HAWAII…who doesn’t dream of moving to Paradise, right? Well, for many they don’t believe it’s possible, however story after story we prove that’s not the case here at the LUCKY WE LIVE HAWAII Podcast. If you have the passion and determination to make Hawaii Nei your home…there is very little things that can stop…except yourself!

Today we talk with two amazing people…one who has moved here and one that is moving in the near future…We’ll hear both sides of a move to Hawaii…and for those who are NOT American citizens the Story of PAUL THOMPSON from Canada may just hit home to many wanting to move to Hawaii, but are not american citizens. We’ll also be hearing from EILEEN LINTAO…making the big move from the BIG APPLE to the BIG PINEAPPLE…lol.

Paul Thompson is a Canadian I.T. professional who had a dream to live in Hawaii since he was a young boy. Paul and his wife Lisa and daughter made that dream a reality not once but twice. Moving to Hawaii can be challenging enough even if you are an American citizen but as a Canadian it was even more of a challenge. Paul and his family first moved here in 2013 but family reasons took them back to the mainland. After 2 years back on the mainland and the strong desire to live in Hawaii still present, they moved back to Hawaii again in 2016 to continue the adventure. 

if you want to see what Paul’s up to check him out on IG: Palliser1

Eileen Lintao is one of the few folks that took her dream of Hawaii living and made it a reality in only a few months! She traded her Wall St job and the cold winters for sunny warm weather and relaxed lifestyle. Hear what inspired her to make the big move.


16 thoughts on “MOVING to HAWAII?

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    BTW Wayne your President failed yet again today with Health care. It’s almost as if…Governing is hard and people’s lives are not transactional items such as property. Is there anything he can win at other than being a giant orange 70+ year old clown? NOPE. But Hilary’s emails!!!!

    Good day Wayne!!

    • Have had a chance to finish the episode and it was great. Been some solid shows the past couple of weeks. Very interesting , if not slightly depressing, stuff about the visas.

  2. Hi kids,
    Great episode! I loved hearing from Paul and Eileen, especially Eileen, because I am from NJ. I went to college in Newark, less than 10 miles from where I grew up, and interviewed for a gig at the World Trade Center in the summer of 2000. Like so many Jersey kids, I thought working in Manhattan would be badass! Instead, I had a last minute change of heart, and I packed up my stuff and moved to Dallas with a friend. Anyway, Dallas didn’t suit me but it was very good for my career, which is funding the dream of my Hawaii life, so it all worked out.

    This is my last week of work and then the packing and purging frenzy begins. Since chatting with you guys, I changed my mind about buying a car and made arrangements to ship mine. It’s 2006 Nissan Maxima with low mileage. I’m already relieved to avoid the stress involved with buying a used car. It was more to get it from Chicago to California ($1500) than over the water to Hilo ($1000). I got 4 quotes that ranged from $2200 to $2850. I went with the Kona Car Guy because of the customer references on It turns out that not every company that transports cars does business on Hawaii Island, but they all are happy to go to Oahu.

    Good luck with your move Wayde! You, too, Eileen!

    Bruce, the earbuds are basically a do not disturb sign, that’s why no one was talking to you. I’m glad you figured that out. You are not invisible.


    • Aloha Beth and good luck to you also with the big move! Did you attend Rutgers university in Newark, which is my alma mater? Small world with two Jersey girls moving to the Big Pineapple. So long NYC! Lol!

      I have to look into Kona Car Guy about shipping my vehicle to Oahu. I’m still debating whether to ship my 10 year old car or just buy on the island

      If you’re ever in Honolulu, look me up. Would love to connect with a fellow Jersey gal and swap stories 😉

      • Aloha Eileen. I was your neighbor up the hill at NJIT. I attended from 1993-2000. I got my masters right away because I could not imagine going back to school. I remember that when my guys friends had classes at Rutgers they would get all dolled up because there were “real girls” there. Dicks! LOL!

        The big pineapple – love it! I absolutely will be in touch when I visit Honolulu so we can get together.

        All the best to you, too! See you soon. Please let me know if you plan to visit Hawaii Island.

