Today we have a hell of a show lined up as we discuss Beth and Kevin’s move and transition to BIG ISLAND LIVING on HAWAII ISLAND. We’ve been excited about getting these little cubs into the Lucky We Live Hawaii Cave so we can hear all about their journey together to Paradise. It’s been a long time coming and we have a good feeling this will help others prepare themselves for making such a big move across the globe not only mentally but physically.

Beth and Kev got plenty of ALOHA to go around and if you bring they type of love and desire to make your dreams come true as they have and are willing to to change with the times and your surroundings you’ll be sure to make your dreams come true in Paradise as well…and if you’re in Kailua-Kona stop by and say Aloha to them at the KONA BREWING COMPANY…I’m sure one of them will give you a FREE BEER!



  1. Hey Bruce, why not retire? It sounds to me like you’ve been successful in life, why not kick back and just do the stuff you enjoy versus getting all stressed out with work. Honestly, the thing I worry about with a move to Hawaii is retirement. I think most folks don’t appreciate how much needs to be saved to make it even possible. Obviously I don’t know your finances but I know you have a Tesla and that’s some serious cash. 🙂 I suggest you semi-retire, only do the stuff you want. Maybe Slingshot rentals is “living the dream” for you but somehow I doubt it! No judging though, if that’s your jam, cool.

  2. I’m planning on moving to Hawaii. I’m one of those people that’s considering buying a small studio (300 sq feet) I’m also married so there would be 2 of us. I feel like your rent/mortgage is your biggest expense living there. Yes it’s small but it’s a sacrifice and a trade off to be able to live a somewhat comfortable lifestyle. I mean how much space do you really need? You adapt and being outside is what living in Hawaii is all about. The other option of living cheap in Hawaii is living in a Sprinter van and have zero rent/mortgage. Not sure I can talk the wife into that but if I was single I could totally make that happen. Anyways some people are willing to live tiny so they can live large!

  3. This was such an exciting podcast for me. My family and I are moving to the big island in June so it was great to hear someone else’s journey. My husband and I are going over in 3 weeks to look for housing (thank you Bruce for booking our trip). Your show is always so fun to listen to no matter what the topic is and I love the banter between you two. Keep up the good work!

  4. Hi guys,
    Great to hear Beth who is training to be a massage therapist. She bought a nice balance to the show as you two pricks always seem to be rubbing people the wrong way!
    Mahalo for the show and apprecaite it being so regular.

  5. What’s up guys? Great show as always. I’m still in process of listening to your past shows. So I’m feeeling more like a Douche, as I ask questions that have been asked over and over. But I’ve learned way more than I’ve had experienced on the island. The Main lessons, of not looking or sounding like a Ass-Hat Howlie. Me and the wife are planing to come over there this summer, and will book a couple tours with you two. Look forward to shooting the shit and drinking a few cold ones. My wife asked me about the shipping fees, she’s a big eBay and Internet buyer and always wondered Home much more is the shipping. I sent you guys a contribution, mainly to support you’re drinking habits. But I figured if I send too much, one or both of you, would be locked up for solicitation. Ok I’m out, Love you guys, keep them coming.

  6. Have to call Wayde out on this: when Asif and Gul were on the podcast a couple of years ago I remember you giving Gul a hard time about being worried about not having Trader Joe’s. I believe you said we don’t need Trader Joe’s in Hawaii, we have WAY better stores here. Now you’re saying we need Trader Joe’s here? We sure do need it! Welcome to the bandwagon Wayde – we’ll try not to give you latecomers too much crap. And for everyone thinking about moving here: yep, you will miss being able to run out to TJ’s for cheap pasta, wine, milk, etc. You’ll start a turbulent and conflicted relationship with Amazon Prime. You’ll buy more at Costco than you ever imagined, even if you have a small family or don’t have kids. You’ll know to watch for killer deals that spring up randomly at your local market and buy a ton of whatever is cheap even if you don’t need it now. A local told me shortly after we moved here that your shopping/buying habits will change after you’ve been here a while. We’ve been here less than a year and that has already started. Grow your own vegetables if you can, just like Wayde suggests. Change what you buy to some extent. Let go of a few luxuries. Live Aloha. And you’ll find you don’t miss the old things so much after a while.

