Moving to HAWAII with no Support System


Moving to the islands of Hawaii isn’t easy…it’s hard! It’s hard to move here with friends and even if you know someone here already…BUT to move here alone and with NO SUPPORT SYSTEM at all…IT’S DAMN NEAR IMPOSSIBLE!

But don’t let us stop you!!!! On todays Podcast we break down what we went through ourselves and our BEST ADVICE on making it here alone…One of the best advice first is… DON’T COME ALONE, second if you do come alone make friends fast! Get roomates, workmates, get involved in the community, nonprofits and events around the island…all these and more we discuss this week.

Get ready to step outside of your comfort zone, because if you can’t…YOU WON’T MAKE IT HERE!

14 thoughts on “Moving to HAWAII with no Support System

  1. Hi, just finished listening to the latest episode and it was great as usual. I am always glad to see a new episode popup on my screen. I am planning to go to Hawaii in October 2017 and want to stay 2 to 3 months. I am a registered nurse and I work from home reviewing medical records so I can work anywhere I can get wifi. I want to spend a little time on each island. I am planning on getting in touch with Bruce’s agency to help me set things up but for now, I’m curious what would be the best option for lodging? Would renting a condo be best or are there other short term housing options? I’m hoping to take a waterfall tour as well because I heard they are better later in the year. Any tips you can offer would be greatly appreciated!

  2. Great Show as always. Almost 2 more month and then we will be in Oahu for 10 days. Please let me know how can we contact you in Oahu we just want to come and shake hands with both of you and say Thanks 🙂 for the great PODCAST.

  3. Hey guys
    You will be delighted to know my balls are defrosted and I am back home in sunny England!
    My downturn in work is mainly due to the drop in the price of oil but I am sure it is going back up again and they tell me there will be a ton more work next year, its just quiet for the remaining part of 2016.
    I work on a pipelay ship rather than a rig and its mainly gas pipelines rather than oil.
    Anyway to respond to what you asked regarding my opinion on renewable energy, I am 100% all for it, especially when I quit working in around 15 years from now !
    Oil and gas will not last forever, but they are making it last longer using new technology. But I do my bit by recycling as much as I can!
    This post is not really Hawaii related, sorry!
    Keep up the great work you guys, I have not yet given up on making it to Maui in August 🙂

  4. YAH! thanks for speaking to my comment 🙂 It was another great show and you had plenty of advice to share. Just a clarification…I was more wondering about why any employers would be asking about social ties. What I was trying to portray was that it was odd employers are asking about social ties and maybe some are implying it is more difficult when really it is comparable to moving into any new community. I mean Sesame Street did teach us everything we need to know about making friends after all so I don’t think most would struggle with figuring out how to “fit in”.

    Would you ever consider talking about Hawaiian festivals? It would be something maybe to tie into your podcast idea about the perfect 2+ week vacation you guys were discussing You do give plenty of info on your website but maybe there are some new itineraries you would debate.

  5. Hey Guys,

    Now I’m in the awkward position of being the tourism ambassador for Idaho. I’ll agree that a good deal of the Snake River Plain is barren and depressing but you go north or south of Boise 10 or 20 miles (out of the valley) and it’s a whole different world. Rather than lay out a long comment, I’ll put this link here for you to peruse at your leisure.

    It’s a pretty fair representation even if it is incomplete. My personal favorites are the several natural and improved hot springs that can be accessed year round with the right effort and conviction, the world class rock climbing and mountaineering opportunities within a couple hours drive of my town, the Class 5 rapids that are accessible by good roads, the miles of farmland growing just about every crop imaginable on small and giant scales and best of all are the people. I have never lived anywhere with so close to zero crime and just plain friendly folks. I pick up hitchhikers all the time and never feel nervous. I pick up random people heading up to ski and raft and climb all the time here.

