Why you MUST visit HAWAII at least ONCE

Imagine going your ENTIRE LIFE never seeing a glimpse of what Heaven may be…That would be HAWAI’I NEI.

The Worlds not a perfect place…people are short on time…short on money…fearing one thing or another…but there is one thing everyone that has every dreamed of HAWAII must do…MAKE TIME…SAVE YOUR MONEY & put away your FEARS!

Everyone who has HAWAI’I NEI on their BUCKET LIST must get to HAWAII!

YOLO…”You Only Live Once”…so LIVE YOUR LIFE and make every effort possible to Live your dream and vacation in Hawaii at least once…and if you do, do it when you are younger instead of older…You will never regret that you did!

Hawaii will never be perfect…Bruce and I will bitch and complain on how the mainland has fucked up parts of Hawaii and the politicians are full blown douche Bags…but that doesn’t mean Hawaii isn’t paradise or that Hawaii won’t welcome you with open arms.

Hawaii is a special place…so when you are on your death bed…and we all get there…don’t be saying “WHAT IF” I took that Trip to Hawaii…know you saw Hawaii, you loved Hawaii and you move on knowing there’s a place out there as beautiful as Heaven itself…that’s Hawai’i Nei.




6 thoughts on “Why you MUST visit HAWAII at least ONCE

  1. For fucks sake, nobody wants to hear about your jizm and your backward ass political views Wayde. Talk about fucking Hawaii.

  2. You guys should address the rampant prostitution in Waikiki. It’s pretty wild that it blatantly occurs right in front of the police and can be pretty shocking as a tourist for the first time. Have either of you guys banged one of those broads?

  3. This question doesn’t have anything to do with the last podcast but while watching a show on TV last night called buying Hawaii I saw something that I was curious about. I noticed a lot of homes had lava rock walls and accents. Is that looked at as Kapu or as long as it doesn’t leave the island are you good?

  4. Aloha Both of you. Come on man stop fighting I think I need to arrange a intervention when I come in August . Right now I need some information from Wayde . Wayde I am coming in first week of August to do a OCR race in Kualoa Ranch called Spartan beast . It’s about 13 mile race with about 30 different obstacles and last about 7 to 9 hours. My question from you is that as an experience hiker in Hawaii in august weather what should you recommend carrying for hydration. I cannot carry to much weight because of all the obstacles I have to do but what will you recommend to keep my self-hydrated for about 7 to 9 hours. Any suggestions will be appreciated one more questions how’s the weather on that side in August is it gone be raining a lot. I normally use compression shorts and compression t-shirt but because of the humidity I am not sure is wearing compression is a good idea. Thanks in advance for your help if you can otherwise see you in Oahu in first week of August.

  5. Hi Guys. Love the podcast. I find the rail and infrastructure discussions really interesting since I’m so far away and have never thought of Hawaii in those terms. I live in Orlando, FL and I would love to live in Hawaii but I think Ill have to settle for a visit every couple of years to replenish my manna. This is a cover of the song How Far I’ll Go from Moana by a singing group local to Orlando. Thought you might enjoy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sr202T5ACW4

    Keep up the great work.

  6. Guys!! it has been way too long since I left a comment. I am way behind on the podcasts too due to being so busy with work. (I am currently off the coast of mexico on a pipeline project)
    I am lucky to have been to Hawaii 6 times (not bad for someone who lives in the UK!)
    Next summer will be my 7th and first long stay on Maui -a rranges by Hawaii – Aloha Travel of course 🙂 (I did a day trip there once from Oahu and did the road to Hana.)
    Quick question is the road to Hana still doable if I am base in the Kaanapali area?
    Keep up the great work fellas !

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