  3. Hi Guys,

    Great episode last week; it’s always fun to hear people’s first person accounts of how they made it to the islands!

    On an unrelated note, I enjoy checking out Hawaiian properties that are for sale on Zillow (helps to keep the dream alive). One thing that I’ve noticed over and over again is that nobody seems to update their homes in Hawaii. Is it simply that the cost to buy a property ties up all their available cash/credit or are there contractor, logistic, or cultural reasons behind this? Here in Minnesota, even modest homes are updated on a fairly regular basis as it is hard to sell a property that looks as if it has been shot out of the 70’s, 80’s, or 90’s.


  4. Oh, and one other thing. You’re always saying that great musicians never come to Hawaii. Santana will be at the Neil S. Blaisdell Arena on Sunday, April, 30. Do yourselves a favor and go; you will not be disappointed. I saw him at The House of Blues in Vegas a couple of years ago and it was one of the best shows I’ve seen. No joke; he is NOT washed up!


  5. I really enjoyed this show! Thanks! I am curious about Paul’s daughter. He mentioned he has a 7 year old. I would like to know his thoughts on the school system there and how his daughter has adjusted to the move.

    The schools among other things is what is keeping us from moving there now. We are on a 15 year plan, my child will hopefully be independent and in college by that point. I appreciate all the advice that flows from this podcast and am taking it all in. We have a dream of “moving” to Hawaii when I retire and buying a condo and traveling between Hawaii and Alaska depending on the weather in each location. 🙂 My husband and I got married on Kauai and love that island, however we have been traveling to Oahu more lately. My husband plays hockey and there is a tournament on Oahu every year in April and we take that as a good excuse to travel. So we will be there in 3 short weeks!

    One thing that I was surprised to learn when researching condos to buy is that even if you own a condo the complex may have a rule that no pets are allowed. Where I live, if you own something you get the choice whether or not you have a pet.

    • Thanks Meg. We live in east honolulu which has the best schools in the state. There are also several very expensive private schools but too much $. My daughter lived here in 2013 with us and so coming back wasnt too much of an adjustment…she is used to her old man’s wanderlust now and adjusts easily to it. As long as we are all together and having fun she is happy. She has so many school and church friends and she has a blast Basically compared to Canada where we were from (British Columbia), the general consensus is that schools suck here but to mitigate that we picked the best ones. I wont way which school we are at but if I had to do it over I would put her in Aina Haina elementary as it is consider the best private school among many people I talk to. I have even met personally with the administration there. For us there were so many factors to consider than just school, my career, weather, our friends, living dreams while you can.

  6. i’ve been busy lately you fakas! give me some slack, i’ve been trying to catch up.

    to start off with, fuck you wayde! we were supposed to meet up one time at kawela bay but your bitch ass tour guests decided they wanted to go somewhere else after a minute. i remember that shit because we were snorkeling with turtles in the water, i kept peeking at the shore looking for a yellow shirt. then i saw you so we started swimming your way and by the time we got to shore you were gone.

    regarding the tesla solar / battery thing. this is NOT going to help anyone on kauai out with their electricity bill. it will help kauai electric co-op save money though.

    i’ll try to make this brief because i know you’re both old and have ADHD.

    every morning tesla’s solar panels charge the commercial powerwalls they also installed, which hold 52megawatt-hours of electricity. once the batteries are charged it begins selling excess solar to the kauai co-op at 13.9c per kw/h. as the sun goes down and the solar panels stop generating electricity the batteries kick in and continue to sell electricity to the co-op at 13.9c. Tesla is making nearly $723,000 off of every charge of these batteries, not counting the excess sold during the day.

    the kauai co-op isn’t going to pass the savings on to their customers (34 cents a kwh or so). it benefits them because they normally have to switch over to fuel oil at night to run generators to power the island. paying tesla for 52 megawatt-hours of battery electricity (at 13.9c) is cheaper than buying and shipping that amount of fuel oil in.

    it sort of benefits the residents of kauai because they’re burning less fuel oil (and polluting less), but that’s it.

