put it in my top 20, not my top 10 best…They make an AWESOME BURGER…but in my view Teddy’s is ahead of Kahuku Grill just by a little bit.

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