Is MOVING to HAWAII a Good Idea?

Is MOVING TO HAWAII a good idea

Hawaii…the most beautiful place on Earth…Yet…one of the most expensive.

Today we sit with an AMAZING couple fighting for that dream…and we learn a thing or two about their culture as well. Asif and Gul have been to Hawaii many times and have visited many of the islands…but this time on vacation they sat down with us to share their Hawaii story…It’s also the first time they actually are taking the time to look around and image what it would be like living in Hawaii…There are some things they love, but also some things they don’t and their move also conerns their child who has some medical issues…Today we discuss those things and get closer to figuring out if Moving to Hawaii is a Good idea for them as their child comes first…Will moving to Hawaii be a good idea for you? Everyone is different…listen in and find out!

18 thoughts on “Is MOVING to HAWAII a Good Idea?

  1. She’s questioning it too much. It’s clear she doesn’t want to live in HI. If you have to question it, you don’t want to live there. If you don’t get the special feeling enough, so much so that you want to actually live there and you know that the negatives aren’t enough to make you not want to, then you obviously don’t want to. Just visit, but don’t move.

  2. I have so enjoyed listening to your podcast for the last couple of years; the information is priceless! It’s also a nice diversion when the kids are off playing or napping, and I can listen to something that is geared toward adults! So great!

    The couple on this show was soooooo right about bathrooms! If you go to major commercial places (Wal-Mart, Whole Foods, major mainland chains) they’ve got bathrooms. One of our friends had been out all day with his three year old in Waikiki and was told by 4 different stores to go to a different store (and the worker at the previously suggested store would suggest another place). The worker suggested a nearby hotel. After explaining how many places they’d been to, they were told no. And then his daughter peed on the floor at the hotel.

    We (my husband, 4 year old, 3 year old, 1 year old, and I) have been here for about six weeks now now and are loving it! We just joined a CSA (I’m the one who asked about the CSAs.) and get our first bag of local fruits and veggies next week. We’ve been going to beaches, our local library (Kailua), the zoo, the discovery center, *sanctioned* hikes, meeting our neighbors, connected with a church community, and have been eating such great food. Beaches, mountains, marshes, valleys, the precious locals we are meeting, a slower life – we are truly lucky to live in Hawaii!

  3. Wow! I did not expect you guys to come back from vacation so soon. I hoped you guys enjoyed it and wayde you and I might have been in Vegas at the same time! Though I was not cruising in a Tesla.

    Will moving to Hawai’i work for me? Don’t know. But I know I will be able to convince the boyfriend much better after he listens to your places to fuck in Hawai’i episode. Still waiting on that one 🙂

    As for this episode, loved the couple you had on today. I hope their dream comes true for them soon

  4. Hey guys. So I’ve been listening to your old segments and this past week I just listened to the one when Asif and Gul had left you a comment asking to meet up with you both, and you told them they would need to buy you a steak dinner, haha. Just thought that was kind of a funny coincidence.

    When Asif and Gul were discussing schooling for their son, you mentioned a couple of good public schools. I really appreciated that because I haven’t been able to find much positive info on ANY public schools down there, so my husband and I were set on home schooling our son. We still might, but at least I know we have a couple of options.

    Anyway, so I guess there is another Rachel commenting too. She is from Pennsylvania and is moving there in October (from what she wrote) and I am from Illinois and I have 2 years until my move. I’m not sure if you will remember, but I am the one who commented awhile back about getting my husband outside of his comfort zone and screwing in the waterfall, per Wayde’s recommendation. Still waiting for that podcast about Sex In Hawaii, by the way…

    Also, I made a very tiny donation to you guys this month. I doubt I will be able to make it a monthly thing since we are getting very serious about saving. But I really enjoy listening to you guys so if I happen to have a great month fiscally, I’ll contribute again. I also saw your post on the FB page about Wayde’s cleanup operation and donated a little bit there to help them get the T-shirts they needed. I am a big environmentalist and I really would love to get involved as a volunteer once we arrive.

    I’ve been listening to the podcast a lot and you both remind me so much of myself, but in different ways. I could comment about so many subjects and I would no doubt go on and on, so I better cut myself off for now. I’ll comment again in the future. Aloha!

    • Hey guys! We love this show! My husband, dog and I are moving out there from Asheville, NC, mid-September. Your podcast has been a great way to learn about life in Hawaii and has helped us prepare for the move. We hope to do a tour with yall when we get out there and get settled. We had 2 questions:

      I wanted to see what the dog friendly situation is out there. We know housing will be a challenge, but what about outdoor patios, hiking trails, or beaches (on a leash of course).

      Also what do you guys know about in-shore fishing? Are there better spots/beaches/piers that are better than others? Any restrictions that you know of?