  7. Hi everyone!
    My husband and I recently started listening to the podcast. We are going through old episodes and I can’t remember if you guys have ever said an exact number for the amount of money someone should have in savings before moving. We are working toward $40k in liquid savings. We are 2 adults and 2 dogs, no kids. Should we wait until we have more in savings? Thanks for any help!

    • Hi Jessica,

      I believe they said $20k per person but really, the amount you need to save depends on what you’re comfortable getting by with. Bruce always preaches a conservative approach so it’s probably better to save more than you think you’ll need.

      For me, I initially calculated my 3-6 mos. savings based on my living expenses in the NYC area, which is just as high as Hawaii. But after vacationing several times in Oahu, I learned gas, energy and food is 1.5 – 2x more expensive than the mainland! So I’ve had to increase my savings to accomodate for these inflated prices. I also took Bruce’s advice and increased my savings from 6 mos. – year.

      Hope that info helps!


  8. Just wanted to take a moment to say what a great episode this was. One of my favorites for sure but I may be a little bias as I have a vested interest in this story. Paul’s Journey has given me hope that someday My Ohana and I will also be able make the move as well. The parallels are very similar with the same challenges that stand in our way. Paul is the real deal and a kind soul, he always takes time to reach out and say hi and share advice. He also regularly sends pictures as well of him and his Ohana enjoying themselves, just to rub it in 🙂 Thank you guys for having him on and really enjoyed his segment.

    Eileen was also a real treat, very different story but non the less just as captivating. Eileen seems extremely intelligent to me well at the same time having no fear. I think will all could learn from her. I read a book called letting go about a baby elephant tide to a chain who can break its chain, but as the elephant gets older and is capable of breaking this chain and can do what it wants, it never does as its been conditioned to stop trying. Its good to see that Eileen can break these chains

    Mahalo as always my Brothers

    • Aloha Jason,

      Thanks for the compliment. I’m pleased you picked up on my “no fear” approach to moving to Hawaii. I admit my way of moving to Hawaii is too spontaneous for most folks lol, but hey, everyone has different paths to Hawaii yet we all share the same end goal. It’s great to also hear your dreams about making the move to Hawaii and wishing you and your family the best in making it a reality real soon!

      Great lesson about the elephant tied to the chain. In the end, we will realize that the ‘chain’ is really our own ‘fears’ and that we, not anyone else, tied ourselves down. I hope my story of ‘breaking the chains’ inspires others to realize they have that same power too to overcome their own fears.


  9. Hello gentlemen,

    I’m obsessed with your podcast and so grateful to have found it. I entered Hawaii in the search bar of my podcast app and luckily a list of your episodes popped up. It’s exactly what I was looking for and I’m so happy it actually exists! I have thought about moving to Hawaii since my first visit in 2015. I love to travel, but Hawaii was never on my travel list whenever contemplating my next adventure. On a whim I joined a group of friends for a girls trip to Oahu. Something changed me in that experience. Your podcast does two things for me. One, it makes me feel like less of an idiot when I hear that other people had an almost spiritual connection to the Islands as well. Second, your podcast helps keep me grounded in contemplating a possible move regarding expenses, taxes, career and long-term plans. I was considering Teach for America as a way to get me to the land I love as I have experience teaching ESL and working with the developmentally disabled. Teachers in both fields are desperately needed in Hawaii. However, the pay vs. the cost of living for teachers would subject me to near poverty. Teachers struggle in California, but Hawaii takes is to another level. I’m also planning trips to the other Islands before making any big plans. I want to know which Island would be the best fit for me if I did decide to purchase property.

    Thank you for all you do! I look forward to future podcast and am happy to donate when able.

    P.S. When contemplating possible jobs/careers I considered opening a small food truck serving Hawaiian/Mexican fusion food along with a couple simple authentic Mexican dishes. Nothing fancy, mostly tamales, tacos and burritos. My family is of Mexican decent and I can’t imagine not having access to the dishes that I love wherever I live. I did notice on my trip there that the Island of Oahu is sorely lacking in Mexican cuisine. I did go to the only Mexican restaurant I found and it was packed on a Thursday night. People were crowded in to eat really crappy food just because it was Mexican. IDK, just a thought. Do you think it’s a viable option?

    Thanks again!

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