    Still, for all that, it doesn’t beat Hawaii. Now the Quid pro quo, I would love to hear an episode about living aboard a boat in Hawaii. Maybe the harbor master from Ala Wai or Keehi and a live aboard or two. I found it interesting that Hawaii has one of the lowest per capita rates of boat ownership, lower than Montana!

    • The Traveling SPUD…lol…why am I not surprised by that name? lol. I’m glad you’re happy living there…for me I would be very sad…so nothing against that place…looks like you have a few things to do if you vacation there…but to live there I would be bored out of my fucking mind! My friend lived on a boat for about 6 years…until it sunk…lol…on the Ala Wai Harbor…he also found a dead body there one morning…not the best place to live when it comes to water purity…very dirty place…everyones shit goes right through there to the open ocean for god sakes…lol. He had a blast, but between finding dead bodies and his boat taking on water because he was a lazy fuck…in the end it didn’t turn out too well for me and he moved back to Cali where he was from originally.

  6. You guys seem to contradict yourselves. You tell everyone what they need to do to move to Hawaii then you bitch about the island being over populated. Wayde says he wants to move to the big island but I don’t see that ever really happening. You guys are basically shit talkers and your perspective on things are wacky!

    • hey buggah stink…our subject matter is wide ranging…We love Hawaii and we bitch about it as well…We tell people how to move to HAWAII, but that doesn’t mean OAHU…it could be any island. Oahu is the only island we bitch about being overpopulated…get your facts straight…I have been to Hawai’i Island many times before and my ohana has lived there, hunted there and lived off the aina there, so don’t talk stink about what people plan on doing and not doing, you don’t know stink about me and my goals and plans…The only shit talkers are the ones that talk about things they know shit about…So if you have nothing good to say move on and find someone else to talk stink about and bully. Aloha~

  7. Enjoy the show as always and would share it more with some folks if it were not for the high level of cussing but I understand you guys have to be you guys. I get it.
    I came to Hawaii in 1999 on assignment with my company and worked at Ft Shafter for a year. My initial friends were my coworkers which was fine Monday through Friday.
    But the biggest support system I developed during that year was church. I know you guys tend to poo-poo most things religious but for me it gave me a LARGE support system rather quickly. I attended Makiki Christian Church off of Piikoi and made friends who connected me to UH baseball and I met my divemaster there where I learned how to SCUBA and so much more. Through the church I became connected to larger United Church of Christ denomination which encompassed the other islands and I even got a chance to visit and preach in Hilo.
    This support system ultimately opened a door for me to become pastor of the First Chinese Church of Christ on King Street (next to Kaiser Perm) which just enlarged the support system even larger. All this while being a black man navigating a mostly Asian religious community. So one system that one can consider when moving to Hawaii is the church/religious community.
    Keep up the great shows fella and try to keep the language in the PG arena rather than R and X. Currently residing in FL but my wife and I plan to visit next year and hope to move back to Hawaii within the next 3-4 years.

  8. I just discovered you guys while researching a move to Hawaii. I’m hooked! The show is great, really informative on so many issues and you guys seem to keep it real (and casual – which I love!). Of all the research I’m doing, I feel like I’m getting the most honest information from you guys.

    This specific segment is valuable to me because when I do make the move to Hawaii, it will be just me, my husband, and our young son. We don’t know anyone there. We are both outgoing people, but I am definitely more so than my husband. I’m the daring one, the dreamer. He’s a little more reserved, he’s the realist. We balance each other out for the most part, but getting him out of his comfort zone is always a bit of a challenge. So thank you for providing this podcast, it will definitely help me encourage him and it might be better for him to hear it from someone else rather than just me.

    Our move is a couple years away, but when I’m not being spontaneous and daring, I am planning and researching. Plus, like I said, you guys have me sucked in now! So I’ll be listening often. Also, Wayde: thanks for the advice on fucking in a waterfall. That should definitely help persuade my husband into doing something out of his comfort zone. 🙂 Aloha!

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