      Thank you guys again for the Podcast, Weve listened to 2-3 every week since we decided we were going to take the plunge and do it!

    • Hey…mahalo for the long comment…don’t fell bad about leaving long comments…they are helpful…any questions or show ideas let us know! And we hope to be doing SEX IN HAWAII soon…is there any question or things you would like us to mention in that episode please let us know soon!!!

  5. I’m going to guess you didn’t expect that interview to go that way because that lady was super awkward!

    It’s never comfortable when it’s obvious the majority love a place and think it’s truly special and then there’s the one outlier determined to share everything they think is terrible about the same locale. Frankly, her tone of voice made it clear that a move is a non-starter for her.

    • Karen…don’t be so hard on her…you are judging her in a way…You didn’t hear their families story before they went on the air…She loves Hawaii, but she is confilcted with her sons medical issues…it’s a natural reaction when she fears what will come of her children once here…Hawaii is the Healthiest state in the US…which means not many people get sick…which means the Medical field is not that great…Having what her child has is something Hawaii and the Medical field may not be able to deal with…She’s coming up with excuses for fear of her son…If she felt her son would be 100% taken care of in Hawaii…those Trader Joe concerns and other stuff would have NEVER came up…trust me,

  6. I enjoyed the show. My wife and I have been listening to the podcast since we decided that Hawaii is a viable option. We have a two year plan to move somewhere. We listen for both the entertainment as well as the education value.

    Oliver Cromwell said, “Use your skill to paint my picture trust like me, and not flatter me at all; but remark all these roughnesses, pimples, warts and everything as you see me”. It is a valuable service to hold a mirror up to a visage. You need to see the real and not the ideal.

    The most valuable statement that was said on the podcast was that the place is just like any other. It has its problems but these are problems in paradise. We have contemplated many place to live over the past few years. Everyplace has pluses and minuses. The cost of living is higher. Yes that is true, however what type of value do you receive for the price? You have children who grow up with a love of nature that can be found no where else. Aloha ‘aina is a word that cannot be properly translated. If you don’t know what it means then you don’t understand it. That is what we seek for our children.

    It is better to be a pauper in paradise than the king of the Midwest. Unless you can be Abe Froman, Sausage King of Chicago.

  7. I’m a military spouse and I wondered if there were such a thing as Island Fever before we were stationed here….
    But as the old saying goes, Only Boring People are Bored

    Don’t need Trader Joe’s, don’t need a cross-country road trip, don’t need a lot of things you think you’ll miss.

    We’ve been here 2 years and there’s a huge list of things we still want to do. I love it here and will be sad to go.

  8. Hey guys, you may not get this in time for the week’s episode but wanted to send a shout out. Wayde, awesome new video on the military installation. The WW2 chalk writing was awesome. I can just imagine the planning that went down there. Thanks for going down there. Also, your project with the canal is great to hear. How do you balance your non profit, your business and all the outdoor things you do? It seems like the non profit is a huge undertaking.

    Great work guys.

    • Mahalo man…yeah, That installaton was bat crazy!…like I mentioned months ago…The Price For Paradise is going to cover a lot of different ground…Next we’ll be doing the Horse Whisperer of Kahana Valley. We are doing lots of amazing things with the nonprofit…We have changed Hawaii for the better over the last couple of years than people could dream of changing over a lifetime! We are proud of what we created and built. We are doers not talkers and that’s why we are growing so big and will be getting our own TV Show here in the next few months called “From Mauka To Makai”…It’s highly diffiult to balance all the things on my plate…I have very little personal time and I’m actually not happy about that…I spread any money I make around to everything which at that end of the month leaves me very little. I live a completly different life than Bruce and my Priorities are 100% different. Almost everything I do is to improve Hawaii for future generations and to teach todays generation about Hawaii’S FUTURE…I’m going to leave this world and Hawaii in better shape than when I entered it….period…and if that means being broke…then I’m sure God will take care of me on the other side 😉

  9. Some people either get it or they don’t. If you prefer to enjoy Hawaii through the vacationers lens then by all means continue to do so. I met a couple that said they never want to really experience living here because it would ruin the islands for them. They’ve visited like 20 times over the years and they have no plans on changing it.

  10. Another great free episode! It was interesting to hear the thoughts of your guests considering a permanent move. Look forward to the next episode and also the next youtube video. Thanks guys

  11. Aloha guys! I LOVE listening and will soon Donate as well. We finally met through my FB group Hawaii or Bust …. It’s meant to be. Bruce, you & I emailed several times when I was looking for quotes for a vacation. I love the content of your show, I love the massive endeavor you have chosen to clean up the Aina I love it all!! Stay real, that’s the best part of it all!!
    Aloha & Mahalo

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