    • yeah…lol…Can’t really call me out brah…I had a lapse of judgement because my friend brought me one of the things I love from Trader Joes…My Peanut Butter Pretzels! I can live without Trader Joes I just love some items they sell…Do we NEED ONE in Hawaii…probably, but I can live without one…I’m not sure the prices will be the same as the mainland…that makes me a little nervous on what they would charge for items if they had one here. My friends, when they go to the mainland, hit up Traders and bring a bunch of shit back. I miss some shit from there, but not enough to need one here…I can see however a need for a store for others. I stick with Amazon, Costco…shit like that you mentioned 😉

  7. Great show guys – it’s always good to hear from other people who made the move. Beth/Kevin – glad things are going well for you on Hawaii Island, and good luck with your licensing exam Beth! And Wayde/Bruce – how about adding a segment to each show where you have regular listeners call in? The back and forth between the four of you was great on this show.

  8. Leaving a comment after a long time but we are still in touch with pod cast every week. Try to leave you voice message from my phone but it never work tell me how other people are leaving voice message are you use your computer ? Good to hear from Beth and Kev. I really wanna come to Hawaii in August for my Spartan race again but Gul wants to go to BIG ISLAND this time. If we go to BIG Island for sure we will stop by at Kona brew for a free beer from Beth and Kev :). Bruce good to see the slingshot business is doing good if i come for sure i will make a booking before is all of them or 2 seaters or you have one which is 3 seatesr ? Wayde sorry man we got your Jimmy G we paid him 137 million now we need the super bawl next year for 49ers ; Bruce please shout out to GUL for coming to Oahu instead of Big Island so i can see you guys . I will bring chocolate cover pretzel for you from TRADER JOE. Mark missing your new song .

  9. Whattttuppp, great listen with Beth and Kevin! Sounds like a real power couple haha.

    They touched on a few things that I can relate to on how I ended up coming to Hawaii my first time last year, and ultimately made the move. I was never a suit but I was a toolbelt if that makes sense…

    So yea I’m the white guy on Moloka’i, maybe not the only white guy…but maybe the youngest that actually lives here. Who knows. I would like to tell you more about what I’m doing here, I know I heard Bruce ask “how did he get there?!” I don’t think the 90 seconds I get on the voice message is long enough haha. I would of sent a voice message but I didn’t think there was that much to comment on your guests were super cool.

    Keep up the conversation. If you guys wanna get me on the show I’m totally down to talk. Thanks for the opportunity.


    • Aloha! It’s Beth urging you to have Andy as a guest on the podcast. Call him on the phone like the first time I was on and still living in Chicago.

      Andy, you’re awesome! Please let us know if you make it over to Big Island. We’d love to hang out.

  10. Aloha and Mahalo Guys,

    I wanted to give you an update on our move to Hawaii Island. Kim has obtained her licensure for her RN and her APN application was received last week. She is a psychiatrist nurse practitioner. She has been in contact with a doctor about a position. I have been selling off what we won’t need and getting things that we will need. We are getting our dog’s shots in order and have started packing the boxes of essentials that we are taking with us. Kim will be working hard earning money and I’ll be working hard as well. . . on my tan. I actually have obtained the dan ranking that is officially considered a teacher for karate, so that is a fall back in case we need the help. I will primarily be raising and teaching our now three children. At the age of 53 I decided that instead of waiting for my eldest son to produce them I am making my own grandkids.

    The job prospects for her are best on the Hilo side. It is only a matter of time before we make the move. We are celebrating every little milestone we can, like this is the last shitty February or the last subzero day. I had reached out to Beth and she was kind enough to reply and I plan on getting back together with her so that we have a head start on finding aloha when we take the plunge.

    I look forward to when we can meet again and talk story.

    Doc & Kimchi

    P.S. with so many docs now writing in maybe Bruce can just call me Mike Hunt.

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